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  1. How about this: the weapon type has 50% chance to match the weapon slot I down larva/candidate with. Still rng and makes finding a weapon faster. Also for current sisters melee heavy or mech ult will just roll any weapon. And if it was something else than my direct. Weapon damage like ability, specter/on call, operator or pet it will not influence anything.
  2. If only we can actually dismount merulina and keep the healthbars it could compete with nezha halo. Also wheres any synergy?
  3. My glyph on the forum has failed to change since I used this funny gingerbread for a week when it released of something. I must have gone through at least 20 others but the forum isn't updating it, works fine in game and the app
  4. Arbitrations have been stagnating with no improvements since the revives got added. Here are 4 at once proposals for arbitrations : Rework as a kuva siphon type alert, 3 options for endurance where any of these has the best vitus per time due to spawn density. Only one endurance completable per hour and frame and gun bonuses are common to all 3. Add 4 short versions which also reset every hour but they dont give any or low guaranteed vitus on completion and have less enemies per time including drones, but noticeably higher levels. These would be modified short modes where in addition to normal objective it needs a full extermination and it forces several more eximus units than normal. Make vitus from drones guaranteed and also raise the rotation bonus and item prices my a big multiple as to not invalidate hoarders in existing economy. This way the completion of 3 endless rotations should exceed vitus earnable by doing all 4 short missions and doing a long endurance needs to be more rewarding use of time in a proper squad than doing the short alerts.
  5. Anyone notice the old berserker is a multiplicative 1.75x instead of additive? It is the only mod that does this and you said nothing about this. Also pablo is wrong in the video, the current Mercy kill is always 5% and thats why its unusable. If you read the wiki you wouldn't miss these details that players test all the time, that's why the wiki is reliable.
  6. Feedback sections are broader than the broadway. I might want to report a dysfunctional feature bugged since 2015 but the categories are cringe. We dont even have dedicated sections for item type. Such as frames, weapons, vehicles etc.
  7. Javlok and Scourge use rifle ammo and despite that the only available ammo mutation mod is [vigilante armaments]. I discovered when trying ammo mods on weapons that show when searching launch. Ferrox uses sniper ammo and mods
  8. So still no fix for the double brightness glass on Gara Prime body? It was already reported with video on friday, but we might be affected by the friday report problem as usual.
  9. I would be surprised if DE reads this but maybe if people mention it in the update notes as still not being fixed they will finally fix it. Other prime visual bugs usually get fixed in the immediate hotfixes.
  10. You seem to have the same glyph that just got stuck for me once. I changed it like 20 times in game over they year or more but it never updates on the forum.
  11. How about actually describing what passives a weapon has?. Theres lots of space where a frames level bonuses would go.
  12. I do wonder if using blue kuva as a resource(about 2x the cost of a roll) wouldnt befit a temporary addition or deletion of a negative, with the balancing consequence as well. Perhaps it could cost some slivers too. There really are rivens that are rerrible with just the passive or not good enough without any. And cancelling an alteration would cost even more of fed kuva as well.
  13. I agree these are problematic but so is anything, nothing changes if you dont have an actual better solution. If DE really cared about active players (such as steam) they would notice its never that popular, the reason is the obscurity of much content and absolutely no previews or pointers to any future content including an explanation where to unlock things nightwave wants. I looked at active games on steam and all 11 above warframe are either completely based on or have pvp as core component (if we count the friendly fire of valheim which is itself a new meme title) of their design. Its such a unique situation any conclusion will be irrelevant. We know de doesnt understand why their pvp sucks or what their current players think about pvp because they've never done any poll or ask community why it sucks or what would they want to make this optional content rewarding. And probably its not worth reviving pvp anyway.
  14. This is such an obvious thing they could just add a tab for unowned and same for recently unequipped(this bteak too often with searching mods) because the mod system is easily the most confusing and unexplained part of the game. I also noticed Steve pretty much faked the disconnect because he didnt want to admit we would need to have extra option to force host for the whole game unless they make exception for RJ missions. It would just be a public host priority modifier but thats too obvious for knuckDEheads
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