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Some fortuna squad multipliers are discouraging


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The ones that i think have an issue are:

2 excavators vs 5 excavators while amount of batteries seems the same. It takes more than double the time to finish it in a squad.

Credit collecting: 1000 vs 4000. Yes, 1000x4=4000. But there are less locations now for each player to get credits from. So he has to look longer or wait for enemies to spawn assuming there is an alarm. And travelling between bases still take some time.

Moa and Ospreys elimination: The same as credit collecting, but not as severe. I am assuming this makes little difference in a pre-made squad.

Those are the ones i remember.


For now, there is nothing that playing in a squad offers, except it's more fun for some, or getting carried.

Solo already has faster loading times and ping and now it has much shorter objectives as well.

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I think the only Excavators problem is the initial spawnrate, especially in the beginning when you have to wait for hours before the battery guy decides to spawn. After that, if you manage your excavators correctly, the length should not be a problem. There are definitely a lot more units in 4-man-squads than in Solo mode.

And Credits, as far as I know, are generated for all players. If one enemy drops 100 credits, all 4 members will get 100 credits each, so that makes sense the goal is 4 times higher.

Regarding Moa/Ospreys, I always had a lot more problems with 2-man-squads than 4-man-squads. Especially Ospreys.

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I can't discuss the excavators problems, because i claim spawn rate doesn't seem to be different and you claim there are alot more, and none of us got any proof. The one point i am sure of is that it takes more than double the time.

For credits, i know it's generated for all, I even said 1000x4=4000. That's not my point. Check what i wrote.

The Moa/Ospreys again none of us can prove it.

Guess i am gonna record now.


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