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  1. i got a nice Plasma Sword Riven with -Attack Speed.
  2. considering that Ash has Teleport and Fatal Teleport, Ash may very well be easier to use in a lethal Stealth situation, yes. while Loki more for avoiding Damage and applying CC. i would rate Prowl as a functional replacement for Smokescreen or Invisibility if one is using the Infiltrate Augment. since you can go pretty fast with it. without Infiltrate, your quick movement methods would be to mix Double Jumps, Rolling, Wall Jumps, and Aimgliding though, to be perfectly clear. the only things that are restricted is Sprinting and Bullet Jumping. definitely don't just spam Roll! that's a very slow way of moving. use all of the Parkour tools that aren't restricted! outside of that, Dashwire is a useful Movement tool, depending on the shape of the Terrain. Smokescreen is literally the same thing as Invisibility, just with a shorter Duration, and Stuns Enemies within a tiny area around you. the uh, Invisibility part of each, is literally the same. so do tell, how one is an 'escape tool' or 'bypass tool', when the Abilities are almost identical. sounds like user error, as usual. i don't use Flow on Ivara, and i only use close to rather than max on the Efficiency curve and yet.... i can play a Survival and use Prowl & Artemis Bow w/ Concentrated Arrow the entire time and not run out of Energy. well, both of them may get turned on and off here and there when i want to move faster (since i don't use Infiltrate and i feel neked without including Melee into Parkour). but that's more expensive than otherwise anyways since i then have to pay the Activation Costs again and again and again.
  3. when entering the Earth Landscape (or when using the Shrine to summon the larger Eidolons), will be a large glowing Effect coming out of the ground where the Eidolon has Spawned. you can use this to get an idea of where it is. you can also often hear it for an audio cue as to about where it is. if you join a Squad in progress you may not be able to see this Effect. i would then suggest asking your Squad where it is, since they probably saw it and noted its position.
  4. Warframe doesn't offer any Ray Trace meme features, so the difference you're looking for is in performance, not whether it is series 2000 or series 1000. and that's a more complicated question to answer as date of release doesn't determine performance, performance does. here's some quick references to get an idea of the landscape, though. 1080Ti is roughly equal to a 2080 2070 is somewhere between a 1070 and a 1070Ti 1070 is equal or marginally faster than a 2060 1660Ti is somewhere between a 1060 6GB and a 1070 (note that 1060 6GB and 1060 3GB have different processing cores, 3GB also has lower performance, not just reduced Memory Capacity) Vega 56 is roughly equal to a 1070 (or maybe a bit slower than a 1070) Radeon VII is roughly equal to a 2080 however, note that GTX/RTX 1600/2000 GPU's do preserve more performance at very high Resolutions than previous generation GPU's. what that means is that if you were to match GTX1000 and GTX2000 together in raw performance, the Turing card (RTX, newer one, whatever marketing nonsense you want to call it) would retain better performance at those extreme Resolutions. by high Resolution i basically meant that they retain more performance to Display 2160p or higher Resolutions than older GPU's would. (though the number of games that people would want to play at those Resolutions is perhaps limited anyways since it's difficult enough to do 2160p 60FPS in most games with any GPU, let alone trying to get higher Framerates than that. and if you might have to drop down some of the Graphics Settings to play at that Resolution, are you actually gaining anything anyways? shrug)
  5. uhh, tbh probably some Crit Stats to push them back up so you can pair it with Blood Rush to get the most Damage. if you want to be only Status, then you can make do with general purpose Stats like Range, Damage, Attack Speed, Et Cetera. or Elementals if you're into that sort of thing.
  6. nowadays, you can thank Nightwave for that. if there aren't any "get Kills" "Kill with Damage Type" or Onslaught related Nightwave Tasks, you'll probably be ok. if there are though, then yeah you basically can't play that Gamemode in Public for 3 days or the entire week.
  7. Onslaught is popular for Leveling, yes. so, some Onslaught Squads won't be that great. if you want to play it, roll with it and continue with less Players or restart. if you do want full length play more consistently, i'm sure you could find Squads for that in Recruit Chat. you might even find Players nice enough to DPS trade for faster XP/Focus. that's a bit of a blanket statement. Public is always a mixed bag of the worst, best, and in between that you could possibly get for everything.
  8. it's not from not seeing it myself, but from it being physically impossible outside of the one scenario that i created where Power Throw is Equipped and it rapidly bounces in a very small room so that it detonates closeby the Player without intention. if it is that one scenario, i'm dubious of how often you're actually experiencing it but it could happen, yes.
