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Inventory broken since 23.10 update


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Since the Chimera update and Inventory rework, a lot of items don't appear. They are only missing in inventory, not lost or anything. Riven transmuters, crafting materials like nano spores and oxium, some parts, and all relics just won't show up. The relics tab is entirely empty and I have thousands of them. Now looking at it, I'm not sure if materials like oxium and nano spores are included in the inventory, but they sure were before.
I have reasons to believe that this problem is local. I have two instances of the game, one from Steam and one downloaded directly from the website, both have the same bug, but when a friend of mine logs in with my account from his computer, it all works fine. I'll try a complete reinstall of steam and the game, hoping it will be fixed but if anyone has any tips on what's causing this, please do tell.

Nevermind.. all fixed now. Stupid stupid "only sellable" button in the corner. 


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