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Dual Cestra pistols incorrect rate of fire


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The Dual Cestra pistols fire substantially faster than their listed rate of fire (12.5 RPM), substantially faster than the Secura Dual Cestra (also 12.5 RPM) and without the rate of fire ramp-up characteristic for both the single Cestra and the Secura Dual Cestra. I did a test in the Simulacrum:

I tried the Secura Dual Cestra without any mods. I was able to shoot through its 120-round magazine in a little over 10 seconds. This comes up to ~12 shots per second give or take as my measurement wasn't precise. The Secura Dual Cestra is listed as having 12.5 RPM with ramp-up.

I then tried the regular Dual Cestra. I was able to shoot through its entire 120-round magazine in a little under 7 seconds. This comes up to ~17 shots per second and is substantially higher than the 12.5 RPM listed in the inventory. It also has no ramp-up that I can notice.

I don't think the Dual Cestra is working as intended. It doesn't match its listed rate of fire and it doesn't match any of the weapon's other versions. This leads me to suspect something is bugged about it.

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