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  1. Mastery Rank Glitch?

    are you actually logging off? if you are like, turning off your Console without exiting the game then progress not saving correctly isn't entirely unlikely.
  2. Updating my old dex sybaris build

    for the time being, Hunter Munitions is a must. you would replace Argon Scope with it if you would be adding it as an extra touch rather than making a dedicated Slash Loadout for Sybaris. Vigilante Armaments would be important if you didn't have a Crit Chance Riven, but you do so it is not highly necessary. if you were making a dedicated Slash Loadout though, then you'd keep both(or replacing Bladed Rounds for Hammershot - more reliable but weaker vs less reliable but stronger) since you'd be removing Elementals where possible in favor of Hunter Munitions and more Crit Stats, with a touch of Vigilante Armaments.
  3. the slow from Creeping Terrify is capped to 75%. Molecular Prime is an edge case, everything else uses Power Strength normally. for the rest, you can simply read the Wiki Article that notes the details about most things in the game. that's why it's written to. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Creeping_Terrify
  4. Cache optimization- what about SSD users?

    Optimizing in Warframe only Defrags if it is a Hard Disk. it's doing much more than that regardless of storage type. such as deleting unnecessary left over data, and ensuring the file index aligns with the stored data. Optimizing targets Defragging for applicable Disk types, but mostly exists to ensure loading, spot loading, and size on disk is kept in order. so no - you're wrong. Warframe is not burning your Hardware. the process was even renamed from Defrag to Optimize a long time ago because it confused SSD owners into thinking it was something it wasn't. of being just a Defrag process - as it is much more than that, Defragging is only a small part of why it exists. Warframe has a Filesystem, there is an index of data locations. data being continuous on the Disk only matters for Hard Disks since they have relevant Seek Times. indexing the data is what makes it fast, because you already know where it is located, you do not need to seek for it.
  5. this sounds like a fallback method, if the system does not have enough Memory to process the files in Memory. also btw having prolific amounts of Memory is very good for Optimization speed.
  6. GPU broken or just a visual bug?

    my first recommendation would be to reset your GPU to defaults, as issues appearing after Overclocking suggests that the Overclocking introduced artifacts into your GPU's rendering. you say you've already done this, however. either way double check it, basically just hit 'reset to default' on the software you're controlling your GPU with. next, because it can't hurt, why not Verify&Optimize Warframe from the Launcher. if no dice, then let's try a Clean Install of your Video Drivers. usage is simple: download the new Video Driver you're going to install after first, put it somewhere easy to access temporarily (probably the Desktop). run the utility, perform a Clean and Restart. once restarted, don't change any of your settings, leave things as they are as much as possible (you'll probably need to increase your Display Resolution from the safe default it will go with so you can read things and click on buttons though). install the new Driver. Restart upon it finishing, don't do anything else. once it has restarted everything should look normal without anything moved around or changed. the key is to not move or change anything during this so that nothing is saved as moved or changed. if you do so, then a Clean Install is hassle free and doesn't screw with your system at all. if still no dice.... while there shouldn't be anything wrong, perhaps remove your GPU from your system and inspect the back of the PCB with a flashlight (white LED preferable, warm colors don't show problems as well) and look for any damage marks (such as blackened areas / scorch marks). obviously if there's a backplate, you'll need to take it off in order to see anything. the screws that hold backplates on are almost always completely separate from the ones which affix the Cooler - but pay attention to make sure you're not also taking off the Cooler inadvertently as that's much more complex and unnecessary to look for physical damage. Edit: oh, i'm getting ahead of myself, those people are right now that they mention it, those examples you've shown aren't real doors, they just appear 'turned off' like that because they, well, aren't real doors. i should have looked closer, rather than just automatically assuming what you were looking at wasn't being rendered correctly. :p
  7. Why can I take damage?

