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  1. taiiat

    New Primed Mods? -A veteran prays...

    the only problem for me, pretty much as always, is getting more stoffs to increase my Stats has no purpose and is barely even desirable when i don't have anything to use the Stats on. it's pretty clear that the game will be the way it is forever, and what good will more Stats do me if whatever new Stats to collect and not use has a predetermined single lane road of play it would like to mandate anyways. even if more of this or that Stat allows creating some new, creative idea that lets us make a really dumb Loadout with unique-ish tools - what do i do with it anyways? but, special versions of normally unused Mods to make them possibly more considered over conventional DPS and Support Stats - that sort of thing could be good for the health of the game to some degree. even then though, what do i use the Stats on. Seeking Fury is always waiting patiently for you. :)
  2. you're trying to armchair general everyone in the room, but i'm afraid that doesn't work when you aren't correct. your two main complaints are either out of context or just wrong: a Video Game where your Ship has 'Mods' and that no single Fire Mode is to replace all of the other Primary Weapons in the game, since you get all of them at once. (complaining that Auto-fire doesn't outperform everything else in the game for Status application, but it doesn't have to since the Weapon has 3 fire-modes) that you should be able to Macro-fire a Burst Weapon and get the full use out of it. Warframe is far from the only Video Game to simulate Bursting RPM this way, and it's.... pretty accurate to the downside that Burst carries. you can't just keep mashing the trigger at infinity speed and expect it to fire another Burst at infinity +1 speed. Shooters which uh, don't prevent oversampling... well let's just say that there is then nothing 'precision' or 'marksmanship' about Burst Weapons in such a case. and in such a case, Burst Weapons tend to need to be nerfed quite heavily to keep them from overperforming, which usually makes Burst Weapons just a bad meme. not Semi-Auto and being able to instantly or nearly instantly Kill, not Auto that has hit consistency and extreme ease of use - but something in between that requires Marksmanship, without rewarding it. if you really want that, Battlefield 3 is calling your name, with an AN-94 that has basically infinite Rate of Fire, able to shoot WELL OVER the Fire Rate it is supposed to have. so, a great solution for someone that wants to talk big about Firearms - get in sync with the simulated cyclic rate of the Burst Fire. especially in hopefully taking notice that the default effective Rate of Fire of Tiberon Primes' Burst mode is massively lower than any Burst Weapon in reality would ever be. but that's okay since this is again, a Game with 'Mods', and that as a Video Game the Damage Output of the Weapon is relatively proportionate to how much Ammo it can throw down range. it's even leaning into favor of getting more Damage for the loss of Fire Rate that it has. so again "i don't care about Stats" - Stats is everything. this is a Stats based game.
  3. taiiat

    Primed Chamber

    what you're saying sounds like two things. you think Primed Chamber is an important thing to have, when while thesedays it does have some actual applications, they're still very, very limited and therefore what you could be 'missing out' on is very limited. you want Primed Chamber to have higher Stats, because reasons. on the contrary, Rivens made Primed Chamber actually relevant outside of hyperniche scenarios to compensate for the negatives you had to bring to your Weapons to make it reasonably functional.
  4. taiiat

    So... Why do Forma STILL take so long to gather?

    your Status is going to be low for now either way, might as well get some Damage instead in the meantime. in the long run you'll add more Status Elementals (like you already are with Volcanic Edge, which btw is pulling all the weight Status wise on Exalted Blade there, it's adding 6% while Melee Prowess is adding 1.3%), but i made suggestions based on the Mods you do already have currently. attacking more often is also a good way to increase Damage, how well you can apply Status, Et Cetera. but you already have Fury, and it doesn't look like you have Berserker so i didn't mention it. anyways the core of the reason is that applying a couple Status Effects for more Damage(like a bit from Slash and technicality Damage from Viral) is nice, but it's ofcourse a Multiplier of... the Damage you already have. so if you deal more Damage to begin with, you'll also do more Damage when you apply Status Effects. is applying your Status effects 1% more often worth trading off a significant increase in Damage on every single attack(well not every single one in terms of Crits, but you're already using Crit Chance so Crit Damage too is generally logical), as well as making your final Damage when you do get Status Effects higher?
  5. might want to consider Organ Shatter - i don't feel like doing the math currently so mix between Molten Impact and Organ Shatter. the Crits will probably outperform most of the time, but i'm sure there's situations it goes both ways depending on how weak the Enemy is to your primary Element vs Fire. prime choices, are Corro+Blast, or Gas+Fire/Elec.
  6. taiiat

    So... Why do Forma STILL take so long to gather?

