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  1. Dual Wielding: Aim or Block?

    'Dual Wielding' is a nerf to yourself as far as i'm concerned - i now can't use one handed Melee and single Sidearms with each other. because 'Dual Wielding' takes away important Gameplay elements (and also makes your Secondary Weapon cover the middle of your screen what the f... even) such as Ground Smashes. even when i have a Thrown Melee Equipped, i don't want 'Dual Wielding'. no, the Damage Bonus i could get from throwing isn't worth having my mobility and capability of using my Guns hampered. and i'm forced to nerf myself use it, even though i don't want it. i'd enable it from time to time when the situation is right if i had the option to switch to and from it. at the very least, since my PC has more than 3 buttons in total, give me the ability to split Bind it just like i can split Bind Weapon/Melee Switch, and depending on whether that Bind is 'switch Dual Wielding' or 'toggle Dual Wielding' - if it's Toggle also give a Settings Toggle to determine whether or not 'Dual Wielding' is the default. though it'd be easier for it to just be a 'Dual Wielding' Bind to need to make less things. then i can switch between my Guns and Melee as i please, or if the time is right switch to Dual Wielding. (though my Gun shouldn't ever be covering the middle of the screen, regardless) more to the direct subject - i wouldn't want FineAim replaced with Blocking. Fine Aim is pretty... crucial. but if you have a Keyboard and ergo have enough buttons to actually play games, i don't see why you couldn't press your Block button and be able to Block, without removing the capability to Fine Aim. that wouldn't work out if you have them bound to the same button, though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Valana Sculpture?

    at your Mod Station, there's an 'Ayatan Sculptures' button, which houses everything related to managing your statues. you can sell any of these wares for Fusion Energy to Maroo, at the Bazaar on Earth.
  3. this sounds quite unreliable for an 'Ability Cast'. not if one is to be expected to be capable of using it in rapid succession with high precision like we can currently. i like the rest about it. er, that's why i immediately after noted the alternative option for cycling Elemental Type in some form - which unlike currently, means you could change Tornado(es) to any of the Damage Types you have on one Weapon, instead of only one. which means even if your Weapon had 10 Damage Types on it, you'd be able to set it to all 10. - all i was making sure was that you wouldn't be able to get Exponential results with the first Tick Multiplier. :p yes... but we haven't had those myriads of Damage Types for a long time. Snowglobe never had it, until the last major changes to Frost, where it was added to Snowglobe. doesn't really matter if it's predictable - Percentage of Max Health means you don't care about the result, you only care about applying it as often as possible. Percentage of Max Health gets abused when it exists on anything in this game unless the values would be actually controlled (ala low), but they haven't been. of Current Health is still very good, and scales very well - but without abusiveness. Smite falls into the Category of 'controlled', because while 35% of Max sounds high, it's divided by a minimum of 6, but always higher. i mean, unless you really wanted to run min Power Strength or something. so the Enemies that get hit by Smite, take slightly less than 6% Max Health. or with the usual increased Power Strength, <3%. those are acceptable values. should be Current Health anyways technically but they're workable sized.
  4. Please fix beam weapons.

