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  1. This hotfix undid some of my visual customization. only 3-4 colors on each item as well as melee holstering. Not sure why? Ofc i can just fix it manually, just thought i'd post here first. After logging out and back in again, it fixed itself. Weird.
  2. Great changes, but they should definitely happen more often. One thing that weirded me out about these changes: dread disposition went up. My riven's crit chance stat went down. I used to have 211 chance, now I'm just below 200. Not a big change, but I'm still confused.
  3. Lots of things! Honestly, I could probably spend a whole day looking through all the stuff you've got here. Lots of neat stuff.
  4. Wow. Lots of new stuff, and much more organization since my last visit! Keep up the idea farm.
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