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  1. so are high Rate of Fire Weapons, technically. doesn't seem to make that much difference for most Players. nonsense, Damage is Damage, it's simply a different Type. adding special case modulation to it is no different than anywhere else in the game there is modulation.
  2. damnit Stallord now i'm going to be watching the Saryn Prime Access Trailer for like the next 20 minutes ffffffff
  3. you mean, randomly flail your mouse around all over your table so that you can find your Mouse Cursor because every time you open a Menu it will be in a random place of the screen. (also this is definitely UI)
  4. mayhaps... but at the same time Killing a Sentient takes just a few seconds give or take as long as you aren't using the same Damage Types on ALL of your Weapons. and therefore since they don't Level Scale, i don't think it really matters in play.
  5. i didn't decide on suggesting Void Damage because it would make it deal the most 'Deeps' to Enemies, but because it makes a unique Weapon that has unique traits to make it actually worth using.
  6. the only glaring issue the Weapon has is the Disk is extremely impractical to use Ammunition wise. something as simple as Multiplying the remaining rounds left in the Magazine rather than taking them at face value would solve that, though. 4x at minimum would help, but could go to something nuts like 10x.
  7. Weapon Switching may as well be handled locally, yes.
  8. until you realize that Positive Riven Stats get increased when there's a Negative present, so you can't just have a willy nilly Negative.
  9. based in the history, i'd definitely confirm that it's Grineer Fortress only.
  10. yeah, punish me because i left the Mission due to: someone is AFK, another Player is AFKFarming, and the last Player didn't put Mods on any of their stuff or Et Cetera. or because the Host lives on Mars, blah blah. instead, if you want a specific result from the other Players in your Session, don't use Matchmaking. if you're Matchmaking you're accepting that you're playing with 'who knows', 'anon a mouse', and 'somebooty'.
  11. yep that's definitely Steel Charge being displayed there: actual Blast Damage you have: 130 * 2.2 == 286 286 * 0.6 == 171.6 286 + 171.6 + 171.6 == 629.2 Steel Charge is being applied to it, but the green set of numbers is Steel Charge being applied a second time.... i can't tell you if that's just a UI issue or if it's applying it twice. 130 * 2.8 == 364 364 * 0.6 == 218.4 364 + 218.4 + 218.4 == 800.8 130 * 3.4 == 442 442 * 0.6 == 265.2 442 + 265.2 + 265.2 == 972.4
  12. sure, the collateral Damage may as well be the same as the initial. with maybe increasing the AoE Damage a bit. but the point was the features you say the Ability should have, it has always had already. that'sliterallytricklehealing.jpg Health trickles in as Desecrate Scans Corpses. the only new functionality you're looking for that isn't a nerf to the Ability is being able to Heal Shadows with Desecrate. which uh.... maybe. Shadows of the Dead has a very functional Healing and relocation tool already though... no, Ballistic Battery would be extremely broken and problematic if you could deal infinite Damage. Absorb has Falloff and building up Damage is a timely process plus there's a strict Damage limit via Energy. that being ~300,000 Damage if Allies are dealing Damage to it. Maim is a bit silly even despite the falloff, sure. but allowing Ballistic Battery to deal effectively infinite Damage with the Weapons it works very well with, is not a good idea. inside the current mechanics, making your Weapon deal ~1,000,000 Damage to something (and probably everything behind it because who doesn't use Punch-Through) isn't enough? you think 10,20,30x that would be a good idea? yes, the mechanics Ballistic Battery works on are really problematic and it's basically trash except with like <10 Weapons in the entire game but making the Ability >10x as effective as it is now under the same mechanics isn't a way to help anything. no rather, rebuilding the Ability from the ground up (but still aiming for the same theme of an Ability, the idea is good, just the execution that fails) is the course of action that makes sense.
  13. it already throws Enemies and Knocks them down, Blast Status wouldn't do anything. Soul Punch already has an 'AoE' esque feature - like Bolt Weapons, it creates a column behind the impact point that deals Damage if Enemies are struck. Desecrate trickle Healing rather than dropping Health Orbs is really just a nerf to the Ability. as has been long desired, Ballistic Battery being an 'anti-cast', costing Energy to expend the Charge is the preferred option, absolutely. the Ability can't be unlimited in Charge though - that would be disastrous.
  14. Shade isn't useful because Stealth Doge is superior for the Utility. choices are better off as between Wyrm, Djinn, Carrier, maybe Diriga. or Dog/Cat for alternative Utility and Revivability.
  15. if you're in Simulation, it doesn't update the Ammo Pools for Weaponry completely when switching between Weapons. if you had Equipped a Weapon with an extended Ammo Pool previously and changed to Simulor, it would have still retained that Ammo Pool size, but you wouldn't be able to pick up any more Ammo until you go below 75.