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Fortuna encountered bugs


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this usually happens when i host a game, or i join someone's pub game

- crashes when a new player (on pub) joins in and teleports on your location, also crashes when i teleport in a currently ongoing bounty quest

- alt-tabbing crashes the game (happened 2x) 
- voting on bounty quests where you check or X stays until you finish the entire bounty 

- faceplanting/failing a stunt then falling underwater makes you unable to reequip arcwing or K Drive

- when talking to Eudico, it shows Ostron instead on the standing part, then just cancels the conversation when you click on it 

- falling/drowning on underwater caves makes you fall out and load in then fall out again infinitely until you just leave fortuna (happened once) 

- you blow up a ship, then the exploding sound is still there and loops (happened just twice) 


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