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  1. actually with your attitude i'm not sure you know what a fact is. you know what a fact is? spending 1/3 of a Magazine to use Charge Level 1 would mean the equivalent of Primary Fire worth of 3168 Damage, when Charge Level 1 is 624 Damage(both assuming Crit for simplicity). that's facts. and that would also be one of the least efficient uses of Ammo in the game, maybe even the least efficient but i can't be sure of that off the top of my head. the Thread has multiple ideas offered, including my own which is the least efficient of all of them. you could have participated in a brainst
  2. oh no, it's everyone else around you that's following what's going on. because your definition of 'viable' is apparently "does more than 0 Damage" which is not a useful definition in any capacity and is just derailing the Thread.
  3. oh, yes. i inverted too many times and confused myself. :)
  4. the bullet point rules that govern everything, are that Elements can be used exactly once on a Weapon. never more than once. (though this does not include certain Abilities which force add Elements that do not combine, there are very few cases of this however) if a Weapon has an innate Element, it is added after all other Mods. so a singular Element combines with your last Equipped Elemental. oh yes, and Rivens combine in Descending Ascending order, rather than the Ascending Descending that you would expect. and ofcourse top left to bottom right combining order.
  5. uh.... it's a Primary Weapon, try relogging if it doiesn't seem to be on the list.
  6. i guess you could, though either way you'll have a strange situation that you have an Augment that requires using another Ability to do what the Augment says. a small win in a way if it's done, but i'll live if nothing changes. in theory yes, but in practice there isn't a better place to put it so i think that's just a stuck situation. no way to fix that. Molecular Fission is right where it should be though, since you have to use Prime to get the effect, having the Augment be tied to the Ability you have to use to get the Effect makes sense. that Hildryn is apparently no
  7. one of those Cosmetics that exists to give Players a reason to keep playing after most of the generally much easier to acquire Gameplay affecting stuff is already had, after all.
  8. it's not like Inaros doesn't have fairly good EHP too, but there are other options that are somewhat competitive thesedays, and if AFK / no Abilities isn't a requirement, then several Ability sets that make Inaros look like a joke. that's all i was saying. though a few things lost some ground when Arcanes got nerfed. rip in pepperoni Aegis. Hysteria may have a horrible Stance that severely limits it, but if you follow the numbers then you beyblade everything and when you're doing Slide Attacks it's like spamming Heavies with other Melee Weapons, but stronger, and with
  9. the lack of Enemies to Charge the Weapon isn't technically a barrier, but realistically, it is one. oh, the normal Projectiles. that's a very contrived definition of viable though, by your measure an unmodded Braton is 'viable' for Eidolon Hunting. since it deals more than 0 Damage and therefore is 'viable'. viability does necessitate a certain floor of effectiveness, and that floor is probably not several Magazines worth or otherwise around 30 seconds of shooting, in order to break a Limb. Battacors' Primary Fire would be able to hit such a floor with a good Riven and a Dam
  10. yes, there's technically nothing preventing, though realistically that is preventing. uhh.... bubbles? i'm confused. what bubbles?
  11. you can Spawn Demolysts/Demolishers in Simulation, yes. their weirdness is that they resist Damage based on the Arsenal Stats of your Weapon. it's some strange dynamic thing. and ones with Shields have special weirdness on top of that. we don't have one Article for all Demoysts/Demolishers because some of them a different from the rest, in the usual mostly pointlessly complicated nature of Warframe. but between these two sections, you should be able to see everything. all non Corpus Disruption Targets: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Demolisher Corpus Disruption Targets: https://
  12. Godstad Officers or Earth Landscape Assassinate Targets would be some of the strongest contenders. some Disruption Targets would also qualify quite well, though they're kinda cheating compared to normal Enemies so it's a mixed bag whether you'd want to test against them.
  13. i don't see any problem with the way it works currently except the singular situation of fighting a major Boss with no other Enemies around. in light of that, i'd accept Battacor being able to fire at Charge level 1 without Kills, for a cost of 1/3 of the Magazine. quite inefficient/expensive, and significantly weaker than Charging with Kills, but you could do it. well, other than there being no Enemies to Charge the Weapon with. :)
  14. because of the hyper Political Correctness of most of the world.
  15. okay. because it depends on Pickups on the ground. each of the Pickups explode for a different Damage Type, and since it's based on the Pickups that means that the Damage is localized and can vary quite a lot.
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