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Mags Ulti


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I think that Crush is just way too similar to all the press and forget ultimates in the game. Excaliburs Radial Javelin, Saryns Miasma and so on are basically "different" abilities with the same outcome when pressing the button.

I'd like to see something different where you actively have to do something other than just pressing 4.

My suggestion would be to change the ultimate to something different such as Grip:


You grip your target for 4 seconds. You are able to move the target you gripped with your cursor and smashing it into walls or the ground will do damage (no numbers yet). Activating the ultimate once again (for no extra energy cost) will shoot the gripped enemy towards your cursor and do an impact shockwave which does dmg to all enemies within 15?meters range.


This is one example of a fun ultimate albeit completely different than anything in the game right now.

I'd like to here your oppinions on that.

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dude a grip and turning the enemy into a projectile? I WOULD LOVE THIS!  GRINEER/INFESTATION/CORPUS BOWLING 9000!


plus it could synergize with a combo such as: pull -> shield polarize if corpus -> bullet attractor if required -> CRUSH BOWLING 9000


it could even do additional damage for each enemy that is in that spot that it connects to.

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"Pressing 4 and doing damage is too boring.


I want to press 4, then move my mouse to deal damage. Much more fun."



Did I summarize correctly?


Yes, pressing 4 and moving my mouse to deal damage is much more fun than pressing 4 without doing anything than just that. 

It's the way you interact with the ultimate other than just having everything instantly die around you. 

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