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Arbitration's "5 HP Bug"???


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Several times now, "this" has happened... I'm not really sure what common element there's been, or anything of the sort. But, during an Arbitration (and I have only seen this during Arb's), I will randomly just start losing MAD health, and it will drain me to 5 HP and try to keep that as my max.


I generate no shields when this happens. My pet tries to heal me with Medi-Ray, but it just flickers my health up and down, always ending at 5 HP.


I don't remember, but I think this eventually & randomly ended one time after a while. The other times, I have died.


There is no debuff on me, like slash or toxin or anything. I'm also generally a super tanky frame taking less than 5% damage from all sources. Then, out of nowhere, I just get this 5 HP Bug, and I drain fast all the way to 5, and it keeps me like this despite me panicking like crazy and shooting off to a room 300 miles away and totally isolated, etc etc.


It makes no sense. And it REALLY sucks when it happens. I can't be the only one experiencing this.

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