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  1. AoE Spam isn't the 'only viable' way to use Nezha, though. the frisbee has many uses outside of Damage as you should be aware of, 'alternate Iron Skin' is for sure useful(albeit boring and a partial copypaste of another Ability). Divine Spears certainly leaves something to be desired since it's a near exact copy of another Rhino Ability.... Firewalker could be awesome if just... Nezha could slide directions other than forwards. the biggest benefit of that would be extreme Mobility to evade attacks, as well as ease of covering an area with Fire for CC. in other words, Firewalker would be great if you could drift around things (mainly Enemies) to shoot at them while surrounding them with Fire. i'm not against more Abilities making use of the frisbee thing - though yet another 'Exalted ____' doesn't sound very interesting at this point, as you might be able to imagine.
  2. you're not being banned, so don't say the word Ban if it's not a Ban. a Kick and a Ban are very different. Robots and Human beings both moderate public Chats. this makes sense as having tens of thousands of humans to just read public Chats is not very practical, and you'd still have to delay all messages by like a couple minutes anyways to make it work.
  3. all Rare Resources got much, much more common as it is, via Resource Pots. so these days if you're looking for Rare Resources, smashing all of the Pots in a non Endless Mission is objectively the fastest way to acquire them. maybe Neurodes excluded simply because of some of the special ways to get them such as Sentients. so you've already got the right idea, in playing a non Endless Mission. if in a few Missions you don't see much, you're still accruing them way faster than an Endless Mission. Sabotage may be better for getting Argon once in a while from the Caches as well.
  4. the Drop Chance, and value per Life Support Pickup scales based on the number of Players. rest assured, number of Players is accounted for in Survival. the amount of play testing that has gone into ensuring this is the case is absolutely absurd. leaving a Spawned Ally in some dark corner could potentially cause some issues with where Enemies go, i could see that. hm, perhaps might be best if such Specters Teleported to the Player if the owner moves >200m away from them?
  5. mmm, as aforementioned Power Cells always refill the Shields of the Extractor - not being able to continue to put Power into the thing would be highly problematic for Players looking to play a long term Mission. there's plenty of Power Cells to go around as long as Players aren't idling ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. presumably, because if that was allowed, the only Void Tear Missions people would be playing would be Infested Defense so that they can Minimize the game for 90% of the time they're there. and part of the point was to increase Mission variety, not decrease.
  7. in short, if Heavy Caliber isn't maxed, it's objectively not worth using, you'll deal more Damage with an Elemental there instead. technically this applies to any Rank of 8/10 or higher, though.
  8. Hellfire is antithetical for Boltor, put in a Status Elemental (60% Elemental) of either more Corrosive or more Ice instead, whichever you prefer. making your Ice Damage into Blast makes the Weapon worse. Punch-Through is recommended in your last slot for Lex (in place of a third Elemental), but one could opt for Stunning Speed instead, or Hydraulic Crosshairs/Sharpened Bullets, Et Cetera. something of a preference there - though if you're using Corrosive it's presumed you're fighting Armored Enemies, and Fire Damage is just garbage vs Armor when compared to Ice.
  9. Condition Overload is a Final Damage Multiplier. 'course Mods like it should be displayed as Multipliers if the UI wanted to be smart, but whatever.
  10. Melee Weapons with meh Status certainly don't get much use out of it, but that is rather expected. but there's plenty which have good Status, some even attack quickly for lots of Healing. which besides, the Mod awards a lot of Health to you if you're using it correctly. (it's the Condition Overload of Healing Mods) this isn't the only specialization Mod we have.... and precedence says specialization Mods tend to be expensive. if you're using this Mod as an emergency 'save me' button, it should be very clear that this isn't one of those Mods. you're significantly increasing your average Health levels, not getting out of jail free. this is a specialization Mod. it's not a universally Equipped Mod, nor should it be - because universally Equipped Mods aren't very interesting. if you can't use it without taking lots of Damage then i raise an eyebrow at your usage of Melee Weapons. perhaps you're using some of the few Categories which trade off being able to stagger Enemies... which would be a poor choice for this Mod. ultimately though this is basically grumbling about having to actually use more than like 2 maybe 3 Forma on any Melee Weapon? are you saying that Mods that have something to do with Healing should be a replacement for CC? because then Healing Mods would need to basically say '+100 HP per second while moving'. hmmm, have you tried using a Melee Weapon that isn't in like, the bottom 3 for Melee Attack Range in the entire game?
  11. two recommended things for general use. this is a safe choice so that you can still use your Abilities even if Randoms are preventing you from getting hits in most of the time. http://i.imgur.com/eDs2eAK.png and if that isn't an issue, you can afford to deal more Damage, Et Cetera. http://i.imgur.com/deJ1RfZ.png and then ofc if you're in the Mission to lockdown the entire map as Nidus since Nidus has extremely powerful CC. http://i.imgur.com/DDWdL0r.png - - - - - Range is important for Larva to lockdown more Enemies for more hits, and for your 'Link but better' to work across a larger zone. what it does for Virulence is a mixed bag, hitting a longer area is good, but it also means you can't use Virulence quite as often. but if you shoot it into a wall or off the edge of a platform you can use it much faster so i'd say the Range is still much worth it. Efficiency is as much as you feel comfortable with under normal circumstances, both low and high is good. having low Duration is never useful, making two of your Abilities nearly useless is just a bad idea. and as much Strength as you can fit, as is normal for Nidus.
  12. Warframe also needs to be set to run in DirectX 11 mode as well as 64-Bit Mode to be able to enable that setting.
  13. they're supposed to Resist Physical/Elemental Damage, not be completely immune. for sure a bug, doubly so that you say your Puncture Weapon was Killing fine.
  14. in universe, if we were capable of annihilating all major parties, we'd have already done it. we don't have the capability to wipe out three factions. so, as we have been doing in and out of universe from the start, is Mercenaries which keep the power balance as equal as possible to keep them fighting amongst themselves until the end of time.
  15. yes, Archwing Mobile Defense has a good example of what Mobile Defense should be to make it different from other Gamemodes. being absolutely buried in Enemies, for that short couple minutes at a time. that would be distinctly different from other Gamemodes. i also wouldn't complain about Mobile Defense having multiple stages. one stage being short stents on a few Consoles here and there, and another that makes for a more mobile finish. some Mobile Defense areas have the beginnings of more interactive elements like this, Grineer Asteroid Base being the prime (but not only) example.