    Forma is one of your major limiters for progression, yes. as is Crafting times for Equipment, Et Cetera. it's not really any different from any of the other games as a service. Warframe has the least time gating overall of any of the major games as a service games. while all Syndicate related stuff is..... really lame because of how "you played your alotted 30 minutes of fun for this time period, come back later, beep boop", atleast.... in Warframe you can always still be working on Progression no matter how much you play >.> for the time being, if you find stuff you really like, you can make a Loadout that performs to an excellent level with 1-2 total Polarities. so for some Weapons that can mean you don't need any Forma at all for a 'good enough' Loadout that you could use for hundreds of hours from now. like goddamn some of the other competition, play for an hour or two and you literally cannot play any more for that day, the game prevents you from getting anything useful, and then some weekly stuff that's almost exactly the same where you complete it in like an hour and come back next week seriously, what the fu- WHY DO PEOPLE BUY AND SUPPORT THOSE DUMPSTER FIRE TRASH GAMES THAT DON'T WANT YOU TO PLAY THEM well, that's what the purpose of playing the game is, pretty much. to learn how to do things better than you already were. Scan Enemies in your Codex, to get a better idea of what Enemies are weak to what. you can use Simulation (""Simulacrum"") to experiment with different combinations to see how things perform, to learn by experience what does what and what performs great where/when. the Wiki has a lot of documentation that is researched by many others (waves), and written down so others can follow this information on how things work. (pst, i would recommend swapping Melee Prowess for Organ Shatter, Shattering Impact, another Elemental, Et Cetera) woa, are you allowed to be this helpful? :^)
  7. taiiat

    Why is Saryn motherly?

    people will apply whatever traits they see fit to whatever they see fit. everyone won't agree on what traits to apply to what. it's basically Cosmetics. for example i don't agree with the traits that 99% of people apply to Saryn
  8. taiiat

    Orb mothers are terrible

    Knockdown spam is par for the course in Warframe (annoying, but that's basically the entire game already anyways) - Spiders is the most enjoyable 'endgame' content we have in the game at this time, IMO. the least amount of Abilities are effectively disabled, Equipment that is viable is overall the highest, Et Cetera. Eidolon Hunting is incredibly drab by comparison, because what Equipment you're going to use is heavily mandated by turning off Game Mechanics and ultimately encouraging Players to use the same AFKFarming angle of strategy as they already are elsewhere in the game.
  9. taiiat

    how to build a stat stick

    Mods take into effect, the Stat sheet for the Weapon the Mods are on, does not. it still limits what Weapons are very interesting, due to Riven Multipliers varying and Weapons having a variety of unique Mods potentially available to them. ofcourse, what Mods do or don't work can vary quite a lot depending on what Ability you're thinking of. so it's #consistently-inconsistent like usual and you'll have to pay close attention to the choices you're making as to whether they affect the thing you're doing at that current time.
  10. taiiat

    What companion do you use with Ivara?

    i use the same Companions no matter what Warframe i currently have Equipped. i think by that, what you mean is if you buy into the false """meta""" of never using any Survivability Mods. because if you do use one or two, pet EHP is astronomical. and besides, Pack Leader is a much more effective source of Healing then..... the none that you have for options elsewhere.
  11. it's a language encoding thing - however i don't know if it's that Warframe relies on some Windows Fonts for displaying some international text types or if there's something you can do about it inside of Warframe.
  12. if you're doing exactly as you 'advertise', you may not get banned. but Trading for something that isn't in the Trade Terminal, is most definitely not vetted by Digital Extremes.
  13. taiiat

    Shot for Shot

    when accounting for all Mods but Rivens, normal Rubico is technically superior to Vectis Prime for general Gameplay, and they're... very close for Eidolon Hunting since Vectis can only sometimes get its Optic Bonus. which ergo, for general Gameplay, Rubico Prime is a no contest winner vs Vectis Prime. it'sjustbetter.jpg consistency and not having to worry about needing a Riven with Crit Chance to be consistent and not sometimes deal piss all for Damage if an exterior form is also a big deal. you don't want to include Rivens but ultimately for most of the Sniper Rifles, they're practically mandatory because dud Shots make your Gun basically useless. i do want to bring up some uncommon but quite important and powerful Mods that i'm accounting for, such as Target Acquired. for Lanka/Rubico, this Mod is blisteringly powerful, while on the rest of the Sniper Rifles, it's pretty underwhelming and almost terrible. because of that facet, Lanka/Rubico have some extreme general Gameplay scaling performance that the other Sniper Rifles do not. to be fair, thesedays Vectis kinda doesn't have a Magazine, you could sort of say.
  14. taiiat

    Buff exodia force

    i would look towards, either making the Damage scale better, or making the AoE not have ridiculous atleast Exp2, probably Exp3, maybe Exp4 levels of Damage Falloff. it's either gotta be able to hit most of the Enemies in the area for a bit of Damage, or deal relevant Damage to a small number of Enemies. it's gotta do atleast one, not neither.
  15. taiiat

    Thoughts on Saryn Prime Build

    uhhh, Hunter Adrenaline i guess, since you sacrifice the least of anything to make the space. and i would ensure my Energy supply via something else instead. whether that be Syndicate Explosions, Focus, Arcanes, or more specific & less flexible options. granted unlike some others i do prefer having some Efficiency when technically i don't need it, i always prefer more Efficiency than most do, on average. so i elect to have Efficiency in almost all situations when it would be common to dump Efficiency and compensate with Focus/Arcanes. technically Strength is of limited importance as well, but more Damage and faster Damage Scaling never hurt if you can get away with it. which is why you'd want Strength on Saryn mind you - increased Strength purely for more Corrosive Status is kinda w/e since their Armor will generally be entirely removed before you even see the Enemy either way. min Strength is perhaps a bit low, but other than that it doesn't make that much of a difference.