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  1. taiiat

    Saryn's Spores

    that would be currently, and yes, Range is a mandatory Stat now. though i'm kinda confused with speaking about Saryn in the past tense but talking about Saryn 2018 rather than Saryn 2015. Guns could sorta force things before, yes. though, spreading Gas with a Sniper Rifle previous was... well, let's just say that Spores wasn't really doing much there since Toxin Status could only be transferred if it was on the Enemy before the Spore Burst, and shooting a Spore with the Sniper Rifle would get those in the wrong order. elsewise, you'd be relying one oneshotting the Host Enemy, which obviously has Level limitations. Melee was the more practical golden key, between Blood Rush and Condition Overload, Toxic Lash made for a nice 'infinitely scaling' keystone as a catalyst for Spores. which like oneshotting with a Sniper Rifle... there's serious Level limitations to a single Spore Burst wiping the general area, so once you've passed that point super high Range just prevented you from applying the Damage.
  2. taiiat

    Saryn's Spores

    i'm never going to enjoy being forced to AFK. it's not going to suddenly become less AFK by magic. Abilities that are used just by pressing the button and no further thought, aren't something i'm ever going to get excited about. that deep Synergy is what makes Abilities really cool - Mag is now pretty much the only Warframe left with that trait though.... it actually wasn't - Saryn 2015 was very effective with the amount of Range that was appropriate for your Mission - since if you transferred Toxin or Spores too early you'd have to wait for the cooldowns to be able to do it again correctly and so wasting some of the Damage you're trying to apply. since when Enemies reach a point of relevant EHP, tickling them for a couple hundred DPS wasn't useful anymore and so you'd have to spread Spores + Toxin strategically to get it to deal high Damage. so extreme Range was good for AFK'ing in a 20 Wave Defense Mission, not so much for Killing Heavies, Eximus, or just high Level Enemies in general. extreme Range is fundamentally crucial now though, yes.
  3. the problem is you're drawing the line as only extra Elementals + Auger Pact or Crits - when the practical answer would be extra Elementals + Crits? Crits still scale better than just raw Damage alone, you know that. an average increase is still an average increase, and it's more relevant the higher the Rate of Fire is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Crit Slash isn't just a joke, it's universally effective on anything that isn't immune to Status - Slash Status bypasses the Damage System. you deal high Damage to everything. it's only backloaded Damage on paper, nobody is actually waiting around for 8 seconds for Enemies to die - just pushing Slash Status to be as large as possible to the first 1-2 Ticks vaporizes Enemies.
  4. taiiat

    Sarpa and Shattering impact on eidolons

    since Shattering Impact removes Base Armor and Corrosive Projection removes live Armor, it shouldn't make a difference... ala it shouldn't be removing 6 Base Armor and 6 live Armor, just reducing their base value by 6. so removing 198 of the Base Armor, leaving 1% of the base Armor, shouldn't conflict with Corrosive Projection... the Teralyst for example, having 1107 live Armor, removing 99% of it by removing the base and then removing another 90% from Corrosive Projection SHOULD leave it with exactly 1 Armor left. this is assuming the game works in a logical and expected manner (but we know that's not always the case). hmm, unless Corrosive Projection also reduces their base value... which is something the game could do i guess. i don't use both almost ever since it's very redundant as a couple percent Damage Resist left is w/e, hehe - so i don't have this memorized.
  5. taiiat

    Prolonged Paralysis

    literally part of the Augment is that Enemies are slowed while pulled through the air. it's on of the key features of it. and Enemies do get pulled to you in one Cast, they don't only go a partial distance or anything. the two main features, are grouping Enemies together to Kill them all at once for super high Kill efficiency, and to provide a solid CC option for Valkyr. it does a great job at these two things. so if we recap, affected Enemies do get pulled literally right to your feet in one Cast. they are slowed by the Augment, which is important for its dual purpose. since it doesn't Ragdoll Enemies my only gripe is that Enemies that are performing an action will ignore the Ability until they are done. if, you're finding that Enemies are basically just falling over - this is because the Augment scales with Range and Strength. if you have low Strength, then the solution is to increase your Strength, so they are pulled harder.
  6. taiiat

    Amprex and Dread nerf

    A - Dreads' Stats have never changed? i don't understand. the only thing that changed about it is like other Bows, the Charge Time was reduced. objectively a buff. B - Amprex has lower Crit Chance now yes, but.... the Weapon was SIGNIFICANTLY buffed overall.
  7. taiiat

