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  1. you also, seem to be unable to separate one thing from another, and blame something for something else that you don't like. why don't you blame the source of the problem? is it because you like that source and want to keep the Damage Multipliers of it so you can use it yourself, but still have something to try and high road in some way on? it's always gonna come back to Blood Rush, the source of any problem related to this isn't going to move. Blood Rush is the keystone to all of it, as without it working the way it does currently, all of the rest doesn't do anything and doesn't mean anything. every other piece of the 'puzzle' for this scenario can work or exist without one another, except Blood Rush. you can remove any of the other pieces and everything is still the same, but you can't with Blood Rush. but i mean, this type of Forum complaint has never by anybody been about getting things done or solving problems. pretty far from it really, seeing as what 'the problem' and 'the solution' always is. to fire shots into the dark and hope that it changes something.
  2. and it might have a positive effect from one angle, but from another angle, it might not. if Players decide what Weapons they get Rivens for, that probably also means that Weapons that the Community doesn't think are good (so.... like 4/5 of them, lul), they'll never get Rivens for because well obviously it's bad because someone told me it's bad so why would i want a Riven for it. whether it's successful or not now idunno, but it's notable that getting a Riven for a Weapon someone doesn't use or potentially doesn't like does give some slight encouragement to try experimenting with said Weapon.
  3. the game moves itself in that direction too, as things less and less have any way to actually lose. but you're mostly just supposed to stand around and wait for some Timer anyways, not much sense in being able to lose at just waiting. i guess. on the flipside you have when you lose or die based on the game cheating. does that count? i don't think so. if i did things poorly and fail because of it, when i fail i say "i f...ed up". when a game cheats and i fail because of it, i say "stop treating me like a toddler and stop wasting my time".
  4. some of the Attack Mods for Sentinels still have some differences to Assault Mode. though the lower Ranks of the Mod don't go low enough to get the same low Ranges that one may want sometimes, so unfortunately newer Players got shafted on some options in that regard
  5. the other Scaffold of note, is Propa (floating Proximity Timebomb). however, while those are the most practical choices, that doesn't mean you can't make other things work fine, you'll just need stronger average Buffs in order to oneshot Shields with them. so in no particular order or combination, here's some other Amp Parts that can be effective in Eidolon Hunting: Prisms Raplak doesn't Multi-hit, but has 93% Crit Chance when Shadow is active, and has pretty good Damage per Shot. somewhat Void Strike efficient, really high Crit Chance makes it consistent. Granmu solid Crits, so-so Base Damage but applies a lot of Damage instances (many Multi-Hits). being a 3rd Burst, the Void Strike efficiency is mediocre, but it does have pretty solid DPS. Rahn good Crits, but low Base Damage. horrible to use with Void Strike, but its DPS is fine. Cantic like Granmu, but easier to hit with. pays for that in total Damage and somewhat in DPS, but it does try to make up for it with higher Rate of Fire and Crits. since it's leaning more onto Rate of Fire its practicality with Void Strike gets further weaker. Klamora useless with Void Strike, but has the best performance without Void Strike(highest base DPS even despite consuming Energy really fast). unfortunately, Lega doesn't have any place. it doesn't really do anything that's different from the other Prisms. Scaffolds Pencha the Crits are kinda weak but it does have good Base Damage + Multi-Hits. however there is a significant con of it in the sense that you have to stand there for about a full second in order to fire, since it is a Charge Weapon. plus Refire Delay making the Part not very responsive to use, you have to leave yourself exposed before and after shooting for a considerable amount of time. Phahd good Base Damage, strong Crits. it's finicky to try and use it though, your best bet is trying to bounce it off of the inside of one knee towards the other knee. if you were able to get it to hit the Eidolon a few times in one Shot, it would be outstanding but that's prohibitively difficult to do. Propa high Crits, hits a wide area, high Base Damage. has a timer/fuse you have to deal with though, and doesn't Multi-Hit. also easy to blow yourself up with it if you don't immediately Cloak again after firing it. Dissic is alright for normal Enemies, despite having awful Crits it does hit Enemies many times, and has good Base Damage, Et Cetera. Klebrik is convenient since it homes in to anything that you can even see a single pixel of on your screen. it's terrible for Damage though. like, straight terrible. and therefore terrible for Eidolon Hunting. could you use Lega and Klebrik anyways? well, yes. but you would then need to use Unairu to boost your Amp since Void Strike would be useless to you (that's not the worst thing ever, just making a statement), and their Damage is still somewhat meh anyways. the Certus Brace will help compensate for their lack of Crits to some degree, but it's still much lower Crits than almost everything else so they'll be inconsistent in that regard despite Crits being important.
