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  1. yeah i wasn't agreeing or disagreeing there. wrong type of game for it, and it's not going to become the right type of game for it without scrapping the game and starting over but keeping the Art Assets. the only Cooldowns that would work in the pace of Warframe, are Cooldowns that are irrelevant to limiting anything in Gameplay. and creating an inordinate amount of work to have like, 1-5 Second Cooldowns is one of the biggest wastes of time i could possibly imagine. it wouldn't even be my responsibility and even i'm almost offended at suggesting such a thing.
  2. uhh.... and you always know what your Abilities will do? i don't understand this point. yes, there are a subset of Guns that have a much stronger desire to use Ammo Mods than others. that's a small number of all of the Guns if you ask me, however. the comparison to make across Destiny though, would be Ammo Pickups since Warframe already has the same thing. 4 Ammo Types for your 2 Guns, meaning generally you will have different Ammo Types for your "Weapon Type". with Pickup size and Pickup frequency being determined by this type/category. while this is true, Abilities tend to have a more major effect relative to the amount of Pickups, on your power/completion of the Mission. a couple Magazines from your Gun Kills maybe a room of Enemies, while an Ability could do that all at once or provide some major offensive/defensive trait. no, it doesn't prove that at all. you choose to ignore all of the other ways to spec into having more Energy availability just because they don't support your desires. once midgame or later, Players already considered Energy to be a moderately trivial thing years before Focus ever existed.are you saying that we couldn't Cast Abilities with regularity later on in the game? you seem pretty adamant about that, but it's definitely not the case. and our Stats across the board were lower in years past, too. still isn't the subject of the Thread, though. how, in any way whatsoever, does automatically getting your consumable resources "encourage active Gameplay". it literally does the opposite. if you don't have functionally infinite of your consumable resources when they just fall from the sky, you are directly being encouraged to be very passive and wait for those resources to come back. because your resources come from time, not Gameplay. that some Warframes have some very mediocre Abilities is not an Energy problem, most of those Abilities simply are not very useful to begin with. you could get away with making those low performing Abilities a lot cheaper, but really the better goal is to make them more useful. since it is my experience that Players in Video Games don't take that well to things that they can do that are based around continuous active spamming of it. a common preference for a Weapon or an Ability that is manually operated, to strike the sort of balance that one may find for example in... Veldt, moreso than in say... AkBolto. and since Abilities do tend to fall into this group of manually operated things - we don't really have 'Assault Abilities', after all. so while thoeoretically you could reduce the Energy Cost of Airburst to like 5 Energy... it would still be a crap Ability that serves no real purpose and simply having to constantly spam it get some use out of it wouldn't make anybody happy either. (i mean, every l00t Ability technically does?) not regenerating does make a distinction - it functions more like Ammo than it does a burst DPS/spam buffer. in Diablo or whichever, you aren't really limited in using your Abilities in any particular sense, you're only limited to the degree of not being able to literally spam them forever. same deal with some traditional MMO - you're generally just limited in short term spamming, but over the long term there is no real limitation on the use of Abilities. but, Warframe is setup more like Doom at a baseline. you get Mission resources by Killing Enemies primarily, with the ability to spec into more buffers or alternative/additional methods of acquisition. each of the two Guns has its own Ammo Pool (as long as you don't use a 'Launcher' in both Slots), yes. where you get the Ammo from is shared rates however, for what it's worth. as far as probability is concerned each Ammo type competes with one another for Dropping. and then there's always the Melee Weapon too. the Weapons and Abilities support each other though, they don't replace one another.
  3. yes, which is why i brought up adding active tools that Players could make use of. because active tools both adds something to the game, and isn't something the Player has to go and get, it can be a baseline feature. and only makes them(both of them) having pinged me more incredulous because they talked about far, far from early on where everybody has no shortage of Energy either way. which has so little to do with the Thread at all. to start, try to think about what the subject of the Thread is, because you're not talking about the subject of the Thread at all. which gets you an automatically more hostile response, since my time has been wasted by default. anyways, why should you spec into things that lets you do more? because that makes complete sense. you whine about Inaros, but what does Inaros spec into? oh, right, EHP. duh. your complaint makes no sense when the exact things you whine about being too easy, are speccing into something to support their Warframe just the same. your Mod and Equipment choices don't consist of just bandaids. it consists of you speccing into Stats. you don't get to just decide that one type of Stat isn't a Stat because you don't like it. if you didn't have to think about Energy, you'd just be putting on more Strength or Range or Duration or EHP. you're picking things over other things, which imagine that, when you have slottable Equipment, you.... pick things. the only fully comprehensible complaint i can hear here is "i can't have this Ability active 100% of the time". okay. though you generally still could anyways with the tools available to you, as long as Enemies are being Killed at a consistent rate. though in many Missions that's certainly not the case, but if Enemies aren't needing to be consistently Killed, then there isn't a whole lot of cause to spend Energy in the first place, hence why you don't get any from the game. but you decide that you shouldn't have to use them because reasons. it's just the same as Ammo. you get it when Enemies are being Killed, meaning that the Players are active and are attempting the Mission, rather than standing around waiting (ironic contrast to that many of the Objectives make us stand around and wait, though the Objectives to tend to surge Enemy Spawns when active). but if you want a larger buffer of these things to not Killing Enemies, you have options to spec into those buffers. quite a lot of options, at this point. if anything is the matter with Energy other than potentially missing some active tools that are there by default, it's Enemies that steal/remove Energy with poor telegraphing (just like almost every Enemy has poor telegraphing).
