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  1. Why did you let us break the game by launching warframe app(more like when the app was launched in background already)? It doesn't succeed at kicking active session and it will screw up any trade or interaction with a console or navigation until relog or restart.
  2. It should be obvious that they cant just expect the same level of engagement in each wave for the whole event. It would end up like thermia fractures. Also the 100 ships is a limit so squads work together in the same instance and dont just jump to new flotilla after each run. Wonder if the murex mission fail if someone else reaches 100th is still happening, its the worst thing ever, it should just disable any more murex and boot you from the current one youre in. Still sucks to have this form of accidental pvp. Also the the zombie flotilla, the worst bug making it unplayable still remains unfixed.
  3. Instances need to show up only if theres 4 player slots left(or just show how many) and its not at 100 murex. Edit: Reading this thread, its plenty obvious there is no ingame explanation of how the points or instances or flotillas work(and as the one above me said its so #*!%ed up). Little duck didnt say S#&$ that we needed to know. OMG pls dont tell me once the linked ground squad exits the RJ squad cant get marthmade with another and thats why some dont get any codes..
  4. I support keeping the trampoline, but as a passive that does 0 in her special mode its real situational hope they didnt just cut it when so many frames have multi layered passives.
  5. 4 big problems with shield gate remain: Sentinels and pets dont have shield gate(and maybe allies or specters, I didnt test) Arbitration drones are super bad under shield drone, they should be unable to get shields instead. Conclave needs to get rid of shield gating, you definitely forgot this. When shields skip past 100% into overshield the full gate isnt reached until exactly full shield or full overshield is reached.(and hildryn was super gimped because her passive was invincibility shield gate, but combining with this bug now she has nothing and is much squishier under fire).
  6. How about the weapons we never got? Can we at least get arcata even if it has like 4s default recall time?
  7. Youre replying to wrong topic, click the link in the theme section.
  8. Gunsmith (arsenalis) Passive: JARVIS combat AI Shows all equipped weapons and guns ammo even when not equipped, gun switching is instant and max ammo is basically infinite for unequipped weapons(like archwing regen but the max ammo is hidden), also adds 10 extra seconds duration to next ability cast when 5 enemies are killed with guns. This AI also can identify the weapon, the damage per shot and ammo in mag of enemy and ally when aimed at (useful for new players so it shouldnt be locked behind endgame quests). 1.Callibrations: distributes DPS buffs to all ranged weapons(toggleable): str buffs every damage related stat.(this would be relatively little in each stat at base but noticeable overall), this might need a effective DPS counter in the arsenal. range buffs beam and offshoot beam range, aoe range, min and max faloff range and projectile speed. efficiency gives chance to not consume ammo and speeds up battery weapon delay and recharge speed Duration buffs projectile duration and status duration, ammo reload when not equipped and equipped reload speed. All Negative categories will become a debuff and increase all positive categories proportionally in return. This would be shown along the current level bonuses(50% range 75% effi and 150% str is basically 225% str) Gives 1/2 the bonuses to squad in xp range ignoring any debuff stats. Other arsenalis can override ally buff highest value in each slot. 2. Brother in Arms: Summon Jarvis holographic hands in an aoe ghost weapon doubling mode for all allies, single pistols get ghost pistol dual weild with 2x the modded mag capacity, any other gun gets 2nd pair of ghost hands and also 2x mag. reload before half the mag takes 1/2 the time. Enables aim and shooting while sprinting. Enemies in range have their fire rate and mag capacity halved. The closer arsenalis is the higher chance their weapon will jam. Bonuses dont scale, only dur effi and range do. 3: Equipment Matrix: Selects the config of equipped weapon for the rest of the mission and as long as there is more than 0 mods in the slot. this is an aimed hold to select in a directional wheel like the gear menu. This is the only excption and also works on melee. If a scanner or non configurable tool is equipped it switches Arsenalis config. 4 GunForge: constructsa custom channeled per shot primary weapon, can switch between 4 models before or after summmon: auto rifle, auto shotgun, sniper and opticor, all these are modded in the arsenal separately, their characteristics, base stats and visuals(scope, silencer, mag size, bore, muzzleflash size, barrel length and muzzlebrake) adapt based on mods equipped, the more you mod for something the more the stats shift and unused mod slots increase overall dps. This is a finite pool and for example fire rate and crit damage will decrease all other stats. This behaves like a 2nd primary slot with 4 weapons to customize but they share the same polarities and xp, they have their own mods lots and visuals for each type tho.
  9. I have found out how to save unsaveable weapons with rivens, they need to be switched to additive base values, for example 30% base CC on highest dispo and 5% on lowest
  10. N.1 needed change is stop the fcking sentinel mod conflict. N.2 the entire railjack modding and inventory is locked behind going into a clan or even having a clan, you cant exit missions if you leave dojo.
  11. We need a lot more instant audio(and visual) cues for things like abilities ending, running out of stacks and low health. Compare chromas abilities with almost any defense or buff abilities. Is there plans to add better audio feedback like this? I also noticed the weird stats or tab screen sound in corpus theme is a bit laggier than expected and feels out of sync.
  12. You delting the hold to heavy? Everyone who wanted a toggle will be pissed, also wheres the missing damage% bonus indicator for kuva weapons?
  13. Color channel swapping when? Pablo pls its the last QoL on old screens I want. also hoping for starchart search and mission type icons with new UI.
  14. How about the kuva weapons get a boost at 5 formas, like damage boost vs all factions or slow ammo regen even when equipped.
  15. I edited the layout how I think it will waste the least space and be more efficient, the progress screen and the end of mission will become this, plus ability to expand the stats and or they expand when hovering over that corner, there should be thicker scroll bars, which I forgot to include, I dont care how thick but he shrinking ones are bad for touchpad or touchscreen. simplification of total xp earned and also shows the levels gained, the green is just to show a new addition of this concept, numbers in squad are the actual squad order (1 is host) toggle for optional showmen screenshots, the squad fashion button would just show the frames and stats as in the original concept. also the rarity needs to have indicator switch quests and universe or have a toggle for this that dead space in the left corner? we can move the quests or even liches and railjack management there. possibly a customizable personal console with multiple pages of the ui, 3 of them preview in the AR screen and this toggle would be nice to show all the stats in a build at once album https://imgur.com/a/ee5oRUD
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