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  1. If weakpoints are revised, please give us some ui to let us know what they actually are. Its easy on humanoids but having to wiki for the non humans is just a pain
  2. I dunno. Legit nothing in the 2020 releases had me excited to play again besides helminth and that.. well the resource cost doesnt at all make it worth using and leveling for me at the moment since it doesnt really foster the creative freedom
  3. Half of those issues would be because theres literally no cohesive story to the game so youre doing all these missions withouy real purpose other than killing the bad guys because youre told theyre bad. Even a little dialogue variance per mission area would help massively in feeling like you were helping a cause rather than just doing things on a whim
  4. Id like to see a few things. Its been a disappointing year content wise so some content that changes up the game enough that gives a meaningful progression loop would be nice to keep me coming back for more than a few hours each update. But heres a few on my list 1. A complete story rework with consistency in mind. As it stands it feels like we've had a bunch of different writers just throwing lore into quests etc with no logical story direction or plot. Many snippets of lore are disconnected entirely or now go against other bits of lore tossed our way. Needs an entire rework honestly and
  5. Given the fact that before you could pick your login reward PSF was at around 800 days.. A whole lot of us had to log in religiously every day to get our rewards. Sure as a newbie you might want everything NOW but you do realise the rest of us already did that grind and youre just getting in late. That said the mod feels like trash teir of the highest order when used so i dont particularly care. It needs fixing. Ignoring staggers should NOT throw you into an animation for as long as the stagger would normally take. Its broken.
  6. Pentagrams also arent really purely satanic. They symbolise all the elements working together harmoniously
  7. Am curious, what percentage of the playerbase actually owns necramechs? I find em boring as all hell so i didnt bother after the quest. Are there a majority who do to make this an event most people can partake in?
  8. Haha well with controller wouldnt you also like to hold the skill button to bring up the skill thing and then press a direction? I always love that sorta menu on controllers for stuff like fable etc. Im sure its just as frustrating holding to swap or pressing a bunch of times to swap skills, and if you miss the one yoy were after having to do it all again. And yeah id love some faster throw and activations on booben, hes not the smoothest at aiming the things already
  9. As the title suggests can we please swap the multiple type skills like minelayer and quiver to a gear wheel style please? Theyre so clunky to get the right skills quickly tabbing through 3-4 different things while under fire or while needing to set up quick. What i was thinking was a hold to open the wheel, W A S D to select a skill. Sure it might move you one step but itd save some vital seconds and let you cast in any order accurately
  10. Before they removed the abilities operator transferance was also a hold/tap thing and it was just painful to do things quick since it was also inverted when abilities were. Definitely need the ability to invert via choice for those abilities
  11. The issue with it isnt really that they're not listening to players... its that they dont care. It's a business and they're running it like one. They know the new shiny things will net them more money than fixing things so everything that gets released gets left in an unfinished state while they move on to more shiny things to throw our way for that next influx of people or paycheck. Its really evident lately in that stuff like railjack was immediately left half finished on release. It WAS supposed to get updates to let you have your own AI crew or different ship types and more skills, a
  12. The simple ability to tell them to hold position or defend my target would greatly help me with mine. Im tired of my companion in parts where im trying to be sneaky running off and alerting everything. And also tired of seeing them across the map from me when im defending a point then having to run off and revive it
  13. Theyre adding every other game to warframe, why not make em usable in a big lunaro court then we can have rocket league. At least then they might have some function outside of being slower than archwing to get anywhere
  14. Given new weapons with forma are lately as strong as old weapons with forma and rivens it makes sense to disuade people from wanting rivens for them right away. That said i really dislike that older primes havent been given the same treatment as newer ones in that they have different dispositions from the base
  15. And then demios was added and its like warframe was merged with the dr phil show. Wonder when theyre going to stick in a dating sim along with some hunie pop.
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