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Beam Range and max ammo stats needed


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With the addition of kitguns some of their parts change the beam weapons ranges, and some of the loaders change the maximum ammo capacity. The only issue with that is that the stats aren't listed so it makes it a real struggle to make an informed choice especially considering how much the stats can vary. Let me use the current in game weapons as an example, The embolist has an extremely short range, practically melee range even which makes it rather lack luster for me to actually want to use and from memory has a rather small ammo pool for it's fast ammo drain. The Synoid gammacor however has a very long range, making it a whole lot more functional for semi large rooms, without knowing that though the embolist would definitely be a better choice on paper with its damage and damage type.  Please consider adding these stats to the stat box for clarification, if for no other reason than to save players making multiple of roughly the same gun just to compare parts.

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