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Mag's Crush Does Not Deal Damage Properly


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This is what figure out of new ultimate:

- Deal 500 Physics Impact instantly when the skill start.

- Deal the rest of damage at the end of the skill (normal damage?)



-Sometime enemies does not receive the first 500 damage, only the 2nd part are dealing damage. Seem like happen when enemy got shield.


Suggestion 1:

- 500 Armor Piecing at start and 500 Physics Impact at end plz, (it's obviously Mag crush enemy with force (Piece through armor) and throw stone/rock/stuff at them in the end of animation).

- Make this skill CD, Constantly make 3 ulti in a row with full CC is kinda OP


Suggestion 2:
- Remove all enemy armor at the start of the animation.

- Deal 500 damage at end of the animation

- Reduce the CC duration, make a simplier animation.

- Reduce the range of ulti

This gonna make Mag's Ulti worth something, and well combo with other ability

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if Crush was primarily debuffs and other useful side effects unless enemies were in direct Line Of Sight to the hunk of metal Mag whips at them, but took very signifigant damage from that hunk of metal, i feel it would be fairer across the board. so the enemy you lifted up on the other side of the wall won't take much damage, but the enemy close to you will get his S#&$ wrecked. 


personally, that's how i think Crush should work. capable of dealing signifigant damage, but if it doesn't, it's still useful with other non damage based effects. 

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