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  1. this is the only part of his snippet that i was looking at. all the rest of that i don't care about, since it isn't saying anything that could be important. however, since you request, i will look at my own last Log for hits on that Error. okay, i have some hits for this Error. so we go back to my recommendation of reading the Launcher Log for it there is an issue during the Verifying.
  2. yeah, that is. very uncharacteristic that you manage to have data that's broken in such a way.... perhaps try reading the Launcher Log instead to see if the Verification is failing for some reason.
  3. if you know that some of your local data is probably broken, you can tell the Launcher to verify the game files. the check that happens when you just run the Launcher is doing a very quick check so that the game data is probably right - because a full check that, well, fully checks the data takes significant amounts of time, and people don't want to wait like 10 or 15 Minutes to be able to launch their game every time they run the Launcher.
  4. shoot the Enemies instead of yourself. it's something you can practice and then after a while you'll be able to mostly bypass that with a Mod.
  5. yeah, i wasn't going to ask you to do any manual Overclocking(though from my own experience i can say that would be a resolution). there's also very little of it that you can even do on this setup anyways, in order to do Memory you'd have to have a Z Series Chipset. while your CPU isn't an unlocked model so the only Overclocking you can do is as aforementioned, disabling Power Limits so it does it by itself. so just make sure XMP is on anyways. hold up. i was only asking you to keep an eye on per Core Clockspeed. as unfortunately, CPU Graphs in Video Games are totally useless. the only way for you to tell if you're CPUbound in a game is if your performance is uncapped (or below your cap), and your GPU isn't maxed out. this is because, CPU instructions do not infinitely scale, so Graphing them is not very accurate. while GPU instructions do, so if a GPU says it is maxed out, it actually is. oh, yes. the 'Enhanced' Graphics feature, as well as Dx12, can both currently bring some negative effects on performance (and stability). they're still WIP features at this point. they usually work well enough, but may not always. there's very little that you can do, Video Settings are almost exclusively GPU, in every game. the main things in Warframe would be..... Geometry Detail, and Field of View. yeah, it's not much. some other Video Settings can have an indirect effect on the CPU but they're almost entirely GPU.
  6. you really need to read per Core to know what's going on, Task Manager just reports one number for all Cores so you don't know what most of them are running at. Clockspeed has no impact on the longevity of a Microprocessor, don't worry about that. it's not about Capacity, it's about running your Memory at the speed it said on the box rather than the base speed. on most Motherboards there will be a toggle option for XMP on the first thing you see when you enter the BIOS, to make it easy for newbies. and more indeed, since numerous of those Stats are Ryzen specific, hehe.
  7. so the GPU in the scenarios that you're noticing problems, is only modest usage? that means CPUbound of some sort. you can double check by watching the per Core Frequency in these cases, but i'm going to wager that because of a multiple Thread load, the CPU is running at about Base Clock on all Cores. which is decent but not spectacular. or, it could be running below, if it's throttling or something. while you can't do real Overclocking there, one thing you could try if you have an off the shelf Motherboard, is disable the Power Limit so that the Chip will try harder to maintain higher Clockspeed. this will between double and triple the Cooling necessary since this is an inefficient automatic process, rather than a manual one. another thing you could try, is checking to be sure you've turned XMP on for your RAM Kit. i expect it's a very modest Kit anyways, but if XMP was off it would be quite slow.
  8. i guess, but you can already potato up the game pretty well. some of the Video features you can disable make the game look truly awful but you get the performance boost for a megapotato as a result anyways. making an easily selectable preset for that though, yeah, that's probably a good idea - i guess. though games autodetecting the appropriate settings for your Hardware is a pretty standard practice as it is.
  9. hardly, the CPU suggestion hasn't changed in basically ever (despite i disagree that the suggested minspec CPU is realistically playable), and the cutoff for GPU's that Digital Extremes made means basically any GPU from 2010+ is compatible. they hardly cut anything, really. basically just cut from the original 2008+ to 2010+.
  10. i don't - based on descriptions of what the defaults are that i've heard - it sounds awful, and it doesn't even need to be that cumbersome. either way, i expect the user to be competent enough to use the features available to them to customize how the game handles for them.
  11. i don't think a game should build everything around the default Keybinds. you can change them for a reason. if the default is bad (i'd argue in most games the defaults are bad to some degree), that's something to be fixed over there, not to stifle what the game can do. it's also really the only thing unique about it and the only reason to actually use it currently. the other would be the only somewhat functional ability to indefinitely grind on an Enemy. but using it as an actual Melee Weapon? not worth it, and nothing unique about that.
  12. i think there's two main things people want: to be able to hold it in front of them indefinitely and grind away at whatever is unfortunate enough to be close enough, much like Panthera to be able to drive it like a Vehicle, indefinitely, cuz why not i have an additional suggestion for driving it - if driving through Enemies would drag them with you underneath the Saw and constantly grind them as you drive around, that would be excellent. yeah, make it work kinda like Tidal Surge and pull Enemies with you, but also have it pull them towards the center so that they can get hit by the spinning blade. i think there's a way to have both of these... say, if Holding Melee to do a 'Charge Attack' would go into driving mode as long as you hold down that Charge. and if Holding Melee to so a Charge while holding Block/Aim, would instead hold it out in front of you and grind in front of you.
  13. i wouldn't say it's weaker perse, since it does have a lot more forced Status than the oth..... wait a second. are you kidding me welp, that Stance is basically useless now. correction: you like them more. not that Zaws are weak.
  14. that should Host Migrate you to your own instance. if it doesn't, personally i consider that a Bug.
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