    no.... it's not Status per Ammo. Continuous Weapons were under that model originally (like everything else), but we moved away from that when changing the Damage Model. and what was it moved to? well... Status per Second. as should be common knowledge. - so as is common knowledge... Status/sec makes Continuous Weapons non-viable for Status, which is hilarious since we have so many Continuous Weapons in the Status Weapon Archetype. but they're useless at that Archetype. Flux/Convectrix being the key examples - they're Slash Status themed, but Continuous Weapons can't apply Slash often enough to save their life. here's what a totally Slash Status focused Flux loadout does to this standard Enemy Target - one full Magazine with all Headshots, with the Saryn Passive. that's how effective it was at using Slash Status to Kill. took Convectrix exactly one full Magazine (had <10% Magazine left, close enough) to Kill the Target. which means both of these Continuous Slash Weapons... take 20+ Seconds of Mag Dumping at the Head to Kill. here's what a Hind did in less than one Magazine. i could've saved ~10 Ammo and still Killed it. so ~45 Ammo to Kill. sooo.... Continuous Slash Weapons, when completely maxed out in Slash application, are still not quite capable of competing with the Hind. 'Status per Second is good'
  5. fair enough. definitely towards Divebomb then, as it's designed more for interaction with Enemies directly. i'd rather not replace global Mobility mechanics - there's always room for a Warframe to add a unique one in addition to the existing options. Fine Aim letting you target Divebomb and Tornado, sure why not. - - - - - FWIW, when that was submitted for Augment stuff. Magnetize came long after. (~18 months) and if a non stationary Ability that can Stagger Enemies usurps Silence in your eyes - that suggests Silence is very barren Mechanic wise if... Impact Status would basically be competitive with it. i don't think it's quite like that, but if anything else having the capability to Stagger nullifies the purpose of that Ability - that means it didn't have much going for it in the first place. but anyways, like the Projectile Range for Turbulence, Range of that writeup was to be pretty small. 3-5m or something, which is starkly different from Silence at 20m. yep, you totally would be capable of having Enemies breach through the 'Hurricane', and be inside where it's calm. it's an occupational hazard to be aware of to encourage the Player to use its strengths by getting close, but not getting too close or getting complacent. which also therefore gives consideration to increasing Power Range, as all Abilities should have. you get something useful out of it, but it comes with a cost as well. at any rate, at best that design would be a 'discount Magnetize'. able to redirect Projectiles for some Defensive value(expensively though, since another Ability is required to redirect Enemy Projectiles), increase their Damage enough so that they can deal some slightly relevant Damage. Projectiles swirl like a storm, which would mean a literal wall of bullets surrounding you, but that's a ring of Stagger and a bit of Damage rather than a sphere of massive destruction. since it's definitely not going to be an Augment... (i knew fully well when submitting it wasn't going to be considered - it's too Mechanically different/interesting to be an Augment, almost all Augments are only for direct +Stats or adding minor Mechanics that are useless in 99.5% of Gameplay. /salt) there's no reason why such a thing of this accord couldn't just exist alongside Tornado as it stands. to be fair, if you could tell Tornados to stay in one spot, it would be suspiciously similar to Vortex but with Elemental Status Effects added. not that i don't also sort've wish you could tell them to stay put for the most part. *cackling* inb4 'Hold Position' ala NPC's to control them. - - - - - #1 #2 and then to fit all of these cool things, allow me to mostly sarcastically (but slightly not) suggest Zephyr having a 'Tropical Thundertorm' and 'Pacific Gale' side (ala hot air side and cold air side - mostly just flavor text) to be able to have dual purpose Ability buttons for more Abilities. :p
  6. What's the WORST riven you have received to-date?

    it's alright, in that it's hilarious to use. but it's also hilariously difficult to use. but to be fair, the Ammo Pool increase does benefit the nuts Rate of Fire and Crit Damage is a good Stat, ye. i like this one better. http://i.imgur.com/eTdHs02.png
  7. frankly if you arrive at a point where you come to the question of 'is Tailwind or Divebomb more suited to Zephyr thematically' - i'd say neither. Tailwind sort've might as well change into some sort of uh... 'glide mode', providing constant (in the same fashion, an impulse that diminishes over time) forward force, and activating the slow fall aspect, so that you sort of automatically glide forwards. then allow the Player to 'turn' remarkably like a plane, and probably have some Elevator control to avoid small obstructions. more useful than Tailwind honestly. and i guess you can improve Divebomb to launch towards whatever direction you are looking at. and as always (i 'bump' this everywhere for Zephyr - was from the Tornado Augments stuff, but this could very well be an Ability in itself (which is how Augments should be rather than just +Stats like 90% of the Augments but meh)), this in addition:
  8. Clantech - generally - is Equipment which is fancier and more complex than your usual stuff in the game. it's much more successful than Mastery Rank at trying to keep Players that aren't ready for such Equipment from trying to use it too early and being confused/frustrated.
  9. actually, none of those Interrupt Enemies(Mind Control could technically maybe possibly, since it changes Teams). a common knowledge joke about Warframe is that Killing Enemies is the only way to truly CC them. they will complete Attacks or Abilities they are performing even if you Ragdoll them across the map, freeze them solid, put them to sleep, whatever. Warframe Abilities also have some sort of priority hierarchy as well, some will override other Abilities while others just get cucked. there are no interrupts in Warframe. (i know what you meant when you said Interrupt, though) idunno, my Input Hardware works just fine. looking straight up or down is really easy in games, just max out your Pitch control in one direction or the other by slamming it in that direction. you can't do a 360 unless you're in space so you stop when you get to the max. very reliable if you ask me. if people have their Thumbsticks set to be molasses, they have a bad time in almost every game as it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i also hate that Warframe can't have really intuitive, reliable Controls and have as many awesome features as it could - because it needs to be playable on gimped Input Hardware. but that's a different matter and workable most of the time. which you do but it's the last step - make it cool to play first, then decide what costs are appropriate to let you use the Abilities but try to prevent using them constantly. anyways, an older thing i've said for Tailwind & Divebomb (probably said it in this Thread tbh), was to just always perform the Divebomb Effect on impact with a surface when casting Tailwind. even simpler and then you can use it on more than just the ground, you could use it for those Enemies that are on the walls and Ceilings........ :p if you're worried about usurping Rhinos' ""Passive"" it's terrible anyways. Rhino has 2 CC Abilities, and can even have a third if you Equip Iron Shrapnel. - - - - - Speedrunning is about doing N thing as fast as possible - i'm sorry but the literal point of Speedrunning is competing for Times. if you think otherwise, you're.... not thinking of Speedrunning. Mission Rewards or Mod Drops aren't relevant to Speedrunning. Pizzas are something that makes many of the game systems pointless, yes. but i wasn't referring to that at the time. (also that the Raids rely on Pizzas - ala circumventing Game Mechanics - shows part of why they're badly designed. inb4 someone reads that as "i don't know how to play Raids" when that actually says quite the opposite)
  10. so a solution there would be a.... alternative mode you can turn on in the game in which you are Invulnerable and have infinite Energy/Ammo - but Enemies drop nothing and Mission Rewards are disabled. but that's backwards. make the Ability the way that is balanced in context of the game and the rest of the Abilities available first, then apply the Energy Cost later. uhh. aim directly down, Divebomb. aim anywhere else, Tailwind. pretty simple. an actual interrupt? that'd be the first one in the game so then it would be worth more Energy i guess, like 5000E according to that Digital Extremes doesn't let us interrupt anything Enemies are doing. xD but anyways, being able to move around quickly and knockdown Enemies in a reasonable area on impact isn't anything special. it isn't 'worth more than 25E'. Players move very quickly already, adding another layer to that isn't something world changing. and.... we have Melee Weapons or other Abilities which Knockdown (or better CC) larger groups of Enemies for the same Energy Cost (or for free in the case of non Abilities). that's on you, not the game, though.
  11. What's the WORST riven you have received to-date?

