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Operator outfit clipping gone yay but the hair is still broken


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If you have the mohawk look at it from the back youll see what i mean and its not the only one, all i can think of is the normals/faces are backwards or its a problem with a shader

Or it needs to have that 2 sided face/normal thing ive heard of

Sorry for the jargon been messing around in blender

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ide rather the clipping comes back, i dont like the way most of the operator stuff looks after fortuna, my operator fashionframe is ruined, theres two parts that are tolerable, but the "ceno apparel" looks completely broken, it doesnt look anything like how it used to

for reference this is how it used to look: (focus on the skirt, this picture is from some reddit post about the energy not showing up on the helmet on female operators, not the point here)D6JXIGq.png

and this is the abomination its become after fortuna: (edit: ignore the red rings on the pictures minus the left one, the middle was me trying to get a screenshot of how it used to look on my forum post about this only to find out its bugged on him but still has the same model, and the right is how the hood i was using looks after the update, it looked better before the update, and since were on the topic the cloth on the left arm isnt nearly as big as it was before fortuna and, while it still looks decent, doesnt look as good as it used to)unknown.png&key=3d20efa1d0f2ede2f41046b1

needless to say it has to be a bug, theres no way in hell that isnt a bug, if thats intentional then i dont know what they were smoking when they thought that was a good idea but i hope they never smoke it again

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