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  1. IMO it is against the Lore - purpose made Weapons to counteract the greatest Enemy, working when nothing else does if other parts of Focus weren't applying, to me that should've been fixed (made to work/apply).
  2. hilarious that what Focus brings being explicitly excluded - that's borderline retconning the Lore behind Tenno. but i digress. no kidding, makes sense to the Lore of Tenno.
  3. it's not exactly a precedent, many of the Enemy Types do still have Weakpoints. just more than usual do not.
  4. i like what Hollow Veins are presenting, and they're quite different Enemies. a cool Enemy. however i can appreciate that all of their traits together can make for a disruptful Enemy. the Weakpoints on the backside of its Head are cool, though actually hitting those is complicated. the Magnetic puke Aura being able to continue on forever seems like it hurts both the Player and the Enemy. the Enemy is locked in place while it's doing it, and the Player is hit with infinite Magnetic Status. being immune to Status during the Magnetic puke Aura, for some reason. in the meantime, they don't purge existing Status Effects when they do their Magnetic thing, so there's that. if you debuff them first and then they do that attack, it has opened itself up to you, in a way. those Weakpoints on its Head could be more obvious to those that don't already know they exist. they glow a little bit, but not as much as Video Games usually do for the 'if it glows, it's important' trope.
  5. now that makes sense (or rather, seems plausible, versus your Account Name 🙂). you're on new enough Hardware that Exclusive Fullscreen is obsolete, so there's no need to punish yourself with the unreliability that is Exclusive Fullscreen. Exclusive Fullscreen should be avoided and best left to those that don't have new enough Hardware or OS build to use the modern features that make Borderless superior. Exclusive Fullscreen is prone to issues. Borderless has no compromises for you on your Hardware. (it's actually a little bit better) when you're using Exclusive Fullscreen, Windows has reduced control over how your Computer behaves. and that's why it's prone to issues.
  6. People asking them to do something about Holstering for Years, we'd expect. either way we got it and so either way Holster Speed is no longer a thing. it's fine, it can provide something else that's useful that's related to Holstering. much like how Vigorous Swap was very slightly adjusted. but i'll maintain that since it's in the Aura Slot, the effect should be more interesting than just a bit of bonus Stat, when possible. as you mention, Combat Discipline is a pretty cool Aura. no matter what your Loadout is, it offers something different and potentially useful. but not always useful, as things generally should be. Brief Respite is also cool, and was still cool before Shield Gating was introduced. Growing Power is decent if a bit easy to activate (though it's a fast paced game, i'm not asking for Auras that we have trouble actually using). Health/Energy Regen is a bit out of the ordinary still so i think they qualify for now. Scavengers are a huge buff and a unique thing, so they have their place. especially since Mutation still works how it is rather than being 'fixed' so that you can actually switch away from a Weapon and still pick up Ammo for it. Aerodynamic is quite appropriate. Mecha Empowered is kind've not even really an Aura, but it's fine i guess. Enemy/Loot Radar fits well. Melee Guidance, Power Donation, and such are an oddity but having Auras that impair yourself to benefit your Allies is an interesting opportunity. that Power Donation can even sometimes be a buff for Nova is perfectly fine by me - that's an interesting result. Swift Momentum fits well. the ones that are "just some Stats" can look to those to be more interesting. a bit conditional, and offering something that you normally either don't have at all or don't have much of, so that what it does is always capable of being useful.
  7. many of them could certainly work a little different to ensure they always provide some markable difference. and Auras are a "special" Slot anyways, so i think it's fine for Auras to work in out of the ordinary/less seen ways in order to always keep them appealing. IMO atleast Auras should be one of the most interesting Mod Slots, rather than the opposite. RE: this does not mean big Stats, this means providing something that can maintain its use largely irregardless of your other Stats. i mean, i was indifferent to it happening, but i'm not going to say that instant Holster isn't pretty nice and opens up more playstyle choices, even if it also did generally provide a significant increase to our Stats. and anyways, here's a thought. Holster Amp could give like... 25, 30% Multishot? in what way does that make Dead Eye useless. that instantly makes it a much stronger buff than any +Damage thing could ever hope to offer you, against almost all Enemies in the game. that's just literally better. and more unique too, anyways.
  8. "my name is Commander Shepard and i approve of this Message."
  9. both Supra Vandal and Prisma Grakata are competent if you want to invest into them for personal taste. i'd lean towards Supra myself between the two, due to its much lower reliance on Crit Stats (and so dealing better against Objects) and a bit more Status Chance. plus the enormous Magazine letting you easily use Holster Reload to never need to Reload your Gun, and so have as close to 100% uptime as possible. in either case you'd want a Riven to make them feel good in lategame Content, to help shore up some of their weaknesses. and adding PunchThrough is a given. i should make it clear though, that these Weapons will require higher investment than some others. so be quite sure you want to invest into them first, if you're not pretty lategame as a Player where the various resources in general are for the most part trivial for you, it may harm your enjoyment in the near future to pick these over some other Weapons that are easier to 'get into'.
  10. taiiat

    Shark gun

    yes, a Gun that shoots Sharks. gib shonk, gib blahaj
  11. yeah honestly i don't see how it would be possible for Crouch and Roll to be on the same Key. you'd have to do some sort of double tap thing for that i guess? to me that sounds horrific, but options are there to be optional so i guess that could work. (fwiw, i have Roll on one of the Thumb Buttons on my Mouse, i tend to put movement actions like that there, it's a good place for it i think)
  12. it's intentional. there's surfaces that are Flagged for PT being disabled on them. more than you might think even, when you have a very high amount of it and so would try to pierce things that normally you wouldn't bother trying. plus there's special types like what some Weapons get, that has infinite on Corpses but none on Terrain. but Mods and Qorvex Passive wouldn't be that type (well, Mods definitely isn't, Qorvex probably isn't).
  13. uh, everyones' name on the Forum is their Account Name(the names all match, they aren't separate), so if i had it'd be from my Usename, so. (no, i haven't PM'ed you anything) the subject is via the Trade Menu in Warframe, not at all in any way, though.
  14. while a Rubico Blueprint does have some Trade value, it's not a big ticket item or anything - they were just being nice since they didn't care about the Plat (obviously). not possible via a live service where everything you're sending and receiving is processed through a Remote server. you'd have to hostile takeover the Remote Server - you'd need to take control of the game.
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