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  1. if your "type "nobody in warframe wants PVP" and so on" is referencing what i said, nice try but that isnt what i said, i said something along the lines of "go into region chat and ask if people want more PVP stuff" as for what your describing with space battles and boarding enemy ships, as well as fighting inside a space ship, that would be amazing yes, but NOT on warframe, on another game/as its own game? shut up and take my money, on warframe? NO
  2. Joltyboi

    *SPOILERS* Tall operators?

    well what they did to fashionkiddo in fortuna borked most of the operator cosmetics and we still havent gotten a fix for that yet, just look at the ceno apparel, that thing went from being a decent looking skirt to a broken abomination and i refuse to use it in its current state
  3. i think it would be cool if they took community designed warframes and added them into the game if they ever struggle to think of a warframe design, i saw a video in my home page on youtube that showed a warframe concept where it could go from being a normal warframe to being on all fours looking like a warframe kubrow and i think that would be really cool to see in-game
  4. thats your clan, i can say with 100% certainty that your clan is nowhere near the majority of warframes player count, so basically saying "i wont ask where the majority of WF players talk because most of my clan wants it" is stupid imagine a head master of a school has a terrible idea that would make students lives miserable but he\she doesnt see it: "i have an idea that i think would benefit the students but i wont bother asking and just put it in motion because all the teachers, who dont make up the majority of the people at the school, agree with me", its stupid
  5. go in region chat and ask if people want to see warframe get PVP modes, i can guarantee youll see entire walls of "no" and "lol no" also, DE has never said anything about PVP railjack and i highly doubt theyre ever going to do it, PVP is a boring mess no one wants to do and they still need to work on archwing to be something people like to do instead of being "uuuuuugh why archwing?", putting those together would just be a stupid thing to do with archwings current state
  6. chromas 1 fits the theme of the warframe, hes a dragon, dragons breathe fire, the problem is the crap damage it deals, the ability needs a rework but it doesnt need to be changed to something completely different
  7. im not gonna lie i did like lunaro, i dont really know why that one flopped, i was great at it on console and it was finally something fun and interesting you could use to level conclave up to get those rewards from teshin
  8. its far from okay, destiny 2 being bad aside (at least from how much i played, which was from when it came out to half way through the second DLC, that was NOT as good as destiny 1) PVP ruined destiny because it changed what type of game it was supposed to be, im getting fed up of repeating myself with this so im only gonna explain this one more time destiny is supposed to be a PVE first person shooter MMO, with dungeons and raids, and it did that, and it did that good, but for whatever dumbass reason bungie decided that PVP was more important, destiny 1 only ever had one PVE event for years up until... taken king i think, every other event was only ever PVP, and even when they did make events have PVE stuff it was still more focused on PVP, there was never a PVE only event ever again after the first one, and you can still see that in destiny 2s events, (again, at least from when i played, i dunno about any event after forsaken came out) PVPers were crybabys that always complained about exotics being OP, when theyre exotic for a reason, and theres a reason why you can only have one exotic weapon and armour piece on at a time, and when bungie nerfed the stuff PVPers whined and cried about it might have made it "balanced" in PVP but it would ruin it in PVE, this goes for supers to, every time bungie balanced stuff it was all based on the crybaby PVPers feedback and the stuff that got "balanced" either went from good or great to meh or god awful in PVE, but as long as the whining PVPers were happy thats all that mattered to bungie, despite the fact that destiny was supposed to be a PVE based experience, there was nothing wrong with a bit of PVP on the side, but their blind devotion to the crucible crybabies ruined the PVE side because bungie would never give a damn if a PVP balance patch ruined the item/s or supers for PVE stuff like this is why people dont want warframe to have PVP, ive said it before and ill keep saying it because its true, not every game that has online needs to have PVP, warframe is a PVE game, its as simple as that, and everyone who plays it plays it because its a PVE game, and no one wants the resources that could go into PVE used to make PVP, and no one wants to wait for an update to come out only for it to be a PVP one, cause that essentially makes us have to wait twice as long for a real update to come out cause no one considers PVP in this game content, put it this way, fortuna came out right? imagine people starting to say theres a content drought after a few months, and a new update comes out, people are exited cause theyde have stuff to do only to realise... its PVP, so the content drought is still there because no one likes PVP in this game or wants it, we basically get no new content and the wait time for an update is doubled
  9. i know, i was quoting him and talking to him
  10. yes you did the main experience of the game is everything your doing on a day to day basis on warframe, so by stating the main experience is completely uninteresting, your basically saying warframe is uninteresting to you, in which case why the hell play it and try to add stuff no one wants when you find it so uninteresting that you dont understand why PVP isnt needed in this game? your also stating the game is unnecessary going by that, so again, whats the point of playing it?
