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My collection of bugs, performance issues and more in aftermath of 24.0.6.


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With hotfix 24.0.6 I decided to compile whole list of issues I encountered in aftermath of said hotfix and Fortuna update in general.


I'm not sure what exactly you did, but you managed to undo any performance fixes you made so far. Yesterday (day before x.0.6) I had acceptable performance.

Here is what I found today (post x.0.6):

  • 1. Disabling options (including high shader, which disabling does nothing btw) deincrease performance.
  • 2. UI in Orb Vallis pretty much doesn't exist. Bounties, markers, objective progress, loot and squad members' glyphs don't load at all even after host change.
  • 3. Loading to Orb Vallis from Fortuna is a 'lift to the center of the Solar system' aka takes forever and cause game client to stutter on transition.
  • 4. Entering Fortuna works fine on init, but then it takes another 3 minutes to load other players' models butchering smoothness of the experience.
  • 5. K-drive camera is directly on top of frames and really up close to the point where either warframe is invisible or you only see the very top of the helmet.
  • 6. Often and random stutters when traveling across Orb Vallis.
  • 7. Changing game settings changes DPI and look sensitivity to some wierd preset, only thing that seems to fix it is to close client entirely and start it back up.

Update #1:

  • 8. Whenever I'm not hosting or my ping with host is above 50 ms all enemies are out of sync. It results in inability to aim, because they just teleport around and are blurred out due to frequent position change.
  • 9. Localization displays text in host's client language when they are not playing game in english which is confusing and contains a lot of special sign errors like '*' in the middle of some words. Only noticed this in Orb Vallis.

Update #2:

  • 10. Opening menu, performing hacking, checking mission progress in Orb Vallis cause 2-5 seconds long stutters pretty much everytime. Especially hacking, which cause spy bounty to trigger alarm and fail bonus objective instantly after stutter.


I hope my feedback will help quickly identify issues and enable you guys at DE to address them as soon as possible. Also if anyone else experience any of the mentioned issues I kindly ask You to describe your conditions of encountering them down here.

With regards,



P.S. Before Fortuna update I had around 140 smooth FPS, but now it goes as low as 40 even in old content and my orbiter. Plus bunch of stutters and wierd client behaviour. It's not a potato PC problem.

P.P.S. If I find more things I will update this post and/or topic.


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I've met the UI bug you've described quite a lot in public bounties, but mainly during when the host has a high fluctuating rate of ping. Due to my location, I always have to play at nearly 200-300ms in public, but when some hosts have ping that just bounces between 200-300 constantly, this problem occurs very frequently.

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Well  i sometime played with 150ms ping to host without any issue while I had thoses NPC teleporting everywhere whith less than 80 ms host.

Seems so random that I sometime have doubts about connexion lag, Seems hosts with potatoes computer, even with decent connexion cannot host proprely a game in orb vallis.

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