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  1. Biggest Fish Caught?

    just for Glappids, 40Kilo applies to the rest of the bigger Fish. something like half the breeds are limited much lower though.
  2. Excalibur + Steel Fiber

    Steel Fiber was never bad! after the Armor value was increased, that is. ever since then if you wanted to be Health durable, both Vitality an Steel Fiber make sense to have.
  3. I really like the current map screen!

    through the power of google (since i haven't kept or took much for images back then), here's some views of what Navigation looked like in 2013. http://sihagames.net/images/warframe6.jpg https://tltechteam.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/warframe-2013-01-29-19-25-19-28.jpg http://i1.imageban.ru/out/2013/04/05/dedb5df0a8c69f4e695c2dc6a1f90021.jpg http://blog.big-metto.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Warframe-2013-04-08-19-17-37-58.png Edit: oh, you're asking about in development talk about Navigation v3. partially nevermind, but this may still prove interesting.
  4. Is Warframe too long?

    15-25 Minutes to 'complete doing something' is the norm and exactly what just about every other game is built around. if it'd be a problem in this game, then it would also be for every other game that exists, wouldn't it?
  5. Warframe health/armor and Shields

    having completely unique Health Types for Players is unnecessary, as Sorties is the only time Enemies realistically deal significant amounts of Elemental Damage - the select few other situations like Toxic Ancients/Nox or Eximus giving Elemental Bonuses aren't exactly something you see on every dude in the room. we're still vastly superior 1v1 even just standing on the ground anyways - In Universe we're practically unstoppable via any direct means, since we're worth so much more than their Units are. in the game like in every story, that's not quite so much the same and there are things like Level Scaling that exist as hand waived things that create Gameplay, as the Story itself has very, very little Gameplay comprised in it. Cutscenes and setpieces being pretty much a necessity for the game to be able to tell a story and plot out events, rather than the Player just being immune to the events and Killing the critical story Characters because they feel like it. so again, like in every game, the In Universe story/lore, and the actual game, only vaguely line up. expecting lore to line up accurately with the actual game, is pretty much asking for a Singleplayer 'better Assassins Creed' which features lots of Quick Time Events and even more Cutscenes. (and as ever multiplying our EHP values because reasons doesn't do much of anything that's useful for the game other than inflate Enemy Levels - because all that changes is the same end of "i died! that's not allowed to happen i'm supposed to be invulnerable!" vs the same Enemies, but with a higher Level count next to their name.
  6. if you could bring all of the Sentinels and Companions with you, they'd literally play the game for you. this game is AFK enough as it is. i'm not looking to have a Facebook "game".
  7. the Riven is pretty alright for Raw Damage. there's better ones but whatever. anyways, Status Elementals aren't worth using at all if your Riven reduces Status. there's better choices for applying Slash Status anyways, the 'Status Dread' Loadout is just a meme. something that fires more often will be more effective. not having a Speed Mod on there seems quite painful if you ask me - using Dread like this will require Enemies to all be permanently turned off, to which end if they are it doesn't really matter what Weapons you have as you're guaranteed to Kill them since they can't fight back. so, adding Vile Acceleration in place of Hammershot would make the Weapon a lot more usable. you'd lose ~3.75% Base Damage which is nothing important. you do lose the small Crit Damage Bonus but being able to shoot the Weapon 280% as fast/as often is a pretty good trade for that... WF Builder averages Crits, as that's the only way to do it mathematically - taking an average of how much increased Damage your Shots gain based on your Crit Chance and Crit Damage. it will not tell you your maximum Damage, and Weakpoints aren't involved. only things which you can mathematically rely on. so in your case: average Crit increase == 1.25 * 6.5. i.e. 8.125x Damage, on average.
  8. How do people stay sane while credit farming?

    i play the game. i don't play anything in particular, zero 'farming for ___' involved with Credits. i have more than i could ever use. has been a positive trend since 2013. and i have 6+ various ranked copies of just about every Mod for flexibility, buy lots of stuff from Void Trader for no particular reason, Transmuting from time to time, Et Cetera. i.e. i am not particularly careful with expenditure. i just don't expect to recover from spending many Millions at once in the next 10 minutes. i'll get Millions more pretty quickly anyways. if you're managing your Resources poorly and are knee jerk reacting to sudden needs for things, that's how you have a bad time. plan ahead, do things that help you have what you need or will probably need, basically play the game - play all sorts of things in the game, not just a tiny handful of the same Missions.
  9. as aforementioned for something like Vasto, it fires fast enough that 43% is more than enough. Crit Damage helps the Crit Slash out a lot more.
  10. A logic view to snipers

    should Point Strike give 100% Crit Chance? no. every Sniper Rifle should gain +15 when Aiming. every Sniper Rifle should gain +25 for hitting a Headshot/any other Weakpoint. ergo using them correctly, means 102.5% Crit Chance. increasing the Optic Bonus for Lanka accordingly to keep the large Delta intended between it and others for Crit Chance. (i.e. adding +25/30/50 to each stage for Lanka respectively, for a total of +40/+60/+100 Crit Chance)
  11. Digital Extremes didn't give a value as to how fast the Tracer is now since the adjustments in March - but if it wasn't made 150-200m/s at that point, then make it so.
  12. Dera augment

    uh - no other addition of Flat Values in the game gets Multiplied by other existing Mods. Blood Rush is an exception. if you make it consistent with other Flat Value Mods, then sure that could be pretty neat. adding Crit Chance on Headshots. however it would be expected to stack 10x, for 30+5% Crit Chance.
  13. i agree. Pluto Void and Sorties should have a max MR of 8. because we're all too Overpowered for every Mission, not Lv5 Missions. besides, the game forces Players to play everything from Lv1 to Lv40 anyways
  14. okay since this is being debated over, here's all that you'd need to know to satisfy curiosity without really divulging anything. this will become common knowledge soon enough. besides it's annoying when i see DC 'blamed' for things when it was not in their control. sometimes it is, but when it is not... in this case you could say involved because of being the pool of things to choose from.
  15. What's your least favorite Defense mission?

    any that is Alert/Invasion/Sortie. because on Wave 10 is where the Mission actually starts, but then it's over 30 seconds later.