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Small stutters with certain actions Ingame



Hi! I hope you guys can help me, since my last thread is still unnoticed:

I constantly have some loading stutters in the game which shouldn't really be a problem.

The game runs perfectly fine with around 140FPS all times ~7ms reaction time or whatever that stat is except for the following actions:

  • When clicking on the Trade Chat the game freezes for around 1-2 seconds which results in me moving the chat window around the screen (seems to think I click and hold while the game froze)
  • When going into Navigation/Star Chart in my Orbiter, same 1-2 seconds minifreeze, after that, everything is fine, exiting and going into Star Chart again is fine as well
  • In a mission when another player joins my instance, around 1s freeze
  • In relays when other players enter the instance (I presume it is because of this) 1-2 seconds freeze
  • When selecting Garuda in Arsenal (only her, lol)
  • Very short freeze when entering the Arsenal
  • Maybe a few other occasions I can't remember now

This has been an issue for a few months already, it got introduced with some Update (I think it was after some UI update), I re-installed my whole system in between and the issue persists. Naturally, I updated all drivers along the formatting.

I tried to adjust some settings in Warframe (like borderless fullscreen or fullscreen, lowering some settings), to no avail. I disabled Steam Overlay, no change at all.

This is my setup:

  • Windows 10 x64
  • i7-4930K @ 4GHz
  • GTX 1080ti
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • Game running off SSD


Not sure what I can try now to fix this problem. Is the Razer Synapse Software known to cause this behaviour?

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So it is a networking problem? Now that you mention it, it says "creating session please wait" for a fraction of a second when starting up star chart. 

Thing is, what can I do to fix it? I have a Sophos XG Firewall between my PC and the internet, is set as first DNS Server so it should be fine.

Analyze Network says "All systems nominal" in Warframe. I also verified and optimized the cache in the launcher.

Ping to google.com says 18ms latency and in other games, my ping is nice as well (around 28ms-34ms in Overwatch for example)

No idea what to do.

Thanks for your idea, though!

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I have some stutters ingame as well, especially when loading other character models. Granted, my setup isn't exactly the best out there by far.. but a friend of mine suggested it might be due to an issue with my hard drive, with the pauses coming in as the game tries to read it from where its stored. 
I later found out that my hard drive does indeed have some minor issues with it, but with yours being an SSD its unlikely that its the same issue.. but maybe something to look into

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