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Give Us Better Information.


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While this might also fall under UI feedback, there's other bits that I want to address.


In game information vague and often incomplete, and wiki information takes time to hammer out into the near truth. Get on that, seriously. While weapons are the obvious ones, things like enemy types, damage types, and mod effects would be great. Being able to check if crit was multiplicative and not additive, elemental damages relation to base damage, and whatever the eldritch anomaly that is puncture and its relation to certain projectiles is.


One thing that bugs me is how vague patch notes can be. Give us a full stat line-up in the notes when you add a weapon or frame, that way we can better identify if somethings wrong. See the Strun Wraith.


Make sure -everything- makes it into the patch notes. A bit ago, in the Hotfix 9.5.3 notes, it was stated No Return got buffed without giving us a number of what it was set to. This wouldn't have been that hard to figure out, but the following change stated that Shocking Touch was changed from 5% to 10%. It was weird and didn't make much sense that you knew one value and not the other.


Give us information as you, the Devs, know it. If that information is wrong, we will be able to correct you on it far quicker. If you want to call this game a beta, treat it like one and tell us things we need to know. Not everyone is going to go looking for data-mine results.

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