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"The Flight of Solaris" - a Corpus developed game for the Ludoplex (Railjack related)


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Hi, It's me Monika !

I don't usually do things like that, but I'm afraid that the original topic will sink in an other section (as if I'm lying to myself thinking it wouldn't sink here 💔)


The idea:

It's cool to have Railjack, you can be bucaneer, destroy ships and stuff... but as many things in this game: we will need a bit of practice for this new kind of battlefield... So: throwing away the simulacrum for those peons fighting for their life on the ground : we can use the Ludoplex ! It will be a perfect base for us to understand mechanism, simulating things, fighting others, etc... but in a way more arcadish (we will controle spaceship, but not be "inside" it playing the crew - as Railjack will be).

It's an interesting concept that can see many good points:

-1) acceptable for the Lore (2 kind of profits !):


Videogames ! What an idea for a market ... who would have thought today ?

So the Corpus is selling videogames for kids (and older) - that's it ? Oh boy, no; it's even more realistic than that :

1) because this game is made by the Corpus, the view of their reality will be on the screen : perfect propaganda machine & great for us, to see burlesque & grotesque view on the Grineer, Orokin, the Infestation, even toward us (Tennos) + other bandits, outlaw and even the Sentiens, while the Corpus' soldiers are those shiny knight fighting for Mankind.

+ bonus for new voice acting !

2) more seriously, this game is a perfect plateform for the Corpus to register how well are doing their players - they then could be targeted & enlisted to be future Corpus pilots & space-gunners. It's realistic if we take a look on the russians who were said to be interested in World of tanks gamers for their capacity to drive tanks in the battlefield.

Here's an article about that: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3271094/Russia-turned-T-90-tank-robot-plans-hire-gamers-fight-future-wars.html

-2) an actual simulation on how space/air ships are/will perform:


Even if the commands & HUD will be arcadish : it will conserve the same "realistical" mechanisms (as ship's modules: engine room; energy core, command bridge, ...), with a variety of weapons (ballistics, plasma, laser, rockets/torpedoes) & showing different units from the 4 factions (Corpus, Grineer, Orokin/Tennos, Infested + bonus for the hidden Sentient faction).

That way, by playing& fighting every units, we will understand their playstyle, their weakness.

=> most to every warships should be playable, but needs to be unlocked by spending credits (Pay2Play anyone 😄 ?) or by passing some challenges to do in this videogame; like that nothing will be blocked.

-3) a very easy game to extend:


At first you don't need a big ammount of detail (visual, animations), so to make the start easier the old 3d model are good enough

+ as it is a game "within the game" we could expect expension, DLC, etc... done by the Corpus themself !

As game modes, we can see a Solo-PvE / Co-op PvE + Simulacrum-like to start - continuing with why not "Historical reenactment" (distorted by the Corpus, of course); Faction-campaign to "conquer Solaris" (solar-system); etc...

+ New units introduced with the evolution of the game: by exemple, with the New War, soon after the Corpus update the game to add those Sentients units.


+ We also can imagine a different kinds of mission, fast-past, on low-atmosphere of Planets, Moons, etc... showing the smaller units for us to use & fight (troop-carriers; fighters; bombers) against Air, Ground & Sea units.

A bit much like the StarFox videogames; that episode of Stargate SG-1 "The other side" where the team is testing somekind of a "remote flyer"


About rewards that such game could give...

Well, why not some Articulas & Poster based on this game & railjack ? With other kind of products signed by Prodman !

Sure, it could only be decorations, credits (or a bit more unrealistic: mods & modules for the Railjack), but it's still something that could be interesting ! 


About "how the game will play" ... I don't know :

First it should be in 3rd person & very easy to take control of.

We could imagine the ability to customize the appearance of each units unlocked; even to have 3d model of the pilots/commanders in-game (one for each faction) customizable too (with the voice-acting!).


Imagine playing a Corpus frigate, seeking the source of an SOS ... to find an Orokin spacecraft entirely consummed by the Infestation, throwing you flashbacks of Dead Space heresies !

Or the "Fall of the Zariman Ten-Zero": a massive colony-ship intercepted by a Sentient fleet, that you need to defend as long as possible ~~  

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