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Kuva survival, rewards lost on interrupt


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Due to a separate issue that left me unable to actually play the game, i was forced to shutdown my game mid-mission and restart it. after logging in the game was able to sucsessfully reconnect me to my squad, and i was able to rejoin the mission. bad thing was it reset some (most?) of the rewards i would have been getting at the end of that mission. we were in the mission for say about 40min when i was forced to restart my game, but the approx. 10k kuva that we had accumulated were not given to me on mission completion. only the 4k that we earned after i restarted were given to me. some other things were missing as well, mainly mods (i got my hands on sure footed, now i dont get that mod). the rotation rewards after each 5min were obtained tho.

it would be great that, like on fissure missions, if your mission gets interrupted you still get the most important thing about that mission, speciffically the kuva. I dont expect the kuva to be refunded to me, but it would be nice if this issue got patched.

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