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Commodore Prime Apparel broken


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So... Last time you guys came with the cool new operator mesh changes, i made a post about this, but as always, it has been ignored. Now you guys come out with a more "polished" versoin... and its just as broken as the previous one...

SO. Again...

The commodore prime operator suits apparel is BROKEN with the new meshes. The belt straight up floats around my character and the bottom part clips into my chars legs when she walks, or for that matter, in the battle stance with weapon drawn, its just by default inside her leg... Originally, before the cool new meshes, the belt was actually on the character and the bottom part was sitting on the characters leg, moving with it as it moved. Can we PLEASE get a fix for this... i PAID $50 for this suit, because it looks cool and you guys make it look freakin' bad. OR at the very least, give us a toggle so i can turn these new meshes off.


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100% agree with OP.

I paid $50 just for the commodore prime suit (didn't give a crap about the other stuff), but now part of it is ruined and it looks a little plain in the waist area without the belt. The belt just looks bad again being oversized and it does not follow the character's movements like it did prior to the change. The smelter apparel also seems on the large side, but at least the apron has some cloth simulation and doesn't clip through the leg. I'm guessing these are oversized so they fit all of the operator cuirasses, but it looks silly on the one suit it was actually made for.

If the commodore prime apparel's size and animation can't be changed for whatever reason(s), could the loop for the commodore prime apparel at least be moved off to the side so it no longer clips into the left leg?

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14 days later and still no fix for commodore prime suit i guess they are not even aware of that because they are busy with other bugs but im getiing really annoyed by my operator's glitchy look and i hope DE will fix it soon i really like how commodore prime suit looked before

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