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Phorid - Unusual High Droprate Or Luck?



So... I wanted a Nyx. So I decided to ask a friend of mine to help me, because at the current time I didnt have Phorid unlocked... And this is what happened:

- 1th run/ Unlock run = Nyx systems

Then I did 2 runs alone.

- 2nd run/ Solo run = Nyx Chassis

Can it be? :o

- 3th run/ Solo run = Nyx helmet


Wooooo! :D


So. In 15 minutes, I managed to farm all the components for Nyx... 
Is this just my luck or does Phorid have a high drop rate for the Nyx parts or something...? 



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pure luck .... 


my run down for volt is similar to yours for nyx only differences is order i got the parts and it took me one mission extra


on the flip side you might end up with the worst of luck for a frame in the future where it will take you hundreds of runs... but oh wait the devs said they fixed that ... dont worry you wont have to suffer through 500 runs of the same boss then xD

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