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QOL aiming reticle and warframe movement


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There are a lot of situations where 3rd person perspective detracts from the aiming reticle, where the eyes are constantly being pulled away from where a weapon or ability is aimed. It can get exhausting:

  1. visual clutter from all the effects overwhelming the reticle itself. QOL, the reticle isn’t adding anything to the experience.
  2. warframe orientation in conflict with ability and weapon attack direction. In some cases a warframe or weapon are facing 90 to 180 away from the direction of attack. This is particlarly noticable with Razorwing because Titania holds dex pixia locked and straight in front of her torso. Some of the attention lavished on stances could be directed on kinematics or animation oriented at targets. In this case the reticle has to be consciously forced into attention and the frame ignored.

The reticle itself could be replaced by a highlighting system similar to Ash’s, Nyx’s, Nova’s or Revenant’s tagged enemies. While FX clutter will remain a problem, they at least don’t run counter to actual outcomes.

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