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Equipped Mods Unequipping


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So, as of Update 9.8, I now can't use my Latron with its ultimate loadout of mods. Why? Good question. THE MODS I PLACE ON IT ALWAYS UNEQUIP AND I DO NOT KNOW WHY.

This is persistant on my Orthos, Shade and every other weapon/frame I try. I equip a mod, go into a mission, and the mod unequips. This includes re-logging too.

Because of this, I am much MUCH less inclined to play the game, as It means I can no longer have my good powerful loadout to complete missions that will grant be better rewards I need.

Please, does anyone else have, or has seen this issue. If you have managed to fix it, please let me know how, as this is extreamly irritating!

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I'm having this issue too.


I was putting some mods into my weapons.


Update 8.2 comes.


Install update.


The mods are back to what they were before the update.


Ok, I can just reinstall the mods.


Update 8.3 comes.


Install update.


The mods, once again are back to what they were before the update.



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Okay, its not just weapons... my Dethcube whom I love very dearly for making sure those pesky Grineer, Corpus and Infested are engulfed in fire, no longer seems to want that job anymore. 


Its as if he's gone on strike, no longer wants his weapon mods, abilitys or anything... What did you do to him DE..... :(


RIP Dethcube. 

FYI Shade is perfectly fine, and I have no idea about Wyrm  but it seems Dethcube is on Strike. 

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