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  1. As someone who was there for solar rails they were the worst implemented idea ever. -They were on long timers so the battle for the control was intermittant, meaning you had to wait to even try and join the battle with your clan -It was first click first serve when placing your rail. Literally. Whichever clan clicked first got the chance to contest for the node and all the rest had to wait hours to try again -The nodes were valuable exp farms and resource farms at the time, given increased drop rates and exp gains, which were shut off when the node got contested by other clans -The Tax system was faulty, People literally just pushed for whichever clan had least tax on the node so they didnt have to give up their own mission rewards to feed the clans vaults. -It wasn't anything close to PVP no matter how they made it seem, it was literally just a spectre or 3 that you had to kill in the mission, and they were weak versions of players since they didn't use many skills and didn't have any manouverability. -Solar rail prices were exceedingly expensive for lower teir clans, It took my ghost clan 3 weeks to build one rail at the time and when we did manage it there was never anywhere to put it with the click race -the only reward for participating in it was clan resources for holding a node for a little. Literally no other reason to do the missions for anyone else I dont want to see them back, not without massive changes to the entire thing which kind of defeats the "bring back solar rails" thing you're talking about since itd just be an entirely different and new game mode. You need a system that's going to be fair to a massive player base, not just 20 or so clans out of hundreds. Maybe a faction system or something similar to syndicates, so you can get standing for your faction shop when playing the mode, and you as a faction hold the point, letting any number of players share the reward for helping out rather than annoying anyone who cant participate because their clan didnt click fast enough.
  2. In this case i probably wouldnt consider it cheating since youd have to customise it to your specific build and duration, but to sustain it you physically have to be playing the game to maintain your energy and deal damage. If it was to say... Spam cast banshee ulti then yeh thatd probs get you banned. But simple buff management i wouldnt think would be an issue?
  3. I agree. The ability to be 1shot out of the sky by almost any damage taken really hurts the enjoyment of it. I can see a little of why they do it, given you can shoot from much further range than enemy detection radius if you simply reveal any enemies then jet out before taking your shots, but thats partially the point of open world areas isnt it? Massively long range sniper combat?
  4. Been wanting to kill her for years, really hope we get to choose to kill her or not. Ps, shes secretly the stalker. How else would the stalker know where we always are, you never see the two of them in the same room together, and she just "happened" to show up on your ship seconds after the stalker left it, no time to board or dock with your lander or anything. And the stalker never shows its face.
  5. I was a little disappointed by the need for it to be clan based too tbh, purely because with some of these larger dojos the load into them is a whole lot longer than simply going back to your orbiter. Maybe if the railjacks replaced your orbiters and landing craft so you could be on them the whole time itd make sense just to use the dojo for initial building and a few upgrades.
  6. You might have more luck winning a lottery and paying full price for the plat than to get discounts handed out. (just btw ive gotten about 3x75%s in almost 6 years
  7. Yeah i didnt mean just add to base abilities though i meant to entirely replace the abilities so they were different for each school, like for example you wouldnt walk into an I.T class expecting to learn to play violin. If all abilities changed for each school the buffs each tree gives wont feel so generic between them. That way it'd be like your school choice meant something. Could even add the ability to add an ability from one tree and one from another giving you a ton of combinations to play with rather than the same few abilities we have currently
  8. I would like to see more operator stuff. I didnt make her all cute and fancy for nothing. What id really love to see is a complete skillset swap per focus school. Like naramon may have the current set, but zenurik could be all about debuffing enemies or something, unairu all about tanking and shields, anything really to make each school feel unique and worthwhile to use, as even with most of the things unlocked i find myself defaulting to zenurik simply because i cant be bothered waiting for energy restore craft timers
  9. I agree with the walls thing but we really need a proper test environment -ability to set enemy state (standing, shooting, crouching, open to finishers, sleeping etc,) so we can accurately test on posed target dummies, maybe even allow you to set debuffs effecting those enemies too as if you had a team with you. -toggle enemy immortality- so you can wail on an enemy and not have it die in seconds so you can test varietys of guns on the one target -damage number display duration. It gets really hard to accurately capture your damage numbers sometimes without a video recording to pause since numbers disappear so quickly Dps meter, itd be nice to have a dps meter somewhere so you can work out your most effective builds without relying on time to kill, since that often requires you to have your stopwatch or phone out while you play one handed to test, that or requirea you to record your kills
  10. Uhm, even on pc the controls are a lil iffy so its not just consoles. Theres a reason people made macros to do things like bulletjump and slide attack, im just lucky i have side buttons on my mouse to map crouch and roll to else id never get anywhere
  11. Im mr26 and the only time im ever bothered with low mr players is literally when im in sorties and theres someone completely unprepared for them. Like the requirement is just to complete tww or something which is a pretty massive gear gap to sorties. I can carry people fine, i just dont like constantly ressurrecting someone or getting whined at cus i leave them to die
  12. While its an interesting concept the problem lies in how slow and forgetable deploying the extractors is to begin with. You cant just boop them all out from one screen but have to manually find planets you can put em on then individually place /collect em. If that process was streamlined, even with a "redeploy/recover" button that sends them all back to their planets at once then im sure people would use them more so de could dedicate time to this sorta system
  13. Except if they do that then there wont be any updates because they'll get in a non stop loop of polishing, finding a bug, fixing, polishing, finding a bug.... They did that with poe. It was in an almost playable looking state at tennocon then took another 5 whole months to polish, release, then another bunch of months to bugfix and theyre still finding some. And during that whole creative process they literally showed us nothing on the devstreams because "its a secret and we want you all to experience it for yourselves". What they need to do is literally go back to small quick updates and fix along the way like they did right up till they got the idea that because theyre now a game with lots of players that they should slow down and push out major updates instead of minor ones. The games never going to be polished enough because theres always ways to improve things, so its better to get it out, then tweak and fix it once its in a stable enough state
  14. I 100% agree with you, i would very much like this "new war" to be the end of these cinematic quests. Personally i dont even see the appeal, sure i liked the second dream, but hated tww and the sacrifice. The best quests in game for me were a few that were based around specific frames, chains of harrow, octavias anthem, but also the mirage quest. Not because they were "cinematic" but because they made me feel things and the stories were well written and complete within the one quest. Harrows made me get that feeling of dread, then the helpless feeling as i couldnt do anything but run. Octavias was a little more of "oh wow this is so cool" then a little awe with the end of it how they played with scale, making you feel tiny inside this big new area against a massive boss. And mirages just really made me like her character, playing tricks and laughing as she slaughtered before getting taken down herself while still laughing. The cinematic quests didnt really do that for me, sure i care about my operator after second dream, but how whiney and emo they get is 100% not my girl when shes in fights, but every choice you make leads to the same dialogue. And the cinematics didnt add anything that short cutscenes couldnt have imo. Am i supposed to feel or care more because something looked prettier than something written well but was just put in via text form?
  15. I wouldnt say no to some cosmetic ear and tail attachments cus id love my operator to be a cute fox girl even if it was just cosplay, but with how rigid their guidelines are even with tennogen acceptance i wouldnt count on more than that even if we ever do get tails. Hell, ivara used to have a misplaced attachment for the phased syandana that placed it like a tail but that was "fixed" too. So much for "power fantasy" without the fantasy part hmm?
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