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Trading Braton Vandal/Lato Vandal BPs/etc for Lato Vandal Barrel


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Foreword: I'm trying to complete two sets for friends who are either not so good at ESO or is unable to play. This is not an attempt to sell off completed sets and make a profit.

I need two Lato Vandal barrels. I've been trying to get these two for months without luck.

I can trade a Lato Vandal BP (Rotation B, 2.01%) and a Braton Vandal BP (Rotation C, 2.01%). I also have 3 Braton V barrels, 4 Braton V receivers and 8 Lato V receivers. I'll trade a BP with the other parts thrown in as a bonus, even.

Alternatively, any other prime parts or relics or whatever else you'd like and I happen to have, send a PM. If I'm offline in-game just send a forum PM. 

If anyone can trade and help out with alleviating a grind that's been months in the making (two braton vandal sets completed), I'd be most grateful.

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