  6. the second option. all Damage taken in is absorbed, Multiplied, and Enemies hit by it. the Damage will 'drain' if it hasn't taken any hits in a bit however. so it'll hold the Damage it's taken for a bit but then it will degrade if things go quiet.
  7. it sounds like Warframe is the most GPU intensive game that you have based on the others mentioned, and by quite a significant margin. that could explain why the others don't express any issues. so, i'll corroborate of try removing the GPU and slotting it back in, and also perform a Clean Install of your Video Drivers of the last version that was updated for that GPU. acquire Display Driver Uninstaller from one of these loctions: https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html https://www.wagnardsoft.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2421 simple to operate, clean and restart, then install Video Drivers, restart again. it's preferable to have the Installer for the Video Drivers you're going to install on your Desktop to make this process simpler. i'll agree that thermals should be taken very close care of, in part because you're using a Tahiti series GPU, in part because of the age of the GPU (your GPU is about 8 years old now), and in part because Thermals can cause things to break. while the GPU edge die Sensor reads a particular number, some other part of the GPU could be warmer, and excessive heat can cause Memory to have artifacting issues (actually just more artifacting issues, all types of RAM have artifacting issues but it gets much worse as Temperatures get very high) and even a couple other Component types as well. so you want to make sure that your Case Fans are bringing as much fresh air as possible to the GPU, as well as pulling waste heat out. because of the era of GPU that you have. ideally the GPUs' Heatsink should be spotless in terms of dust, as it very much needs all of the surface area of that Heatsink. though i might have found some unhappy discussion about VRM cooling on the XFX black model in the process of looking for some images of the PCB & Cooler. which if it's the case (never had one, so i can't verify or refute), then.... there's a reasonable chance that the VRM is getting to overheating Temperatures but apparently the Heatsink on the Card has a solid floor and doesn't make physical contact with the Mosfets so they essentially don't get cooled or very, very limited cooling. but, we can give some benefit of the doubt and surmise that perhaps the Thermal Pad strip isn't making great contact with the Mosfets. that could be just screws loosening over time, or perhaps the contact even when screwed down just wasn't right to begin with. this is assuming you're using the XFX model with the custom Cooler (if you're not sure, the Cooler with two Fans rather than one). while we're here, it can't hurt to set the Fans to 100% and make sure both are spinning, and appear to be spinning at roughly the same speed (so one doesn't look massively slower than the other or something, which could indicate a Fan that could use replacement, replacement Parts might still exist around on the internet). - - - - - if any and all other possible options are exhausted, it'll be a worthwhile endeavor to disassemble the Cooler on this GPU and inspect the Thermal Pads, remount the Cooler to ensure it's as tight as it should be, Et Cetera. note that to do this you would need: an appropriate Screwdriver, probably just a couple different sizes of Phillips type some Isopropyl/Rubbing Alcohol(75%+ purity preferable), something to use with the Alcohol (Coffee Filters are the least expensive ideal option for cleaning surfaces without residue, but realistically in a pinch yes you can use Paper Towels and other stuff of that sort) some Thermal Paste to replace what's on the GPU die now since you're taking the Cooler off (since GPU dies are a sensitive area i recommend a Paste such as Arctic MX-4, it's very user friendly and safe to use while still being both cost effective and having fairly good performance) some patience. since the floor of the Heatsink is solid, i may even suggest a physical modification to the Heat Sink, that being if you have a Drill around, and appropriate Bits for it (i.e. metal cutting Bits, not wood cutting Bits) if you do have a Drill and the appropriate Bits (trying to use a Wood Bit on Metal will basically just destroy the Bit, though the other way 'round is ok), then taking a Bit of say around 3-5mm, and poking holes randomly through the area of the Heatsink above the VRM region will dramatically increase the Airflow to that area under the Heatsink (as these small holes will still be a lot more than the zero that it currently gets). visual aids: https://www.overclock.net/forum/67-amd/1200211-stay-away-xfx-7970-black-edition-design-flaw-12.html#post20410765 so essentially i'd just be talking about removing the Heatsink from the Cooling shroud, then zinging a bunch of holes through it in random places over in the area above the VRM (the area around the long thin Thermal Pad strip).you want to keep the holes somewhat spaced, you don't want to cut chunks of the Heatsink off, you're just trying to add some holes through it so that the Fans can move some air to the components underneath. don't Drill through the weld beads though, those smeared lines across the bottom of the Fins is what's holding the Fins together as one solid object. steer around those. GPU Cooling didn't used to be that great, it's gotten a lot better in the almost decade since this was Manufactured. definitely feel free to ask questions or look for other measures that can be taken before going to the disassembly and physical modification level. i'm happy to explore other options first though i think you may very well end up there. and even if not maybe you should maintenance the Cooler anyways because of it's age and it has probably never been maintaned before?
