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Fortuna Mining and Scanning bugs


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During my first time in Orb Vallis, I decided to mine and scan as I did the first mission. During this, I found several problems. The first is, Helios (Prime) won't scan anything and because of this, I had to scan manually. The second problem is, some objects are not scan-able. The object called "Gorgaricus Sac" shows that it is scan-able, but holding left-click when the scanner is equipped does nothing.


The last problem I found was the positioning of mining veins. There were some cases where the veins were too high to reach with the laser and with no footing areas to jump onto, such as on the ceiling of a rock arch, making them impossible to get to. Another instance was where the vein was partially in the ground, just enough where one of the laser spots was below the ground, also making it impossible to get.




These are just what I found so far, since I have only been in Orb Vallis once so far.

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