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Build your own Frankenframe


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Go through all the warframes, all the passives, all the abilities.
What would your ideal warframe be in terms of abilities and passive?

You can't give your warframe 4 4th abilities, their 1st ability can only be from the pool of 1st abilities.

Your frame can be build for giggles or build for war, your preference.
we're only looking at abilities, let's for the sake of simplicity ignore energy and pretend we have energy for days.

(add in what you want it to look like if you want, a specific warframe or some unholy mash up of multiple combined, go wild)


My frame: (trying to avoid multiple abilities from the same frame but that's not required)

Passive: Beast Tamer - Khora (free cat)

1: Quiver - Ivara, highly versatile with arrows for sleep, distraction during stealth, mobility, and invisibility in a pinch.

2: Radial Howl - Excalibur Umbra, an on demand wide range stun opening up enemies for a melee finisher, good for in a pinch or when you're dealing with something that doesn't die in 1 hit.

3: Desecrate - Nekros, nothing wrong with some extra dosh.

4: Bladestorm - Ash, most 4s are some variation of dealing a ton of damage in a large area, and I picked Bladestorm simply because it was the most visually appealing in my opinion. and because it's a big middle finger to armor scaling.

Appearance? I'd go with Harka Frost with the tennogen Emperor Frost Helmet.

So what will your unholy blender accident be like?

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