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crash when loading vallis in elevator every time


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game crashes when loading orb vallis every time. even whith min settings and really small window.Using windows 7, 32 bit 4gb ram with 1GB radeon graphics think 5770. CPU intel Q6600. no ssd, just old HDD.

Also cache optimization will have to wait I don't have space. making it small windowed lowers my ingame memory counter low by 200MB to 800 something in fortuna, but it doesn't matter it still will crash when loading no matter what DX version or multithreaded render settings. Seems it wasn't optimized for low ram 32 bit machines. I got a screenshot showing 0 free ram before it closes(it's just where u expect it, it's czech language windows), its not GPU usage or cpu usage thing. ignore the useless desktop situation, its my brothers mess. https://imgur.com/a/CUzTHwz

This means the content locked behind standing farmable in Orb Vallis is totally useless for me or anyone else who can't load it.

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Warframe's new content may not work on 32 bit operating system. Memory for each process is limited to 2 GB of memory. It can go up to 3 GB per process with a change to windows settings, like 3GB switch or IncreaseUserVa (32 bit windows only). https://www.google.com/search?q=3gb+switch+windows+7+32+bit

64 bit operating system allow 4 GB for each 32 bit process with LAA (Large Address Aware) flag set on program. Warframe have LAA flag enabled.

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