    ayyyyy bby i'd want an Ether Daggers Mod. looks like you've already sold it though. anyways let's see... this one is pretty hilarious. this isn't super bad but it's the best thing i've gotten in 30 rolls (wtf). so painful to look at. this one is so bad it's good.
  12. by a Mod Slot giving you the option, you aren't just spam casting Iron Skin for the entire Mission without a cost. your cost to be able to do so, is a Mod Slot. that way atleast you pay something for not using it strategically as it's designed to be used.
  13. again.... people are hacksawing off their own creativity by continuing to insist that Abilities must be 25/50/75/100E and be ordered in such a way. stop trying to make a MOBA, focus on making Warframe. what order Abilities go in is simply important for expediency of availability when Leveling. that is what to focus on for Ability ordering, not to try and create a MOBA hierarchy. don't place Abilities into a Slot because of supposed Energy Cost - their order is important to what Level you acquire these Abilities, for capability of playing and doing something useful vs Enemies while you 'unlock your Abilities' (to be clear i am still not in support of this, because it makes Warframes feel boring and useless while you're Leveling them, rather than giving you the opportunity to learn how they work). what Energy costs are reasonable for an Ability has nothing to do with what Slot it is in - but in what the Ability does and how often you'd need to use it for it to be effective. what? since when? is it really being suggested that merging Tailwind and Divebomb would be 'too good'? surely you jest. 25E to be able to move quickly around in short bursts and create knockdown Shockwaves upon high angle impacts is 'too good'? there's nothing wrong with merging Tailwind and Divebomb exactly as effective as they currently are - these aren't game changing Abilities. in principle yes but this situation is appropriate - you get far more than just recasting capability. you also get the best source of Damage that is available to Rhino, period. plus Ragdolling those Enemies for even more CC. it's a great Augment. being able to natively recast Iron Skin would remove any sort of risk or importance of paying attention to what's going on in the game in using Iron Skin. without being able to recast whenever you please, you get rewarded for using it at the right times to block Damage, rather than it just being 'run a Macro on this button'.
  14. The Index

    as aforemtioned, because of how Conclave (and the game at large) is designed, static Objectives are a very muddy territory to get into. but, aside from that an Index styled Gamemode would be different from the others that exist, and therefore perhaps worth exploring.
  15. The Index

    as aforemtioned, because of how Conclave (and the game at large) is designed, static Objectives are a very muddy territory to get into. but, aside from that an Index styled Gamemode would be different from the others that exist, and therefore perhaps worth exploring.