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Hi. I'm Reborn666skull. I make videos about Warframe, mostly it's Octavia Mandachord song tutorials, sometimes I upload animations made in Garry's Mod.

I am not a partner yet, gotta get ~700 subs more to become one. But I host giveaways sometimes, it can be platinum, purchased with my own money, or prime sets, or certain items from the market. Fortuna has been released, so I've started a giveaway - FORTUNA ITEMS FROM MARKET. If you want to try to get some, then here're the rules:

!PC ONLY! - I do not play on Xbox or PS, I will not be able to give you your prize if you take a part in the giveaway as PS or Xbox player.

  1. Subscribe to my channel to help me to reach 2500 subscribers faster.
  2. Leave any comment to the giveaway video. You may also tell me about if you loved Fortuna or not, wish other players luck, etc.
  3. Wait until the next weekend, I will show you who wins!

There will be MANY WINNERS who will get Garuda, Weapons, Operator Suits and Platinum! If I can't enjoy new update cuz of my bad computer, why can't you?

Giveaway video below:


Questions & Answers:

  • Q: Why do I HAVE TO subscribe on your channel to take a part in the giveaway?
  • A: I am not Warframe partner yet, so I don't have free platinum codes for giveaways, I spend my platinum I buy with my money. Your subscription will help me on my way to the partnership and will help me help you to get more of free platinum in the future giveaways.
  • Q: This looks fishy. How can you guarantee you will give the prize to the winner?
  • A: Watch through my giveaway videos on my channel (google my name). You may find the names of winners and ask them if they got their prizes. I usually give people their prizes right after the giveaway ending, but sometimes it takes some time, because of my work.
  • Q: This giveaway is nothing but a self-promotion and a begging for subscribers.
  • A: I do not beg for subscribers, I only give people a chance to win some stuff. Also... I really want to become a partner. Little help?
  • Q: How do you define who wins?
  • A: There's a special website in the Internet. Its feature is picking a random winner from the comments to the certain YouTube video.
  • Q: If I win, how will I know about it and how will I get the prize?
  • A: There will be a video, showing the giveaway and the winners' names. Additionally I will answer the comments winners have posted. Then I will send them friend request and when they come online I will give them their prize via trade post (platinum) or send it directly (collection/warframe).


======================= GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! AND WE ALL WIN TOGETHER! =======================

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Here's full list of prizes:

  • Fortuna Grand Collection
  • Garuda Collection
  • Garuda Warframe
  • All new weapons (one prize as Collection and mane as each weapon, including Garuda's weapon)
  • New operator suits (all 4 of them)
  • New sentinel (Oxylus)
  • 50 platinum (x5 or more if there will be many people who commented the video)

Share this with your friends, let them know about the giveaway if they just started playing warframe, maybe they will win Fortuna Grand Collection and then will be thankful to you for it :)

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