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Karma Counter: Impossible amount of decision marker found in certain accounts.


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The Karma Counter, which was introduces with TWW has been tracking your decisions made throughout quests for quite a while, in form of little markers found on the marker itself.

The markers themselves correlate to the following decisions made, ordered in the chronological order they can be obtained in:


1.Marker: 1st decision TWW
2.Marker: 2nd decision TWW
3.Marker: 3rd decision TWW
4.Marker: 4th decision TWW
5.Marker: 1st decision Glast Gambit
6.Marker: 1st decision Sacrifice
7.Marker: 2nd decision Sacrifice
8.Marker: 3rd decision Sacrifice


These test results are taken from me creating a new account and playing through all quests again, just for the purpose of finding out exactly what those markers even tracked, because all information about them seemed inconclusive, ranging from "I didn't even know they existed" to "they mark your quest progression, but I don't know which quest gives which marker".

Obviously, The Glast Gambit is an optional quest, therefore the order may vary or a player may miss out on a marker entirely, by not completing The Glast Gambit at all.

So, this would leave us with a maximum of 8 markers any player can obtain at any given time since the amount of decisions made is limited, right?


This is not really the case, as seen here:


A player with 9 markers:

A player with 13 markers:


The names of those accounts will obviously not be disclosed so that people don't pester them about their marker count.


As can be seen here, there are cases where players can have more than the previously established maximum amount of markers on their Karma Counter, with the question of how being left open.

Replaying quest, as of this date does not add more marker to the Karma Counter, but during the quest itself it preview's them as being added, while at the end of the quest, they won't be added to the account.

A potential explanation could be, that (as I recall it, can't put my finger on which hotfix exactly it was) a hotfix, which removed the ability of replayable quests manipulating the Karma Counter outcome, did remove the ability of player to further manipulate their weighting in the Karma Counter, but did not remove the already added markers obtained by replaying the quests.

Another potential explanation could be, that when the player is in their first playthrough of the quest and makes decisions, then crashes/leaves the mission/restarts the game etc. and then proceeds to do the same/a different decision at the same previously made decision, that this does indeed add another marker to the counter, since the quest itself isn't a replayed one.


If you have any experience on this matter, maybe by having more than 8 markers yourself and you know you replayed TWW in it's early conception, then share your experience here.

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