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  1. Being held hostage by other players on Poe

    hmm. if you use the Bounty Board to do your Eidolon Hunting, you should be fine assuming it works like normal Bounties/Incursions since the game will Sync your Account once the Bounty is complete, and then you can just press Leave Squad or Return to Cetus whenever you like and the Rewards will be saved.
  2. Chromas Build for Tridolon

    Strength, with some Duration and whatever Range you can have without losing too much Strength. that would be your ideal for Chroma now. pick a balance of these that works for you, copying Mods from someone else is unlikely to fulfill what fits your situation best.
  3. honestly, Cetus Wisps have an Energy Tint Mask, but it isn't bright enough to really see it from more than a couple Meters away even at night. they'd look cooler and also be easier to spot if you have keen eyes if the Energy Tint was brighter.
  4. Sugarcoating Ember

    Ember puts out a ton of Damage, just not via the pubically popular AFK'ing Loadout. you'll have to put some Mods on for yourself and make an effective Loadout, rather than a popular one.
  5. Sortie Reward Chance

    perfect Rivens for popular Weapons are expensive because of the Stats. that isn't going to change by saturating the game with EVEN MORE Rivens. getting a Riven for that Weapon in the first place is like, 5-10% of the value that you're paying for. the rest is getting the highest possible rolls on the perfect Stats.
  6. if you want to move fast, you should be mixing all of Sliding, Bullet Jump, Double Jump, Rolling, Air Rolling, Aim Gliding, and Wall Jumping when he Terrain allows. you could still be moving probably twice the speed that you currently are, with just Parkour. obviously that's not going to exceed Players poorly Speedrunning in Public (either way you're right that those Players shouldn't be in Public since they could go faster in Private but shrug this happens in all of the popular Missions in the game). since you can't really change what other Players that Matchmake in are doing, then you'll have to be the one to play outside of Public and/or go to Recruiting Chat for the type of Squad you're looking for. just like how you're.... being randomly aggressive with everyone on the internet? but that's off topic so i digress.
  7. complaining about Zephyr being too fast, heh. so you're saying you haven't encountered a Nova in a Public Mission. THE speedrunning Warframe. at any rate, if you don't feel like your expertise on Parkour is up to the test in Public, Archwing is available regardless of your Warframe and can let you get places very quickly, and costs a trivial amount to use prolifically. or even for no immediate cost (but a long term cost), Focus can let you travel very quickly in open spaces like Eidolon.
  8. need some suggestion on Amp.

    Shotgun or Grenade Launcher are the universal Primary Modes to go for. the Semi-Auto Rifle is outstanding in an optimal Squad, but not anywhere else. Charge Beam is a good Alt Fire for Damage, Continuous Beam is good for Vomvalysts or Kuva Siphons since it autoaims and Kills Vomvalysts faster than any other Amp attack (though since it only hits one target is basically useless for Eidolons or Combat because the Damage Output is worse than the Mote Amp). Recharge Delay is nice for basically everything, and the Crit/Status Chance is great for Semi-Auto Rifle or Grenade Launcher and alright for all of the Alt Fires. however if you use the Shotgun Primary, you absolutely do not want to use the Crit/Status Brace, as it will reduce your Damage by preventing it from doing Multi-Hits much more often than it does natively.
  9. one shotting stalker?

    you can't open Stalker to Finishers. Spike Damage Weapons or Blood Rush can oneshot Stalker though (both versions). especially if you cast some debuff Abilities first, in the case of Shadow Stalker (you saw nothing here if you haven't completed the Story Quests yet).
  10. Chroma still has 1 ability

    someone gets it - without the capability to actually be Chromatic, Chroma will always either by hyper niche or basically pointless in using. and ofcourse that upcoming Chromatic Gun that CAN change Element while playing - that Gun will literally be more Chromatic than the Warframe on that same theme.
  11. in trade, you get Crits and so it will deal more Damage than it was before since Crit Mods are more powerful per Mod Slot. (you will gain ~24% DPS plus a much higher Status Rate) also there's a Workshop Thread that you read that your feedback belongs in. it's less likely to be read if it isn't in there. so you're saying that..... a Soma is ineffective because it doesn't have high Base Damage?
  12. every affected Player (and Pets too, probably?) gets a separate 90 second Cooldown for free Revives.
  13. Semi-Auto weapons rewarding players with macros

    you missed the entire point of this Thread. do you have anything you want to actually discuss? it doesn't seem so, so then why are you posting. go try to start a hate war with someone else i don't care.
  14. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    there's other Continuous Weapons that aren't noted here. what about those? will they be unchanged except for firing mechanics? also Amprex is still an upgrade over Synapse, Synapse needs mechanical additions to be worth using over it.
  15. Semi-Auto weapons rewarding players with macros

    a quick summary of what actually matters on this subject: there usually isn't a reason to fire that fast in the first place for these types of Weapons. anything Crit weighted or otherwise Precise in nature usually loses more Damage than it gains by spamming at the max. there usually aren't enough Enemies in frame for you to need to fire that fast. Macros are useful for a myriad of reasons and that's why they are allowed, so long as you aren't automating Gameplay. just clicking isn't automating. if you can think of a way that can give an easier option but still retain the capability for Semi-Auto, so that some can click less while others that are less prone to this being an issue can retain control - go nuts! do try to come up with something that doesn't add any new buttons (like using Alt-Fire), as that would squander creativity for these types of Weapons in the future and prevent them from being able to be as mechanically interesting as some of them could be. i don't want these Weapons to become Auto personally, because i'll end up wasting some Ammunition at times when only needing a single shot, even if i Microburst. i'm also not really prone to this type of stress injury, as i have my Mouse and Keyboard laid out in an ergonomic fashion to minimize stress from using them. i recommend everyone that uses a computer do the same for ergonomics, don't have your peripherals laid out for fashion, but where is ergonomic. this means that your Keyboard should be angled towards the hand that rests on it while playing games (~30°), and your mouse arm should have the elbow cocked out to the side, resulting in your lower arm angled in towards your chest slightly. your peripherals absolutely should not be near the edge of whatever surface they are on, ideally having atleast ~6 inches of open space between them and the edge of the surface. this space is used for your arm to rest on, so that your wrists can be kept fairly straight. you should be sitting at a height that has you angled slightly above the surface, you absolutely should not have your arms angled up from you to reach the surface. you also don't want to be way up high where your wrists have to bend a lot to reach the surface, they need to be supported. ensuring you're doing all of this should let you sit in a relaxed position, without your muscles tensed in order to hold you in the right position. being in a relaxed position will significantly reduce the stress you incur using these input devices. overall the key is to put yourself in a position to have as much of your body relaxed as possible. you shouldn't need to be holding parts of your body in a tensed position to use any input device. straight, relaxed, in the natural positions it wants to sit in if you don't do anything are what you're looking for. and don't forget to take a break once in a while and stretch your hands and arms. just as you probably stand up and stretch for sitting - any part of the body sitting in one position for very long periods of time is unhealthy and can cause stiffness or pain.