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Any Plans for Ability HUD Updates?


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With Nezha's rework, we got a fancy new looking image for Warding Halo, which looks like this:


Are there any plans to add new/updated graphics for other abilities and ability economies, such as:

  • Rhino's Iron Skin (there's a thing on the status bar which is appreciated but it would be nice to have a high quality graphic like nezha does)

I did a mock-up of what it could look like for him (warning to my rubbish photo editing skills):


  • Nidus' Mutation Meter (especially this one. The pixelation around the edges of this image is crazy)
  • Saryn's Infected Counter

What are your opinions on this? 

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Actually most of the frames have some abilities for which a HUD counter could be a great addition. Just a few examples: Banshee could get one for Resonating Quake, Wukong for Defy's resurrection count, Nekros could get a list of shadow enemies he will summon, for Oberon would be nice to move armor and health regen icons from the top right corner to a HUD counter.

What's good with HUD counters is that they are larger, more noticeable than buff icons and have a fixed position unlike them, so where it is possible, I would appreciate a HUD counter added.

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