    that's not how Damage Resistances work - taking 4 times less Damage and then 4 times less Damage again (such as if you had Blessing capped via Power Strength) would yield: 0.25 * 0.25 == 0.0625% Damage taken 1 - 0.0625 == 93.75% Damage Reduction in your case, you have 93.125% Damage Reduction. no there isn't. there just is no mathematical way to reach 100% Damage Resistance without being set literally invulnerable. same deal as Armor. 100,000,000 Armor is still not technically invulnerable. even so, extremely high Damage Resist does instill Enemies having to deal a minimum amount of Damage in order for the final Damage that you take to round up to 1. elsewise it rounds down to 0 and you take none. for example, the previous iteration of Trinity, Link + Blessing (99.729% with QT&Vitality + 75%) resulted in Enemies needing to deal a minimum of ~2900 Damage per attack in order for Damage to round up to 1.
  8. Warframe Drop Rates Data

    while not official posting or the game denoting it, FWIW: what Bounty/Enemy Level the area is has no effect on Mining. Chances are the same at all times. tracing the line better gives you more of the Resource as always, same deal as the rest of the Resources. max Crafting Resource is 10, max Gemstone is 5, max special Gemstone is 1 (psure, don't remember getting 2). unfortunately that means tracing the line well doesn't do you anything useful for getting more special Gems (though to keep up your stocks of everything you might as well do decent tracing, deliberately doing a crappy job is setting yourself up to run out of other stuff). Chance for special Gems is definitely <=10%. so as people find out, they get the TierIII space crayon so they can get those Gems, and find out that... "contratulations! you've unlocked the privelage to grind 20x more than you were previously!". uhh, thanks game. that feels engaging and interesting. i promise. needsmorethantwotypesofMiningNodesandmoreMiningmechanicstomakeMininghaveasmuchdepthasFishingdoes
  9. Why is Mirage Prime in my ship?

    there's a Bug atm that's 'leaking' an unfinished feature that's supposed to be coming at the end of this week or next week (somewhere in that ballpark).
  10. Murkray impossible to find

    FWIW i didn't sign up for Mining or Fishing either - but that being said Warframe Fishing is the least boring fishing i've ever seen in a Video Game, so when it actually works correctly, i like it. granted, it works correctly ~5% of the time still so just waiting for it to uh, actually work for the most part but oh well. Mining is missing mechanics though, needs more types of Mining Nodes and more of the depth that Fishing has(i'm hoping the procedural Cave Dungeon things will have Mining Nodes in them, which scale with how deep you go - other mechanics to flesh out Mining are welcome too), and then it could do nicely. on paper it's good/fine, goal being nighttime has more value - biggest problem there i would point at is the transition between times of day is really sketchy and makes it visually confusing (i mean we all compensate for the time being by having external time clocks counting so we know what's actually going on but that's boo). ala night fish are available longer than it looks like (doesn't technically change from night to day until a good bit after it looks like it is daytime already), and day fish are available not as long as it looks like (technically is night a good bit before it actually looks like it is night). ofcourse if we're going to have Baits at all i fully support and insist that there should be specific Baits for everything, yes. repurpose the general Baits into 'Boosters' that increase Spawning density and you've got something that's easier to make not as wildly inconsistent (sure it's ""realistic"" for Fishing to be wildly inconsistent but some days netting you like 100 of a type of Fish and others like 5 is simply much too inconsistent, should aim for it to meet closer to somewhere in the middle...).
  11. Deadliest weapon for Chroma.

    it's a LOT more.
  12. Deadliest weapon for Chroma.

