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  1. Ive been playing for many years now and im still just asking myself why i cant just queue up builds. Literally every mmo out there has a build queue for crafting consumables where you just craft one after another as a progress bar fills and resets. Letting us queue up builds lets you fine tune how many you want to make which is a good thing when you have random numbers of resources dropping
  2. Hmm, its still. No from me. The grinding for rng based cards over and over from the relics already has soured it for me, and its still grind, on grind, on grind. Im not seeing anything to fix that part that has me and probably a lot of others turned off
  3. I think the issue is less with the amount of forma needed, though it is an issue, but more with the repetitive experience that is dropping forma after forma into things and needing to grind all the way back to 30 every time. That part of the system is a major cause of burnout because exp in the majority of the games nodes is very lacking so you just end up farming a couple places endlessly
  4. Feels like a majorly $&*^ move to require 15 argon crystals for the building of the railjack when any you gather in preparation would expire before you finished the second part even. They're kind of just sprung on you like all the other resource costs, only these ones you specifically have to grind out pretty much On the day you get the mission to build the part. Already waited and farmed like a week to get it made already, this really just feels like blatant progression stopping grindwalls for the sake of just making people wait till things are fixxed
  5. I was watching aggp on stream today too when it dropped and he also was getting motion sick, even though hes a regular and avid player of archwing normally. As for me i havent gotten to play it yet but for me it looked like the delay between mouse movement and ship movement with that slow accelleration to the cursor was what was doing it
  6. Cost vs reward, heavy attacks just arent worth it. Youre essentially paying two costs. (combo counter + time taken to charge). Given that youre using your combo counter sort of like currency to cash in for a big attack, they really should be instant casts given you already had to spend the time building up the counter. Just doesnt make sense to have them take so long
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