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  1. Paper chroma? I think not

    infact instead in an efficient Squad, Volt is the cornerstone of the team! to be fair, the job of a Harrow is so ridiculously easy. aside from helping to break Shields and maybe shooting a bit, the job of the Harrow is literally to just cast Covenant when he hears the loud ping and the Eidolon falls down. other people being confused at not being able to press one button isn't too crazy. everyone can get Lures, Trinity should just generally take over their ownership. Chroma doesn't have to oneshot each phase, but you should be able to move the phase on within a couple seconds in most cases. if you've got 4 Players then building up your Hit Counter before it's time to shoot is very much doable, a few seconds here and there while helping bring the Shields down goes a long way.
  2. -263% Damage Riven.

    Damage is capped at 0, so you'll simply deal 0 Damage until any Damage Bonus you add is sufficient to bring your net total above -100% to atleast -99%. it's the same thing as Hornet Strike, just backwards.
  3. Faster weapon switching

    you can already absolutely mix your Weapons together - though making Weapon Swap Mods have a stronger effect would not be crazy.
  4. on a side note i'll mention for those using wild in between Sensitivity settings - Sensors used in Mice all have a natural step for the Sensor (each step is in the size of the base/lowest value the Sensor functions in - usually), setting Sensitivities to numbers in between these steps sacrifices sensor data accuracy situationally. so in general it's recommended to stick to the step values. (also everyone here probably already keeps an eye on it but check your Mouse settings in Windows to make sure Acceleration("Enhance Pointer Precision") is off, and that you didn't forget to apply the tried and true adjustment - just covering some of the basic bases while we're here) it's for dynamically scaling Resolution down for potatoes with bad GPU's. it's great for those that need it really, lets iGPU's average 60FPS in Warframe without having to set the game to like 480P :D
  5. the timing cycles of Grineer Fortress, Eidolon and Earth are deliberately skewed so that they don't sync up with the clock equally. to ensure that it's not the same every day, and to ensure that even if a Player can only play during a very specific time window, they can always have access to these parts of the game fully, sometimes.
  6. is there a way to make them work? such as updating a few times a day and remaining static until the next timeframe comes? or is the requests for the numbers from Clients what's being talked about?
  7. while for non Crit Melee Weapons Meme Strike basically doubles your Damage - that doesn't usurp the Stance Animations for most Melee Weapons. performing your Melee Attacks generally performs better because those also can easily double or more your Damage. some parts of Animation Strings are even upwards of 10x Damage between both Damage Bonuses and quick hits back to back! this also means it isn't necessary to adjust Meme Strike at all - you still could but unless a Melee Category just has ineffective Stance Animations in the first place (ala are bad Melee Weapons), Meme Strike isn't just directly superior. but more importantly, hey, you can do basic math! so you are therefore able to identify the source of the problem is that Blood Rush multiplies Meme Strike. but one must also remember that Blood Rush multiplies literally all Crit related things. anything in the game that gives you Crit Chance, Blood Rush multiplies it. each of those situations is the same as Meme Strike - an outlier that is different than every single other Mod in the game. nothing else works that way. so all of that is no good. Players that can't use their Input devices well doesn't change the numbers. performing a Slide Attack isn't difficult regardless of your Input device (well i guess if you were using a steering wheel it would be kinda hard). Warframe isn't one of the basically all other Console Games that takes a steaming dump on the user because the Developer doesn't care enough about the end user and assumes the user is also incapable of being remotely intelligent - you have full Keybinding capability. you can adjust your Binds to be comfortable for you. so then, what about Players that don't use a Macro, and are doing the exact same thing but pressing the buttons themselves? how the Player achieves the end result doesn't really matter if it isn't outside of normal human capability in the first place. and this isn't, whatsoever. this isn't like the AN-94 in BF3, using the contested subject in the described manner is easily done by anybody.
  8. remove Nyx ability 4 orb effect

    howsabout.... like Hall of Mirrors, the area around where you're aiming turns Transparent so it doesn't obstruct?
  9. hmm, perhaps. though please make it a Hold Cast that gives some sort of 'will hit here' indicator so you can accurately aim at the right Shadow and not accidentally punch the wrong one or hit more than one when you didn't mean to.
  10. How Vac Works And Why It Wont On Pets

    astute observant Players noticed - Players that don't play close attention to what's going on in the game around them don't notice a lot of things that are in the game. if i had a nickel for every time i saw "i played this game for years and didn't notice this l00t room in one of the oldest Tilesets". heh
  11. titania 4?

    as aforementioned Mods don't affect that aspect of Razorwing (Sprint Speed will make you faster though, but since it isn't Parkour moving faster may not give much of a benefit). if you want to be more durable in Razorwing, i'd recommend Aegis.
  12. i can't say i've noticed something change since 2013 without just guessing (without a side by side comparison the same goes for all of us, human memory is really bad). but if you desire a larger range to work with, by all means. here's what my settings have been since basically forever - i haven't adjusted them in years but i also don't have what the values i set them to in Warframe memorized or anything. overall ofcourse, consistency is the goal, not a specific number. you wouldn't happen to have Dynamic Resolution on, would you? that'd surely impact input translation accuracy to some degree.
  13. Eidolon_Teralyst Magnetic ability

    all of the Eidolons have done this since the beginning. it sounds like other Players in your session have been protecting you from these parts of the fights, so that you didn't notice they existed until now when those Players aren't present in your Session to do that for you. i've always stood around and took the Damage, Damage Resist Abilities + Aegis are noiiiice.
  14. you can't, outside of Trading for Fish from other Players.
  15. KHORA

    i assume and hope, that gripes towards a new Warframe for Players will/would mainly come from if it doesn't seem like it adds anything new to the game, and as such would hardly get played / end up basically unused. maybe it isn't but that's just really the only thing that matters at the end of the day - if you add another option to Equip, what can it add to the game that's different from the other things you can Equip in the same place? it's gotta be something (ideally several things), otherwise reception will be pretty muted overall.