  11. dude, PVP doesnt diversify destiny, it ruined the core of what destiny should be and took it from what should have been a great PVE focused game to a good PVE game that focuses way to much on PVP and balances the game solely around that, look at the vex mythocast, the raid exotic on D1s first raid, that was great, PVP crybaby cucks complained, then it got nerfed, not only was it not as good in PVP anymore, it ruined it for PVE, and thats the story of destinys life, PVP crybaby cucks ruining the game for everyone else cause they dont understand the concept of exotics and why theyre so powerful and why only one can be equipped in armour and weapon slots at a time, and bungie put way more focus on destinys PVP than the PVE on a game thats supposed to be PVE a based game and again, not every game thats got multiplayer needs PVP, look at borderlands, PVP would not only not be possible, but if they did do it all the OP and amazing gear you can get for PVE would be nerfed to the ground to balance it around PVP, and yes warframe has the weapon stats separate between PVE and PVP (apparently DE are the only ones smart enough to do that in gaming history) but no one (the majority of warframe players, and warframe players who deeply love this game and what it is) wants PVP in this game to take development time and resources away from PVE, even if it isnt a big amount of dev time and resources its still dev time and resources that could have gone to pumping out PVE content quicker, and made it better, being CO-OP is just fine (and when i say "CO-OP" i mean a game thats online multiplayer with 2 to 4 players being able to play together at a time)
  12. but character limits arent a good thing, they never are, for example i was trying to do a thing where you could give RDR2 online feedback to rockstar but the character limit, not word limit, character limit, was FIVE HUNDRED, how the hell am i supposed to give feedback and suggestions in good detail with a limit that stupid? its better to have no limit also, screw twitter
  13. first: no second: frame fighter is just another small game mode not intended to be serious content, why do you think they put it, along with the other 2 mini-games, on a little game console decoration? third: you wanna know why no one wants them to do anything with PVP? and why no one wants battle royal? for starters, BR sucks, and im fed the f**k up of hearing about it and seeing games come out with art styles i like and good concepts but imprison them behind BR BS, secondly theres been so many games where just having a PVP mode has taken away from and ruined the PVE experience, which is what those games should have been focused on, look at destiny, (the good one, the first one, cause 2 sucks) destiny was SUPPOSED to be a PVE MMO first person shooter, yet bungie stupidly focused way to much on PVP and PVE was hurt because of that, all the destiny 1 events minus one or two were only ever PVP, they focused the majority if not all of their weapon, exotic and ability patches around PVP, and now from what i understand PVP is bleeding into PVE on D2, and my friends have told me that theyre going to make the open world on D3 PVP, see how a great idea of a game was ruined thanks to more focus on PVP than it ever should have had? we dont want warframe to go through the same sh*t, time spent making new PVP stuff and making patches for it is time that could have, and should have, been spent on PVE edit: not every single online multiplayer game needs PVP, being CO-OP only is just fine (also, the hover boards are f**king cool
  14. as much as getting the damn medical debt bonds is annoying me right now with how "not common" they are despite what the loot pool says ("common" my ass) i have to agree it annoys the hell out of me when people say "this shouldnt be like this, it should be like this" when it goes against the thing theyre talking about, why would an underground group trust you with their most serious missions if they dont trust you? theres no logic in it, and its not just warframe people do this to either