  9. many of the Bows already have 2+ innate PT anyways, so you may not find any benefit out of more. there's also that Bows all had their Charge Times reduced, and with that in mind, you may not find yourself needing one at all? granted the default now is still slower than what it was with the normal Speed Mod that anyone would actually use on a Bow, so if you're really used to that 357ms Charge Time you might find the default now a bit slow. which if that's the case, any Speed Mod will be faster than what Vile Acceleration on a 1000ms Charge Time(so 357) was previously. and in that case, i'd look to Speed Mods that also provide some utility. i've ended up using Vigilante Fervor on non Lenz/Daikyu Bows myself, in context of this. even though 5% for double Crit isn't much, it's more useful than a bit more Speed that i won't really get any benefit out of from anyways. which then, perhaps you would lean more towards Shred because of the difference in Speed not mattering that much, if you think you can take advantage of the extra PT.
  10. it's easier to control when you have a few Categories setup, whether you set Pickup Scales for individual Weapons or not(which would be nice, sure). like as aforementioned, if there were no Categories to speak of, and just Slot1 and Slot 2, Ammo simply wouldn't exist for quite a few Guns, and if Ammo doesn't matter for almost any Weapons even despite shooting constantly, then Ammo is no longer doing its job of forcing Players to go get more of it. it also lets there be supporting mechanics that can be offered, like Mutation Mods and Scavenger Auras. which are more useful than the Playerbase would ever suggest, but because they don't say Damage on the Mod Card are regarded as impossible of being useful. meanwhile Player #258927356235 just complained about Ammo. maybe if they considered Equipping a Scavenger Aura, they'd see that 2.5x the Ammo, is a lot of Ammo. and thesedays their Aura Slot is much easier to trade something for than a Mod Slot on their Weapon, so it's something that could be easily considered for over the relatively minor things that their Aura can provide for them anyways.
  11. what. that's literally impossible. the Glaive will either pierce the Enemy if you have PT and travel further than an Enemy that's at point blank Range, or it will bounce off of them and go somewhere else, because the travel distance is much longer than just a few inches. my Glaive is one of my most used Weapons in the game. not most used Melee, most used Weapon. the only times i can even Damage myself with it at all, is when i DELIBERATELY detonate it immediately after i throw it, to Damage myself for fun. when i'm attacking Enemies with it, there is only one possible situation that i could accidentally hit myself with it. and that is if Quick Return is not Equipped and/or Rebound is Equipped, you're in a small room and it bounces around quickly but never actually gains any distance from you, and then the automatic Explosion hits you if you have Power Throw Equipped. that's literally the only way you can actually Damage yourself with it by accident. you described situation is impossible. if you had Quick Return Equipped, so that it wouldn't bounce (so it could not go past that first Enemy), and didn't have Power Throw Equipped which would have pierced the Enemy, then the Explosion is ONLY MANUAL DETONATION. which means it's impossible to accidentally hit yourself because you had to instruct your Glaive to detonate at that position.
  12. because you're talking about adding a couple thousand Health, which isn't much at higher Levels. so you just Cast it again for a guaranteed 8 seconds of lifetime. (well technically Enemies could suddenly start attacking faster after the first 4 but ¯\(ツ)/¯ ) even adding 100% Power Strength on top of whatever it may already be at(pmuch always some increase, some Strength Mods already used), and doubling Armor, is talking about basically adding 1.4-1.5x the base Health of Snowglobe, for 3 or 4 Mod Slots. i wouldn't just go without Strength, but the value i hold to high Strength is pretty limited since when Enemies have scaled they'll break it quickly with or without it (just like how general Damage Abilties are less and less important to actually deal Damage with as the Enemy Levels go up - if it won't make a difference anyways, why have it over something else that "scales infinitely"). Strength is great at lower-ish Levels though, since Enemies haven't scaled that much so the base Health of Snowglobe is still significant.
  13. using Shattering Impact to remove Armor and then making use of Corrosive Damage is a good place to start. if you want more than that, then look for Weapons with good Crit Stats. and then Weapons with a good balance of Base Damage and Rate of Fire. if you want more than that, add Warframe Abilities that will increase the Damage that you deal. only ones that increase your overall Damage, and are applied to Players rather than to Enemies. if your Weapons have a lot of free Mod Slots, chasing the Corrosive Damage with Blast Damage could provide useful Damage (especially as a Secondary Weapon but that will require Primed Heated Charge, which was already mentioned) depending on how Weapon __ scales with Mods.
  14. Ability Efficiency, if you don't already have high Efficiency. some Strength pretty much covers what you might want out of Snowglobe for lower Level Missions, and if you want more than that, realistically you just recast each Snowglobe periodically to stack the Health. but stacking lots of Strength on Frost is not actually all that useful, for Snowglobe.
  15. so long as losing the Damage Buff Loadout of Fireball Frenzy, Fire Blast, and Flash Accelerant still works, then i guess this could also work. losing that would be losing far more than i would be able to expect to gain in new features for Ember. and those features probably wouldn't have Supporting capability since we don't get that kind of stuff anymore. i don't have much of an opinion on the new created themes for these. you could make the existing Abilities achieve certain sub goals by adjusting some numbers around, though.
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