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Seeking PS4 friends + clan


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Hi fellow Tenno! 

My name is Spirit and I'm looking for some friends, or even a clan to play with and help me out. I'm MR13, roughly 180 hours played but somehow I still find myself struggling to progress through story, and even things like decent frame builds.

I'm a 19y/o female working student, who's a bit shy around new people. I'm in the Northeast US, playing usually at night (anywhere from 7p - 2a, sometimes later) but sometimes I'll be on during the day. I have a Discord account, and am more than willing to break the ice by hopping in a server vs a voice chat :D in addition to my being a student and working, that sometimes leads me to disappear for some days, so some leeway would be much appreciated.

Much appreciated Tenno, looking forward to meeting or hearing from you! 😄

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