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Mod Fusing - Bad Math


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Issue : A + B != B + A

Exaple : Fusing level 4 into level 11 is not the same as fusing level 11 into level 4.

Proof : jv4EuZi.jpg


After the latest update i need to use my second maxed seration mod for something. It's sad to see that it will be counted for only 1 level :(

Please improve the system so A+B=B+A

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that why fusing rank 4 into rank 11 makes it rank 11 ?


It's not that simple.


Mods basicaly use an invisible point system. Every rank of a mod doubles the required points of the last rank to rank up again.

Rarity of the mod increases how many points it needs and gives(Uncommon is twice as much as common and rare is 3 times as much as common).

Fusing a mod of the same polarization of what you're fusing it to doubles it's worth. Fusing the same mod as another quadruples it's worth I think.


It's a semi-complicated system so I'll leave you the wiki link if you want to read up on it. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Fusion

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