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Granularity, ranges, manual inputs - let's bring the settings menu up a notch.


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Let's take a look at the current settings menu:


Looks solid enough, right?

There are unfortunately a few issues some of those control freaks like me encounter:

The sensitivity range isn't wide enough. The default 50 is ridiculously fast, anything above that is even more absurd, anything below is still pretty fast - even 0 isn't sufficiently sluggish.

Despite manual input being present, it doesn't support non-integer values, surprisingly enough dragging the bar manually seems to result in ~3 ticks before the value updates, so what's the matter?

Aimed/scoped sensitivity is absolute. Why is that bad? It severely reduces the possible difference in sensitivities between hip and aimed fire and creates generally unintuitive experience.


What could be done about that?

Expand the hipfire sensitivity range, while the maximum would be completely sufficient (if not outright excessive), the minimum is way too high.

Allow for greater granularity of the setting, if somebody wants to set their sensitivity to 5 decimal places, it should absolutely be an option.

Replace the absolute aim/scoped with setting relative to hipfire. It would create a more intuitive experience as well as result in greater degree of control - low-sens players wouldn't be stuck between "1" being too low and "2" being too high, instead there'd be a whole 0-200% range to work with (where 100% would result in the same sensitivity as hipfire*)


*An absolutely necessary caveat before such changes comes to bite me in the rear later on, at the very least follow with hipfire sens*(zoom fov/hip fov)*aim sens instead of making it absolute mouse to 360 movement.

DE pls fix.

Also bring the max FOV to something ridiculous, like 120 degrees vertically.

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