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Tromyzon Fish not part of Select All


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When at The Business and selecting fish to dismantle or provide, clicking the Select All button does not include Tromyzon in the selection.

If you are on the Small/Medium/Large tabs, it does not select Tromyzon at all.
However, if you are on the All tab, it seems to select the smaller Tromyzon fish but not the Magnificent stack.

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Just now, TaintedDemonwolf said:

I've had it happen with the last stack of Sapcaddy fish too.

This has been fixed already. Did you try it today and have an issue? I suggest you post your evidence so DE knows it has not been fixed correctly (maybe in a new thread).

  • Fixed not all Fish/Servofish being selected when clicking ‘Select All’ option when cutting Bait or Dismantling.

Hotfix 24.0.9


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