    not quite, Weapons which start with Elemental Damage (i.e have it before Mods) are much stronger on Chroma due to the common knowledge Bugs than any other Weapons.
  13. Critus Shotgun (Crit/Status weapon)

    they are? there is only one correct answer - Critting Status beats everything. that has been true from the beginning of Damage v2.0, and has only been reinforced as the best answer since then, not weakened. hm, one real Crit Shotgun for sure, but we only have two Status Shotguns. the rest are a mixture of okay Crits and decent Status. since the ultimate is Critting Status, the desire is always Slash. Impact/Puncture can be useful for Enemies you can't apply Status Effects to though, such as most Bosses. some interesting choices. Digital Extremes doesn't seem to generally like things having none of something, except in a few rare exceptions. if anything, the Crit Mode here would probably end up with 2.5-5% Status. just as Status Mode would probably end up with 5%/1.25x(or 1.5/2.0x). what exactly is 'Wide' or 'Tight' when comparing between Hek and Tigris? Sancti Tigris has reduced Accuracy but the other two forms of Tigris and the two forms of Hek all have... the same Spread. i'm pretty sure i know what you mean by this, that Crit Mode would have like, Lex levels of Spread, and Status Mode would be akin to Sancti Tigris (or worse) - the comparison just doesn't say that. it's very interesting that the Crit Mode has much less effective Range than the Status Mode. which seems to end up as meaning Status Mode has no Range issues/limits because all the Pellets will miss long before Damage matters... while the Crit Mode takes a massive hit to Damage on anything that's farther away than across the street. note that Astilla, as basically a High Explosive Slug Shotgun - featuring very high Accuracy for a Shotgun and reasonable Crit Stats, has falloff which starts at 40m and ends at 60m. it does only deal 190 Damage(assuming we're hitting our Target) with a modded 32% Crit Chance though, so it doesn't hit as hard as many other Shotguns (~374 Base Damage on average with modded Crits accounted for, vs ~1325 for Vaykor Hek. not bothering to bring Weakpoint Crits into this to simplify calculations since only Crit Shotguns are being compared anyways). even so, while your Crit Mode has ~1905 Base Damage on average with modded Crits accounted for, it's applying minimum Damage a lot of the time, for what you're definitely trying to focus on being a 'sniper Mode'. so that means much of the time Vaykor Hek is dealing ~662 Base Damage, and your Crit Mode ~952. but the important there here is as a Mode trying to specialize as a true 'sniper Mode', one would probably expect the longest effective Range. to which end, why not 20-30,25-30,maybe even 30-40? would this not be easier to represent as a replacement for the 'Magazine' side of the counter - as you're doing - but rather than separating, conjoining the feeds so that it's easier to read? such as... CCSCSS / 120 just replace the letters with easy to read icons (one that clearly signifies Damage and one that clearly signifies Status), and you've got something simpler, not as large, and definitely easier to read since it's in one advancing line. same as you say ofcourse, Shells are loaded from back to front, so if you had 5 Shells loaded, loading one more would push all Icons to the left one space and add the new one. that just seems much simpler to present, and faster to read at a glance. for extreme readability, the icons could be semi staggered. Crit icons are half raised out of the line, Status icons half lowered. basically like displaying them as Subscript and Superscript. ala... C C S C S S / 120 that then makes it super easy to count at a glance how many of each Shell is loaded (spaces tell you there's the opposing Shell loaded without having to wait for your brain to comprehend the difference, and staggering them by type makes them quick to count), in a compact format. ^.^
  14. I need Vital Sense

    for playing, a Corpus Survival/Defense/Excavation (low to mid Level ones, high Level ones would actually reduce your Chances) would give you pretty alright rates towards looking to get Vital Sense. an alternative option, would be smashing pots in Void Missions - the ones you'd be aiming for are ones hidden behind secret doors, in time trial rooms, as well as fancier dead end l00t rooms & secret l00t rooms. you could most certainly find someone to Trade with you (probably even just give it to you), but if you want to feel like you achieved your goal yourself, those are the option that'll do you most good. there's enough variety in the options you have to get Vital Sense for it to not get drab and boring while you're seeking it out, IMO.
  15. Murkray impossible to find

    specific Fish Bait only work at all in 'Hotspots' (the 'bubbles' being referred to). it is not a better Chance, it is to get any Chance at all. you have a 0% Chance to get bait specific Fish if you throw the Bait not near a Hotspot. for non specific Baits, Hotspots do absolutely nothing for them. and upgrade to Zephyr once you have all the Spears!