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Nikana Prime Colour Regions



So I recently got my hands on the Nikana Prime.
As any sane Tenno would, I matched the colours to my Warframe, as you do, but I noticed something odd about the colour layout.
Specifically; there's two colour regions that I can't see actually affecting the appearance of the weapon at all.

From what I've gathered, the colour regions are as follows:

Primary: Blade
Secondary: Grip
Tertiary: Trim
Accents: ?
Energy: Energy

As for the Sheath and Nikana Prime Sugatra:

Primary: ?
Secondary: Sheath body
Tertiary: Sheath Accents
Accents: Sugatra main
Energy: Energy


So, the question I'm asking is:
What do the Weapon Accents and Attachment Primary colours actually do?
I've tried isolating these colour regions using bright, contrasting colours so they're easier to see, but when I look for them, I can't find them anywhere on the weapon.
I know that the Primary Attachment colour affects other Sugatras, but it terms of using the weapon with it's stock models, it just doesn't seem to do anything.

Is there something I'm missing?

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I did a quick check reverting to default color and copying to attachment, 

It seems the Accent is the color of the red on the sugatra, 
while the primary on the attachment is the color of the scabbard

But there seems to be conflicting/ overlay in terms of color control so might be old color system that did not 
follow through updates.


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