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  1. who are they trying to fool with this? why is this here? we all know theyll never be drops, everything tennogen is bought with real money, im not complaining about that, i get why its like that, but why the hell is "may be available as drops" in this description?
  2. nice, the hair also reminds me a bit of sokkas hair as well
  3. *sighs* damn it, why did they have to make the nyx delux skin a literal fat4ss?
  4. i want nightwave and the previous alert system think about it, you have nightwave, you have wolf creds, you can use the wolf creds to buy exactly what you want instead of leaving it to chance, but when you run out you have the alerts that can give you the stuff from the cred store while youre working up to your next cred reward, and you dont have to use every single cred you earn on nitain extract because the alerts are there to keep giving you that if you wanna focus on getting the cosmetic permanent stuff out of the way
  5. judging by the dumb4ss design choices ive seen on some newer frames recently ide say they have more fetishes than making bullet sponges drop #*!% all 99% of the time apart from sh1tty mods, ive tried looking at it from their point of view but i cant do it anymore, there is NO good reason why he doesnt have a higher chance to drop the hammer parts or his mask, all i ever get off him is trash, if its not trash mods its always the most common parts of the hammer, and its not like i can just go to trade chat like "oh hey, ill trade part for part! i have dupes of these hammer parts!" cause no one ever replies, cause everyones got the head and handle already, which means i cant even get 50 plat out of the waste of time i spent killing him only to get parts i already have, i thought farming the brakk was stupid back on the PS4, i HAVE the brakk now on PC without even trying and ive only been playing PC again for around 2 years, and i was playing on PS4 wanting the brack for twice that long, i tried farming the wolf for 3 days in a row, full teams, same mobile defence over and over, and got nothing to show for it, i dont care that farmings part of the game anymore, if hes this damn rare and the drops are even rarer that isnt farming for a reward, thats doing the same monotonous sh1t over and over again expecting sh1t to change, its the definition of insanity and im fed up with it
  6. every time ive put things like this in the appropriate place its like no one sees them, ive given up on that at this point
  7. ive been wanting this for months, i really hope this happens at some point, cause i hate when i mix and match and get an armour piece that has the f*cking TERTIARY colour option be what the primary should be
  8. probably, its the internet, with the amount of different people on it its hard to tell whos joking and whos not
  9. well... for starters i dont give a single sh1t about any of the names you mentioned, but i dont see what that has to do with a sh1tty angle that completely ruins this cosmetic
  10. no, instead it should be an auxiliary piece, like valkyrs bonds or nekros', uh... danglys, only you can put it on any warframe
  11. one VERY good example of this is one of the corpus themed armour sets, the bloody TERTIARY is that things primary colours! its almost impossible to mix and match armour sets cause of sh1t like this, this is why i wanna be able to colour each armour piece separately, so we can compensate for crap like that, and even though what im about to say is a stretch i wanna be able to colour a warframes helmet separately from the rest of the body, cause ill try using a different helmet with a delux skin and the colours will be completely off, its stupidly annoying
  12. yep, im probably rarely ever going to use them on any warframe minus ones that have weirdly shaped legs, since those are the only ones they work on apparently
  13. honestly, has anyone seen those shoes with the huge tongues on them? thats what these look like because of this dumb4ss angle they have, there are a number of obvious issues a lot of cosmetics in this game have, and ive made posts about loads of them, i just dont see how DE can have made these, looked at them and said with straight faces "yep, these are good to go! nothing wrong at all!", i thought i was gonna use these leg pieces from the saturn six armour all the time, the model itself is great, but this angle completely ruins it for me, the only warframe ive used them on so far is nidus with his delux skin on, and i think its pretty obvious why, with that delux skin, hes one of the few warframes these things work well on
  14. according to DE may 15th is the end date for nightwave
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