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  1. it doesn't matter, every Mission has an equal Chance. and the more Missions you play in that Tileset, the higher your encounter rate will be, up to 100%.
  2. to make this work, as a general rule across Weapons, i strongly recommend having 3 Elemental Mods. having just one or the other is going to have serious cons, just different ones. Viral/Fire, Corro/Ice, Et Cetera. Viral/Elec is viable on certain Weapons Types, contrary to popular thinking. Anti-Faction Mods are pretty important if you will be using any DoT's as a source of Damge rather than Status Effect. some Weapons will be able to get away with say, Viral/Slash or take advantage of Hunter Memes, Et Cetera. but if you're using something that's not very Hybrid and mostly just Crit,
  3. Attack Speed already has a cap anyways, of something like 3, 4x of where you start. you can tell pretty clearly when you have a large bonus and then add another one, you don't actually get any faster. this limit was put into place many Years ago when myself and i'm sure other Players found that if you increased your Attack Speed too high, the attack would actually end before it started, and thus your Melee Weapon was literally unable to attack.
  4. i'm referring to Punch-Through. group up a bunch of Enemies, and use PT to hit all of them each individual Enemy makes its own 4 Chains. so you can hit the same group of Enemies half a dozen, maybe up to a dozen times a piece. rip your Framerate, but, the performance is there.
  5. Relentless Combination and Crit Slash spam :) but i wouldn't be against being able to do it in a less contrived way. as long as both direct hits and swoosh spam are kept distinct enough from each other that you'd still care to use both. meaning, direct hits adding like idk 2 to the Counter while swoosh one. so that you'd get 3 if you got in close and that would be worth getting in close for when you can instead of just going AFK turret.
  6. it would be hard for someone to overrate Kuva Nukor, when it generally outperforms every other Gun in the game, by virtue of it having all of the cool stuff at once. high Crits, extreme Status, a ton of automatic AoE, and the ability to multi-hit. doesn't compete with the theoretical Melee numbers, but plenty to wipe rooms of dudes when things have little EHP. and if things get really serious, the multi-hits will be very competitive with Melee, as long as your Framerate doesn't tank too much from it.
  7. Eidolon Hunting will always have a small amount of popularity just like Conclave - it's a part of the game that is more than W+M1 levels of difficulty. that's all there is to it. if the game doesn't basically play itself, the majority of the Community will always hate it. is that depressing and shameful of them? i'd say so. but it's true nonetheless. sure, having Steel Essence in more appropriate amounts as well as more of the normal Rewards, is something that should happen for Eidolon Hunting. bare minimum is 1/2/3, so that it isn't just straight worse to play the full set versus just
  8. the "Eidolon Community" already does Eidolon Hunting because they enjoy it, irregardless of the Rewards. if anything, if you don't want to do Eidolon Hunting without special extra Rewards, are you sure you actually fit this categorical description? anyways, having Steel Essence for the harder Eidolons go up would make sense to me. and then, more of the other stuff, too. more Eidolon Shards, more Sentient Cores, Et Cetera. similarly, the Eidolons could have more Arcane/Mod Drops.
  9. hey, i have no complaints about Lift Status, it counts as a Status Effect for Condition Overload :D by all means! i have to suggest that Players are kinda just bad, or something? because frankly for me, the difference between Steel Path and not on most non Boss Enemies, is.... almost imperceptible. instead of the Enemy dying to a single hit, they maybe die with a few but either way dies in like a few hundred Milliseconds or 1 second tops, and that's still basically instant. Melee can certainly perform with less effort than Guns, but it's not like Guns don't Kill stuff just fin
  10. sure, Impact isn't quite worthwhile and Puncture is still not really something you'd intentionally want to get. i don't see a problem with non DoT's having a stack limit, personally. if they were infinite then they couldn't have interesting effects, because they would have to be balanced around stacking a hundred times or more. they simply need useful things to stack 10 times. if it's useful, then it's helping. some Damage Types just don't have useful things to stack. so like: only 1 stack of Radiation is really useful, after that we don't care anymore. why Gas is limi
  11. sure, but that's of no consequence seeing as the available options on the Microsoft Store are Warframe+Weapons in one package, and Accessories in another. totaling up to the same price as Warframe+Weapons and Accessories on PC. in his own Images Console was literally cheaper in his Region, so i... don't understand the problem. it sounds like he's getting a deal if anyways.
  12. i think you mean..... PC first, Xbox second? since the later Images there are the Microsoft Store. anyways....... it's literally cheaper on Console than PC, in your own Images. buying just the Warframe and Weapons is like $2 more expensive for whatever reason, but $36 cheaper if you also buy Prime Accessories. *confused*
  13. i don't know why you expect to get results out of harassing people while they're Streaming.
  14. was already editing! like always happens, you notice as soon as you hit Post, and not a moment before. :D
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