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I'm making a list of cool things I'd really like to see in the game.

New Skins for Weapons:
Hek / Vaykor Hek
Arca Plasmor
Rubico / Rubico Prime
Sicarus / Sicarus Prime
Gram / Gram Prime

Possibility of positioning the primary weapons freely in the back, just as we control the position of the melee weapons. Currently some guns are very crooked and 'inside' the syandanas.

Link the custom placement of melee weapons (and primaries as well) to the Warframe instead of leaving them in the weapons color options. This will be useful because we can position the same weapon freely in several Warframes, removing the limitation of the 3 options A, B and C of the colors of the weapons.

Put the highlighted colors that were highlighted on the left side and leave the list of color palettes on the right side. Over time the player ends up choosing their favorite colors from each palette, so it does not make sense to leave them on the right side so that you click on their option whenever you color something. If the favorite colors were on the left side and they were already shown, it would make it easier and faster for the fashionframe process.

A new design for the Lanka gun or Snipetron. For obvious reasons. Many weapons have gone through redesign since the game's release, but those two still need to be improved.
This post is useful: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/945945-lets-talk-about-the-snipetron-and-i-suppose-lanka-too/

Recharge animations consistent with the design of weapons. Some guns use an identical generic reload animation. The Warframe simply picks up an invisible comb and fits into a solid, closed part of the weapon. Some examples: Braton, Braton Prime, Hind ...

Possibility of reorganizing the rooms of the dojo without the need to destroy them, positioning them elsewhere preserving their decorations. It would be nice if we could 'save' a room decorated to use it elsewhere.

A new room for the clan dojo the same size as the reactor rooms. No exit, simple, just with the entrance door. This room is ideal for filling spaces in the dojo plant without having to use the small garden rooms with 4 doors, where we will use only one door. Often we have to use walls as decorations to 'plug' these unused doors.
Or perhaps something better than that, the possibility of excluding doors that we do not use in the rooms, leaving the wall closed in their place.

Grineer computers as decorations in the clan dojo. We currently have Corpus and Tenno computers but lack the Grineer style.

Inside the Orbital spacecraft we can see the whole list of union items and we can even buy them without having to go in relays for that. It would be nice if we had a dojo decoration panel where we would have access to the forge on our ship. In the dojo we already have access to the arsenal, mods, inventory. Why not have access to the forge too ...

When we put many teleporters in the dojo the listing obeys the alphabetical order when we name them. It would be nice if we had the option to rearrange the list any way we want. Something that I had in mind is to create blocks by grouping teletransporters according to their themes, floors and room types. It would be more organized and visitors would not feel lost when they visited the clan amid a huge sequential list in alphabetical order.
The name of the teleporter in the room where we are could also appear on the screen, but with a dark and non-selectable tone, so that we can not get better.

Currently on the screen that shows the list of members of the clan we have the options:
It would be very nice if they added the option CLAN TIME, where it classifies the members of the clan by order of seniority. With the time each clan member has since entering the clan. Such a listing would be great for Warlords to have a better view of members in order to promote new hierarchies according to each member's time.

Possibility of equipping tennogen skins on Zaw type weapons. A lot of people just like I want it. : D

Provide tennogen to the sentries of the game.

Possibility of gifting our friends with tennogen skins.

Possibility of equipping the skins of normal weapons in their prime versions, just as it is in Warframes. It would be cool if at the sentries too.

A kind of limited-time promotion where we could buy the pack skins separately from the market without the need to have to buy the whole package. An example is the pistol skin that is part of the Mesa's deluxe package. This promotion could be for a limited time only a few hours. At Christmas it would be a good date for that.
Or that Darvo would bring those fur separate from the packages as a temporary ad in their sales. It would be great too.

A new consumable item used in the missions to 'rebuild' the dead sentinels in battle after mod Regen has run out. The features for forging this item may be rare, due to the importance and great utility of it. It would be nice if this consumable item was purchased at Fortuna due to Corpus technology of machine construction.

Ability to silence (or even remove) the Lotus orientation messages within the missions. She speaks many things over and over again. For a player with experience and many hours of play, her voice becomes boring to hear every minute. This option could be released through a certain level of mastery. With the exception of course missions.
Another bad thing is that her face frame covers important mission information on the screen.

A new mod for Warframe where it removes the entire shield and increases health by 50%. For Warframes like Nidus and Inaros that do not have shields, then it will only add health. A mod of this type would be very important in the game as it would give more possibilities of use for the recently released mod Adaptation. We would have more possibilities of builds. The value of 50% could be adjusted by developers, perhaps 75 or 100% health. Or perhaps instead of health would be added armor points, which would be equally interesting.
A mod like this would be very interesting for Warframes like Chroma, where the players need to use many tricks to use the auto damage. Playing with the Warframe directly without shields the goal of this build focused on auto damage would be achieved faster.
I'm sure that just like me several other players also hate seeing those infamous blue shield points. The Mod Adaptation has brought us the possibility of giving us some of the sentient skill of endurance. It would be nice if we could also turn our Warframes into 'Nidusframes'.

A new option in the ESC menu where the player can quickly exit the squad without having to hover the mouse in his nickname and then have to click to exit.

By clicking ESC the squad's list of players should show the names of all weapons, instead of displaying only the Warframe, aura, and primary weapon. Sometimes the missions are intense, and when we are curious to see what our friends have done for the mission we should not waste time passing the mouse on each name.

Place all weapons and infested items to be forged within the infested orbital housing. It would be more cool and consistent with the theme of that room, and would bring more utility to her.

Please comment on what you found on my list. Will the developers one day look at it? 😄

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