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  1. Would be nice having a decent ability from each frame sure, but that also means that unless the helminth level up abilities are going to be as good or better than frame abilities theres no reason to rank up the helminth. That said if they do needa do a rework on some of the trash tier frame abilities to make them worth subsuming i wouldnt be against that.
  2. They simply need rerun streams 12 hours after the airing where drops and event stuff happens for both, the only difference being one is live and ones just the recording of the earlier one. That way the whole world does have the chance to see it
  3. LuckyCharm

    Flawed Mods

    Am I the only one who skipped the tutorial when they released it? On release they gave you a yes or no button to press if you wanted to play the tutorial when you first logged in. Me like a silly person pressed no thinking like any rational person that it'd be available in the codex to pick up when I was ready, and being a tutorial mission that itd be replayable if anyone needed a refresher of the game. Boy was I wrong, i now have a quest in my codex thats forever incomplete and Ive missed the chance to get any of these mods yall are talking about. They definitely need to make vors prize replayable. As a tutorial its almost mandatory conent in other games that it would be replayable at any time along with any other tutorial segments you come across in game.
  4. I think they are mostly transparent with some things like frame design, but a lot of this sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting for tidbits of info on other things especially when it comes to discussing the direction the game is heading definitely feels like we're kept in the dark a lot. A huge part of this last year for example feels like some of the things like the new war have been taken in a direction completely different to the original tease with no real explanation as to why or if we're still getting the war side of it coming.
  5. Id love a search option. Is also love the ability to highlight which missions hold my simaris scan targets or search for a mod name and it'll show which missions have the chance to drop it. Or search resources. Its the biggest pain hunting the wiki before you even start a hunt for anything you actually need
  6. Im looking forward to it, but im a little nervous since some frames need synergy from all their abilities to even function, and some abilities are just going to be useless no matter who theyre on. Things like chromas 1 for example. At the same time if you gave say vex armor to inaros instead of sandstorm he'd be neigh invincible and highly damaging with ways to restore his high hp pool back
  7. Thanks for the heads up ❤️ hadnt had the chance to log back in yet but thats cleared up my concerns! Have a great day y'all
  8. Isn't that just the weapons that he sells? I wasnt aware he also sold the blueprints for say revenant etc again. If he does then awesome
  9. Hey all, This new helminth room system looks awesome to me but I do have a bit of a concern. Some of the frames are only obtainable a single time without purchasing them and quite a few are still years off recieving a prime variant. Is there any chance we can get the ability to get those frames blueprints added to the market after youve completed the quest? Paying 375plat etc for the ability to sacrifice it just sounds like a bad deal and sours the whole idea since you give up an item you cant obtain again (as an off topic some of these frames have incredibly long farming times. Harrow and nidus for example. Any thoughts to improve that any before release?)
  10. It honestly has been handled terribly for years. Every single dev stream and tennocon for me has been around 2.30am-5am. These big events really should habe a rebroadcast stream 12 hours later for the other timezone where they can also watch and get drops. LoL do it. Other games do it. Why not warframe, especially on the biggest event of the year
  11. I agree with this post, it really needs to happen. Even if its just a ui button rather than a kb shortcut. I would also like to see the ability to turn off chat completely as an option. Every single new quest i get spoilers from both clan and alliance chat, as well as gen chat or even recruiting. Turning it to invite only is all good and all.. But that solo chat box still dissapears the moment the mission hits the orbiter again, chat even appearing during over the top of some cut scenes. I also get chat spam I dont want appear during streams too, which is one more reason id request that. I dont often stream warframe but when I do I kind of just want to keep a party chat open ty
  12. You know itd be perfectly fine to use older resources if we had some meaningful deep gameplay loop that kept us coming back. Currently doesnt feel like there is one. A skill tree for the operators thats more like Path of exiles rather than the simple shallow focus trees we have mayb where theres endless customisations to be done. Maybe let us modular some warframe skills after mastering them, so we can build our own "frame" of skills onto our operators instead so theyre always being able to beimproved and worked at. That way people actually have reason to experiment and do different things. Simple stat checks and locking new items behind neverending grindwall does not fun make.
  13. Makes me sad too. The aklatos make a great noise, have a good stat spread and could use the love. Can always hope for those prisma aklatos i guess
  14. Hey all, Feels like its about 6 years too late for this weapon but is there any chance we can get a rework/ buff to the stug? It was completely left out of the weapon adjustment passes entirely, and it has the potential to be a fun weapon with a lil buff and tweak to it's usability. My proposal is to firstly let its blobs explode on contact immediately with enemies. The stacking mechanic is outdated and doesnt at all work well. This would allow you to actually use it to kill things rather than have all your kills taken by the time your bullets finally explode. And secondly, it really needs a major status and crit boost. 0% status on a corrosive damage base just hurts. What even is the point? And a 5%crit chance gives you no other option but to build for flat damage. Even with my 400% damage riven a base damage of 4 can only go so far. And the explosions faire little better with a whopping 70 whole damage. About 200 less than other guns of a similar category. Please consider tweaking this gun, its been a fun one to mess about with for years but its also been a pointless one to carry for anything besides what used to be self damage. Doesnt even have that as a purpose now. Thank you for reading!
  15. Much in the same way warframe +huniepop would be the best dating sim. Sounds like our kids are growin up soon, plains of duviri could be the dating sim we all didnt know we needed till now. (seriously tho, john prodman is dream daddy)
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