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Does anyone know how to get anything other than a "Bad Capture"


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Are you positive it was simply distance?

I shot a virmink from pretty far away before and nothing, maybe it wasn't 65 units. Are you aware of where you shot the virmink?

EDIT: Can confirm it's not distance, just shot a virmink while invis 67 meters away. I wish biz would give you a hint or something, don't even know what I'm doing wrong. 
I've shot a virmink in the back, chest, stomach, tail, and head, always a bad capture

EDIT #2: Nvm they literally just patched it looks like we should be good now

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If you still have problems, try to shoot from behind them and behind an obstacle or on top of a structure to stay out of sight. Also, the darts of the Tranq gun ARE visible to them, so try to hit the one on the back first from behind, then repeat that for each of them and you'll have a nice batch of reputation on you !

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