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  1. i decided to preview the mesa graxx skin, and for some reason theres a bug right now on prime warframes where if you preview a skin with a helmet it wont replace the prime helmet, itll keep the prime helmet while also putting the helmet that comes with the skin on, normally this looks stupid, but the mesa prime helmet combined with the graxx helmet, well... i kinda want this
  2. im having issues with twitch drops, ive had a warframe partner twitch stream going on in the background for well over an hour now but still havent gotten the colour pallet drop, which is supposed to be after watching for 30 minutes if im not mistaken
  3. not only that (although i havent had that issue with the dyes myself, at least i dont think i have) but there are times where hotspots on ponds/lakes are too far out on the water or are at specific places that make it next to impossible to fish at those hotspots, i had this happen to me when i was doing catch up bounties
  4. exactly, i wanna run around as a giant rumbler shouting "ATLAS SMASH!!!"
  5. can you guys PLEASE get rid of the "conclave only" restriction to augments you can get from teshin, and make it so you can get those augments elsewhere? ide love to use atlases rumblers augment that makes it so you actually become the rumbler, but i cant because even if conclave was a good game mode, i wouldnt be able to use it outside of conclave, that seems really stupid to me, having conclave only augments, cause some of them seem really fun to use in normal missions and might even end up being extremely useful
  6. with the colours i use when i previewed the helmet it reminded me of the flood from halo, i just wish theyde add a button to it so we could see what the helmet looks like when you have the hood set to open
  7. nice, the hair also reminds me a bit of sokkas hair as well
  8. i want nightwave and the previous alert system think about it, you have nightwave, you have wolf creds, you can use the wolf creds to buy exactly what you want instead of leaving it to chance, but when you run out you have the alerts that can give you the stuff from the cred store while youre working up to your next cred reward, and you dont have to use every single cred you earn on nitain extract because the alerts are there to keep giving you that if you wanna focus on getting the cosmetic permanent stuff out of the way
  9. according to DE may 15th is the end date for nightwave
  10. dont think i didnt notice that arrow on the head, PLEASE tell me thats an avatar reference, ill instantly buy it if its an avatar reference (i mean, ill buy it anyway since itll be the only good alt helmet hell have and it looks amazing, but knowing its an avatar reference would make it even better)
  11. if youre talking about the shoulders on that skin thats an issue with every armour that goes on the shoulders with inaros' delux skin, almost none of them sit on it properly and you can see the connector it sticks out so far
  12. thats the amount of time it lasts, its not permanent, therefor, it IS a limited amount of time, cause its only on for that amount of time, no more get lost, im sorry to get hostile, but get lost, at no point did i say you should be able to get the rewards for no work, im fed up of hearing 455holes go "YoU wAnT tHiNgS fOr No WoRk HuRr DuRr?" no, i dont, i didnt say that, i didnt imply that, theres a difference between wanting things for no work and not wanting to feel forced to go on a game in order to get something before it goes whether you want to play the game or not edit: and it isnt casual players asking for rewards without work, maybe learn to understand sh1t properly, if youve been on almost/every week since it came out and did as many bounties as you could do, yes "luv", we do deserve the rewards, this isnt a problem for me now that we know its on until may, and that i hit rank 30 on monday, but my issue here is you wrongly thinking that everyone complaining and wanting the items for no work, which is not the case at all
  13. its kinda the point though, "hey, youre done, but heres some wolf creds so you can keep getting the items you can buy with them if theres stuff you need", 30 is supposed to be youre "i dont need to do this anymore" level
  14. yeah, except, you know, the fact that its only on for a limited amount of time, needs you to do every single challenge that comes up in order to hit rank 30 before it ends, and the fact that itll probably never come back so if you dont hit 30 you miss out on all the rewards, sure, its not pressuring you at all
  15. wolf mask? have i missed something, when was "wolf mask" a thing?
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