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  1. and i beybladed through the Room and cleared it faster than that, too. yes, our Stats are high enough to ignore some of the things in the game.
  2. one half is the Base Damage having been dramatically increased, which helped a lot when not using most of the Melee Mods, but why would we be primarily balancing around empty Mod Slots. and the other half is the benefits gained from the Hit Counter Mods, yes. well, i am glad it did not go that way - because i have little interest in using Heavies, essentially ever. it's the Stances/Animations that get me to care about Melee.
  3. yeah, no Abilities would be able to work. maybe Smeeta would, but never bothered trying. i have more Eggs than i know what to do with already anyways. Booster would logically apply but similarly never tried finding out for that in particular.
  4. this is the Warframe Forums, a place where people press Refresh all day waiting for a Conclave Thread so they can copy paste their toxicity into it. anyways, with that out of the way, if you're looking for Players that will generally be much nicer to be around, the Conclave Discord is where the regular Players of Conclave organize playtimes.
  5. the only Multiplayer effect i would expect, is if someone else has a Chance Booster and you do not.
  6. i'm open to offering such a Mod option to Players, however, i'm not aware off the top of my Head any Weapons which you don't already max out the spool up with like, one of the stronger Fire Rate Mods as it is? so i fear such a Mod would be redundant and actually nerfing yourself versus a better option already existing.
  7. being literally AFK in a Public Session is ill advised for sure. and even in a Private Session, you can look suspicious when you're, well, literally AFK.
  8. i think it's warranted to just make it a more interesting Mod Type in the first place. it's a unique type Mod but what it does is about as interesting as a Shadow Debt Mod. more Damage is still either going to make it a prime pick for AoE spamming the Solar Map, or still not useful. so to avoid either of those, give it more Mechanics.
  9. you can spread someone elses' Spores and Miasma will gain the Multiplier off of someone elses' Spores, yes.
  10. i don't have much complaints about Snowglobe as it stands because of being such a perfect protection for anything inside. but, since you bring it up, i'd welcome a Strength based Multiplier for incoming Damage. something more modest, so as it's not a main feature of the Ability, but a helping factor. something like incoming Damage increased by 40% (1.4x, modding value based on +0.4) would be modest enough to not make you exclusively focus on it, but help if you wanted to push it.
  11. i don't see that as a con at all. it scales as well as Covert Lethality used to. gets more useful as Enemy Levels increase. it doesn't need to Mod scale at all, and it would probably get nerfed if it did, frankly. Snowglobe has less you can take advantage of to scale with than Iron Skin, no convenient Augment to let you comically Multiply your Armor - though you can still use some of the same mechanics if you really wanted. you could still use Arcane Tanker and Guardian, but it's not practical to bother stacking that stuff usually since you can't get it to extremes off of it to overscale
  12. sure, the Ice Wave Augment should be innate, Freeze is a bit underwhelming even though it offers even more Slow to stack (or did that get removed when Status stacking was introduced? don't remember - Frost had 4 Slows to stack, and may still or maybe 'only' have 3 now). Avalanche is pretty dull just like every generic AoE blast is, no argument there. the AoE2 feature that it offers is sorta neat i guess, but it doesn't really make the Ability any more interesting to use, just lets you increase the power of it if you cluster the Enemies first. despite the useful CC that Avalanche offers, that
  13. yeah, because someone might choose to use something else despite the merits that one of the choices offer. they probably shouldn't, but i can't control people. there's no proof that anybody can provide to someone that has decided what the answer is before it even starts. there's no convincing bias.
  14. in the words you quoted there, in the same sentence, i already said having one makes any high Level Event run easier and better. that's a must have in the competitive books for most. but it's okay, i spend all day every day dealing with people that won't read what's in front of them. i'm used to it.
  15. some Events didn't necessitate a Frost, but having one makes any high Level Event run much easier. no, nothing shifted at all. you just didn't read. almost every Event, and specifically saying Events which have runs. because the Fusion MOA or Regulator Event didn't have any special Missions for them or anything, for example. some Events just didn't ask much of the Player other than to play a lot. while some other Events had some level of Endurance to them. disqualified runs tended to include, but disqualified for other reasons since the the same sort of Players would al
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