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[Resolved] Launcher opens as a white box and does nothing at all


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Title says it all. Launcher "opens" as a white box, does nothing. I don't want to redownload the entire game JUST to fix the launcher. Also why can't I verify game files via Steam?

Edit: Resolved itself at some point between last post and now, with several reboots and troubleshooting junk.

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Problem fixed itself...?
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Check Task Manager for multiple instance of steam web services close them all then restart steam


start warframe .. then in the launcher right top corner . look for an gear icon . from that new page you can verify and optimize the game


idk why you can't verify in steam but the normal launcher can do the job for that 


Good luck there

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I've had this happen on a couple of occasions. I found that there was an "Nvidia Experience" software update that needed to be installed. After installing it and restarting my PC, the launcher started normally.

Just for clarity and troubleshooting I'm playing through Steam.

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