    Saryn's Spores

    well, my playstyle was deleted. now Spores is an automated Ability, it's more AFK than it was before. Saryn was very interactive and had a lot of deep Synergy before - the AFK Loadout people were grumbling about had the lowest effective AoE DPS of any way of using the Warframe, about equivalent to Thunderbolt on a Crossbow. only effective vs low Level Enemies, where all that matters is hitting them at all, because they only have a couple hundred Health so any Damage Kills them. i don't want Saryn to be un-interactive and be mostly automated - but there isn't any Synergy between the Abilities anymore past always using the Abilities in one set in stone order, Spores and Toxic Lash are things to use constantly and not consider any strategy in utilizing, and Miasma is a really expensive Viral Status + making sure that those low Level Enemies nearby die one or two seconds faster. Saryn was the most Synergistic and active Warframe in the game, but oh well.
  8. taiiat

    Saryn's Spores

    you're basically supposed to sit in a corner with an Ignis + Toxic Lash to spread it constantly while you watch the Ability play the game for you. and max or almost max Range is now mandatory.
  9. taiiat

    Ability to mute loading percussions

    if you pair that with the music that plays when you're voting for a Mission, go nuts. more sound is not better sound, i prefer these places to be pretty quiet, ye. if other people gotta have noise at all times - just don't force me to have to.
  10. mmm, Vigilante Armaments was there thesedays but with that Fire Rate the increased Multi-S#&$ indeed is a significant difference. 3 Projectiles you can almost rely on, rather than not :D that's impossible and i think you know that - Auger Pact is only a 28% Damage increase over Hornet Strike. Auger Pact + extra 90% Elemental assuming only two to start with (best case scenario): 1,517 Crit Mods instead: 896 * 1.9184(average Crit Bonus) == 1,718.8864 that'd be assuming the Base Damage is 100 for quick math, but the relative scale still applies, which dictates an average of 13.3% extra Damage for Crits instead of Auger Pact and another Elemental. if we're including Primed Heated Charge, then Auger Pact + that does come out to 1,824.5. so you win on 6% there. but how we're modding depends on whether it's a Boss or not, doesn't it? on Bosses raw Damage is what you're looking for (which would be both maximum Elemental Damage and Crits anyways), and on anything that isn't a Boss it's Crit Slash with some supporting Elementals. (not to mention that DoT's scale exceptionally well with Crits - you might once in a while Kill something faster with pure Corro spam rather than Crit Slash with Corro spam, but i really kinda doubt it since you're losing raw Damage and DoT Damage) to which end, i'd only consider using Auger Pact on Bosses where Single Target Damage is all that matters, elsewise it'd be Punch-Through in the Slot that Auger Pact would be trying to get in on.
  11. taiiat

    Buzlok: Personal problems of a cool concept

    the Tracer Time to Live as something on the HUD, sure why not. though note that the Projectile Speed is slow to reinforce the Tracer being a valuable thing that you want to use. idk, pretending to have a Scope seems appropriate since you're firing a special Tracer that is a single precise Shot so that you can Magdump at the Target. i certainly wouldn't mind if Reloading would manually scuttle the Tracer, though. so that you can remove it early if desired. but Buzlok isn't a 'low reward' or a 'decent Damage' Weapon. it's an extremely high Damage Weapon. solid Base Damage and Status, with very high Crit Stats. it has DPS that matches pretty closely with Sniper Rifles. it's also able to compete with Kohm for Single Target DPS, one of ~5 or less Guns in the game that can claim that title.
  12. yep, that's a big difference. a third Projectile added, more Rate of Fire, more Base Damage, higher Crit Chance for slightly lower Crit Damage. Secondary Mods was a serious upgrade!
  13. WFBuilders' Faction details isn't complex enough for situations like that. so just use the Grineer/Tenno Tab and read from Alloy Armor. because WFBuilder compares against each Health Type separately, rather than consecutively in layers. ofcourse no real Enemy only has Armor or Shields and has no Health at all, but oh well.
  14. and the Arrow keys. yesterday i tried to use the Arrow keys to more easily adjust the sliders in the Options menu only to find that my cursor was being moved around. i don't even own a Controller, why can't i turn this off. (and also i should really be able to make fine adjustments with the keyboard so you don't have to try to pixel snipe the Sliders)
  15. you do realize that Fusion Energy is the currency you use to perform Fusion? suffice to say 'Fusion Energy' is a description of what 'Endo' is. i'm a relatively light-core Veteran and i had several hundred thousand Fusion Energy and dozens of Millions of Credits coming into Sacrifice. and... i'm very poor for a Veteran since i don't focus on farming stuff much. most other people my 'age' have like 3/4 of a million Fusion Energy and 9 digit Credits. aside from that, still - you get Credits and Fusion Energy for every single Mission you play. from both the Enemies and Mission Rewards. (and most give a significant/relevant amount of each - i agree that some give very little though most of those are Missions that you don't do much in) what alternatives are you even looking for? everything already gives you these two Resources. well actually i don't remember if Conclave/Lunaro gives you Credits so that may be one exception.