  8. unless you put Enemies to Sleep, to get a Stealth Kill with a Gun of any sort, you have to Kill them in a single hit. which as aforementioned makes Multi-Shot useless, you have to oneshot them from a single Damage instance of your Weapon. even a Weapon that dealt Damage on impact and then a secondary type of Damage after impacting, would have to Kill on impact to get Stealth Kills. it's more finicky and hyper specific than it has been in the past, unfortunately. though i don't think anything has changed about it in the past year or so. however, i wouldn't rule out the game being triple extra bonus levels of groaningly broken than it even normally is in this aspect. that's supposed to just be a cosmetic thing.
  9. isn't it the only topic? the things you're describing in no way require the use of artificial assistance to do in the first place.
  10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i would use Synth Set to help with that (well, more like i always have Synth Set anyways), but yeah the comical Reload would still be an obstacle. well, it's convenient then that Gauss provides two forms of Reload Speed Bonus to the Weapons, then. how is that beside the point? is it because it's a way to compensate for Ammunition that you don't want to deal with? you made a Thread about Ammunition, and that's one of the existing methods to deal with Ammunition. don't move the goalposts.
  11. who says it's a Macro? :) and Blood Rush is still the problem here, nothing else i mean, if we're talking about Public Missions, it's probably Atterax, who are we kidding.
  12. that doesn't mean that i bothered to do it though. (i didn't) :^) and that ballparking it mentally suggested that they were relatively close to each other (which was good enough for me) though i'd probably use expected average of Normal Lenses per Bounty instead of probability of atleast one per Bounty. or just probability to get one. depending on how i'm feeling. which uhhh, something like ~8.7 Bounties to get one Eidolon Lens BP vs.... Tier III: depending on Roation because ofcourse the Reward Pools are fuq'd: ~3.6 Bounties for a Lens, or ~3.5. Tier IV: ~3.9 Bounties for a Lens, or ~3. welp, looks like Normal Lenses don't bottleneck then, seeing as the 4 of them you will need will likely take a couple Bounties less than the Eidolon Lens will. even with Tier V having 5 Stages while Tier III has 4, the speed different is pretty clear as a single Bounty adds a considerable amount of time to each side of the scale. and while i'm at it... ~12.4 Disruption C Rewards for a Lua Lens.... but ofcourse Disruption 'waves' take less time than 5 Waves of Defense does, to say the least.
  13. ah, sure, i'll buy that. core information missing from the UI.
  14. the only other things you could think of are the same type of effect? our Stats have inflated in far more ways than just that. you should know that. you won't have to shoot >2.5x less often by adding one Corrosive Projection (more). that isn't even a contest there, except in the case of 3 vs 4 and then optimizing Damage against Health because of it.
  15. if you're gonna go the full Hunter memes route: Acceltra has deplorable Status, don't bother trying to boost with Viral. sure, it shoots fast and has Multi-Hits. but in the Mod Slots you could sometimes maybe not even consistently enough apply Viral Status, you could instead add Anti-Faction Mods and Et Cetera to more than double your DoT consistently anyways. pick between things like..... Bladed Rounds, Heavy Caliber, Vigilante Armaments. Heavy Caliber has the highest paper Damage increase but if you end up missing some of your Projectile impacts then it's not worth it and pick one of the others instead. Vigilante Armaments might win solely based on the Set Bonus and since the Weapon shoots fast with Multi-Hits. the Multi-Shot vs Bladed Rounds is basically the same net Damage gain whence considering your Riven, so it's the Set Bonus that probably leans it one way. and it's even a permanent effect rather than timed conditional so that's convenient too.
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