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  1. - are you referring to the very large Derelict course that has a fan creating a wind gust in it, and lots of wall panels stuck to Infestation 'vines'? because that one has a 60 second Timer, and tbh it takes maybe 15 seconds to get to the end normally. the amount of extra time is immense. - uh, there is a Pressure Plate to open the Glass panel so you can access the rooms. it's to your right from the picture displayed.
  2. the more darker, mysterious, complex tone of the older days of Warframe != 'edgey'.
  3. it's moving forwards rather than sitting on your hands which is a start, and we'll see if it's as complete as it needs to be. an exterior source is only a small improvement, though. it's something, but the information should also be presented in the actual game too. a sort of "if you're going to take a step you might as well complete the race" type of thing. it's also important to note that 3rd party Datamining has been a crucial component for the Community in the past on a few occasions, to be able to call out the game on legitimately bad numbers, that otherwise the Community would get brushed off about because they wouldn't be able to prove things they know. i.e. there have been some numbers that were extremely unfair to Players as a whole, as well as numbers that have been unintentionally bad. without a 3rd party source for data, how are those situations going to be prevented, or resolved if they do occur, in the future? The game has had some issues with Lying by Omission of some sorts of important information for Players to know what they're doing in the game for a long time - things that are important to just play the game. it's stuff that Players should be informed on, and part of why so many people have that feeling that it's astounding this game retains any Players at all, when the New Player Experience is still a 'read the wiki for a couple days' matter to understand the important facets that are needed to play the game. Edit: thanks for removing some facts and even some opinions from my post, that's a 'good' way to handle the situation. very 'professional'. i didn't know this was the League of Legends Forum - i thought Warframe was more mature than that.
  4. without Meme Strike, then it's going to be basically the same as any other Melee Weapon. Blood Rush&Organ Shatter, Drifting Contact, Base Damage ofc, Reach is generally nice on Whips, two Status Elementals, and then Condition Overload. you can get Blood Rush from Orokin Moon Spy, so while it's an Acolyte Mod, you can get it anyways, at any time. Weeping Wounds would be nice to have (aside from the stipulation of no unavailable Mods), however fitting both it and Condition Overload is tricky.
  5. both Bladed Rounds and Argon Scope is basically impossible to find a situation to justify it in - replacing Argon Scope with another Elemental will almost always be better unless you're making a Slash Status Loadout. (though at super high Levels where you can't Kill anything, Argon Scope does make a preference over Bladed Rounds, i guess) Punch-Through is also incredibly nice to have on Precision Weapons, to Kill large groups of Enemies exponentially more quickly.
  6. hmm.... even making it slower, isn't even possible. both Vile Precision and Critical Delay would only be ~4300ms. you'd have to have a Riven to just barely scrape past 7000ms. besides, only doubling Crit Stats isn't going to make up for how unusably slow. :p maybe x10 Crit Stats - i don't think there's really a way to make this actually practical or possible.
  7. hmm, but how would you... get +600% Fire Rate in the first place? even Vile Acceleration, Speed Trigger, Shred, and a Riven with Fire Rate that has a negative - wouldn't be enough.
  8. Inaros 'got the Armor' ??? w/ Steel Fiber and Scarab Swarm fully charged, Inaros has 640 Armor. Atlas has 990 Armor w/ Steel Fiber. Atlas literally has the second highest Armor rating in the game. Inaros is #5 even with Scarab Swarm charged. Atlas isn't lacking on Armor.
  9. the Sortie Statue is uh... there for good reason. it's worth up to 3450 Fusion Energy, or as a decoration. it is also tradable and therefore functions like a Fusion Energy bank. 3450 Fusion energy is much higher than any of the other Statues can give you, so. if anything, the 4000 Fusion Energy reward is the one that's pointless. why would you want 50,000/150,000 Cr as a reward? Sorties already give you 100,000Cr for completing them. (or 120,000 if you do your daily first win on them(getting the bonus on the third Sortie Mission to get 150,000Cr from Sorties requires planning ahead but yes you who is going to say you should do that is right that it's better) - though that would be better suited on Raids if you do them)
  10. because you're required to Kill an Enemy only once every 15 Minutes, and only then a one Minute timer being triggered if you don't - idunno it's hard to find much to complain about. 15 minutes is a hell of a long time. idunno about previous functionality being what's expected - the Timer being disabled was also during a time when Exterminate functioned differently. since you have... lots of Enemies now, i would not be surprised at all if that aspect was removed because of Enemies continuing to exist.
  11. i imagine Atlas would often be not included because by large Players are fine with Warframes having even just one Ability as long as it lets them cruise control the game. so ala they can get by with Atlas simply by 'i cast fist' the entire Mission. therefore, good Warframe! heh. anyways, while i think Atlas needs more attention than just this(i'll probably go into more detail some other time), those two suggested features sound good to me.
  12. Pulling Enemies into a certain spot where you're aiming could be a good Augment i suppose. and uh... though tbh wish it was something more practical in the long run - not very practical vs even medium Level Enemies, where you'd start wishing for more Energy. >.>
  13. if a Mod does something that's useful enough for you to wish to have it, that sounds just about like the perfect Mod.
  14. aye, Acrid is fairly competent at Status Output. since it's an Elemental Weapon, you don't need 'all Status' - some is plenty sufficient for most Damage Types. your 'Meta' Acrid Riven would be Multi-Shot, Status Chance, Crit Chance. Status Chance lets you have more Damage if you'd otherwise be using Status Elementals, and having more Damage in general. i could see not having this in favor of something else, though. Crit Chance lets you drastically multiply your DoT power.
  15. if something happens, i would imagine it's because Vex Armor and Ice Ward are the entire Warframe. the rest of it is hyperniche at best, but more of it is just objectively pointless rather than useful. 'course as always a lot of that can be compensated for by allowing Chroma to change Elementals in Mission.... the Color theme is about adapting to situations anyways, and that would let Chroma actually adapt to situations. that tidies up most of the problems in one fell swoop! mega bonus pts if you can have a different Elemental on each of the 3 Abilities that are Elemental tuned. then all that's left is that regardless of Elemental Spectral Scream lacks purpose (especially with the penalty attributed), and Effigy is basically just a big Decoy, it applies some CC (since you're always using Ice anyways) but it's mostly just a distraction.