  4. have you tried using Efficiency Mods, the myriad of Equipment options that can offer Energy, among all of the other tools? there already aren't really any problems, but people grumble about having to choose to spec into the tools that are available, and so you create more types of tools and maybe someone will be un-lazy enough to use one of them if you just keep creating more of them.
  5. more is more, being random is not much of an issue when it's more dice that you can roll without any real investment cost. yes, Parazon Finishers and the suq. i made it very clear i hate the Parazon. doesn't change that such a feature could be a thing. doesn't mean it's the only thing (duh?). if you want other active mechanics to get resources, come up with them. but they should be active.
  6. to be clear, you should be wary, however this will generally mean Data Metrics, a (badly misused) tool that every larger Video Game uses as a standin for human comprehension. commonly used to determine balancing decisions, robots deciding wehat to change based on what's being used. if you play any other larger games, they do that too, it's all the rage in modern times to collect numbers and have that control everything. i'm not saying that more nefarious data collection can't be happening, but that will be the main use of collected data.
  7. if you call Corinth/Prime 'amazing' Accuracy, then yes. but it's really not 'amazing' at all. with considering Multi-Shot at like, 50 Meters you'll probably be able to put 30-50% of the Pellets on target, which as far as Accuracy is concerned in a Video Game is rather mediocre. i attribute that to the nonsensical Base Damage values. 540 with Crits after all. Falloff of like 70% (0.3x) + 30-50% hit rate out there is still... plenty to Kill a Trash Unit to say the least. just Primed Point Blank and the two Crit Mods, is already 5410+ Damage, already roughly 650 Damage even at max Falloff and mostly missing with just 3 Mods. a Sniper Rifle with the same Mods will be roughly 1860, for context. Vasto is a Ray Trace Weapon, so yes, it will hit what you click on. same goes for most Shotguns, and most Weapons in the game in general. note: i did not take into account the aspect that Fine Aim reduces Spread by roughly 20% in this game (unless a Weapon uses a Scope or something of that sort, then generally reduces by almost 100%).
  8. yeah those are worth mentioning too, but to me less impactful because they don't disrupt the Gameplay experience just by their existence. i don't hit some roadblock that adds little or nothing to the game other than a Timer or busy work, Et Cetera. even so, "it's just good business" to make a million types of Forma even if it's pointless to have, because of Forma being such a major profit driver in the first place. the reality of business, is that you don't need to have legal control in order to pressure a property to do things. a major Shareholder has say off the books, because it is financial support and therefore financial pressure. and bonus points from not technically having any legal control absolves of any responsibility by default as well. it's the 'hot new strategy' with Stocks. there is no stronger power than financial power, in the modern world. i'll leave it up to everyone to decide if such guiding pressure seems to have occurred, for themselves. later on, all shares were acquired. 51% originally, but more purchasing happened in the future. still technically no legal control, however see my above Quote and make a decision for yourself. i don't wanna be a debbie downer, but, it would be business suicide to say anything other than "everything will be perfect and amazing" in not so many words. doubly so in any sort of marketing/open communication scenario. you will never hear anything other than that. businesses aren't going to just commit suicide. any business on the planet earth would all say the same thing(s) irregardless of actuality, because it would be suicide not to.
  9. same 'ol same 'ol - big pockets become Shareholders and it influences the future because increasing profits is continuous pressure. the bigger the pockets, the stronger the effect. happens all over the place. 12 different kinds of Forma happened, Et Cetera.
  10. there is no reason at all to consider any Shield other than a Zetki Shield. the other types of Shield do not offer any useful benefits over what Zetki Shields offer. source: i am a massive Shield enthusiast and finding ways to force Shields to be useful is a big deal to me. i know, i know - that doesn't sound very helpful. but the other Shield choices literally do not offer anything that is relevant in Gameplay. if there was something relevant, i would absolutely convey it because that would be important to me. but there isn't anything relevant for those other choices to offer. things you could do/get, but not things that will be more useful in Gameplay in some way at all than what a Zetki Shield offers you.
  11. Damage does have relatively steep Falloff. Accuracy is quite mediocre over longer Ranges. what you're experiencing is that it's a Shotgun, and none of that generally matters because their Base Damage values have been nonsensical for a couple years.
  12. the Riven Fuel (Kuva) and Keys (Relics) give a promising-ish start - the things that i need to grind forever in the game, if i can do anything and get them, that helps erode those 'content islands' that prevent me playing what i feel like playing and still progressing. new content? not much. buuuuut still has the possibility of offering more flexibiilty/variety in my Gameplay over the longterm, though. and frankly with having basically everything in the game for years now - i don't need only 'new', better Gameplay choices for what's already there is also acceptable. and honestly reducing how irritated the game makes me for just existing, is a good thing. a new game Tier to do it is... strange, but whatever. what i know is what all of these blockages getting in the way of me playing the goddamn game, is in the top 5 or top 3 things that make the game irritating. Timers that tell me "you are not allowed to play this right now", having to play certain Tilesets or certain Resource regions to get __ instead of something else i 'd really rather do at that current time, Et Cetera. that's all very irritating, and reducing that irritation is a good thing. Enemy Levels are still dumb since the Solar Map is +100 instead of just actually 100 for some reason, though. every Mission should be the same Level so that, well, every Mission is the same opportunity.
  13. but why, what is the purpose of this? also how does this change anything about what Warframes Players choose to use? just by increasing Stats for no reason? what's the point of Warframes being different then, if you just want to make them closer to the same? they're different for a reason.
  14. high Damage, high Range, Crits consistently, Et Cetera. a good tool to have, and way better than Shotgun (Shwaak) ever, ever, was.
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