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  1. As you said, it's sort of a core issue of the game. A core issue of the game that has been well.. a century old as you put it. So adding to game modes and things that generally cause people to host migrate a lot because of deaths and just wanting to leave, well it's more of an issue now than it was before this sorta thing got put in. It even used to be an issue in raids, where because a host left the entire 8 person squad got disbanded.
  2. Please upgrade the host migration system. With all these modes letting you now leave when you want and arbitrations and eso generally having people stay only as long as they feel like we frequently get the ol' connection to the host has been lost, returning to orbiter thing. Can you please add a "play solo" button to the migration screen? And some way to search for another host and continue on with the rest of your squad, like if host b fails why then cant host c be the host instead of getting pushed back to the orbiter. Thank you
  3. I dont think id care for a store, but i wouldnt say no to a notice board sorta thing, letting you post what you have for sale, then letting players message you to arrange a trade.
  4. I already one shot everything. Theres literally nowhere to take any powercreepy mr 27 weapon even if we got one. Why not ask for a mr20+ super high level area first or more challenge before the showoffy weapon so theres incentive to actually farm for it
  5. Been wanting lore in game for years. We dont even get it in flavor text or anything most times. Picked up destiny 2 the other day (cus i was bored out of my mind waiting for content to drop which i could use my high lvl stuff in. ) and i do sorta have to say its nice having a game that tries to storytell. With characters that are likeable and fleshed out. I even found myself LOVING the random AI failsafe. She was hilarious while also continuing the story. Its seriously making me consider dropping money in and getting the dlcs. Warframe...doesnt anymore. What am i going to do with more powercreepy weapons. I already comfortably one shot all the starchart and clear any other content with ease. If they had a story though that carried you through and made you care about the cause, then id feel much more invested into wanting those power items to continue that fight
  6. Id like target dummies too, with the ability to set their enemy type but have them immortal so you can test all the damage on them without killimg them after 1-2 shots like can happen with some weapons, even at lvl 160. I also second the need for simulacrum rooms where things cant fall off. Its hell trying to fight the juggernaut on there, but almost as bad for most other enemies if you have any knockback or displacement abilities at all
  7. I honestly dont see your point, given that you can trade fish for rep, which means while theres a miniscule hit to your daily standing cap, with one bait you can not only cover the price of the bait you just used but gain more standing on top of it. Newbies to the system may feel slighted.. Right up until the point they realise it not only took 2-3x longer to originally max your standing out in cetus since a ton of things used to cost more and require more resources, once theyre maxxed on standing rep theyre effectuvely better off buying bait than having to farm resources for the crafts. Its still a win, and its actually easier to start farming the fish they need since the baits cost less than the old blueprints so if they dont need many its better that way too
  8. Seems like even with the changes most of these augments will simply find no use in builds. Theres a reason lots of these are underused and thats not simply because they lack a little damage, or duration.. Lots of the ones listed just dont add to the skills enough to make those skills different from the non augmented skill. Simply adding finisher damage or combo counter or a small blind or a little more damage doesn't really help make those skills different from the usual, so you may as well just drop in another warframe mod instead. Itd do more for ALL your skills
  9. I really like the complete a spy as the operator one. Please make more of this sorta thing (like the riven opening challenge things). Stuff that can be completed in one mission.. But only if you take your time and prepare for it, or tune your loadouts for it
  10. I think most of the archwing stuff needs a re-look at, but for me, my issue with kdrive is mainly down to terrain and the "tricks" you can do with the board. If youre going to add board tricks and have massive areas, you need a whole lotta ramps and half pipes. Its just simple knowledge for anyone whos ever picked up any skating game. Just doing tricks straight off the ground or slight hill feels bad and barely gets you time to show off. Add to that the movement system. You simply dont have any way with the current kdrive system to gain a vertical arc motion, currently you simply jump off a ramp and then seem to start falling immediately, theres not that up and weightless moment at the apex like skating games afford you. This just makes all your tricks seem like theyre designed to be used suuuper quickly which means we just spam them with little thought or reason and they look baf because they activate and perform so fast. As people have said, kdrive is never going to be the better transportation choice over archwing (and currently not the best for combat), why not simply make it the better tool for having fun with
  11. I think k-drives need a few fixes to make them more popular choices that would require more work than an unnecessary nerf to itzal. -allow attacking from k-drive -k drives get unique skills like archwings do. -k drives become like zaws/kitguns in that their parts actually change how they perform in a way. increased accelleration vs top speed vs handling sorta thing. -tricks need a bunch more versitility. Landing tricks could also give you bonus's like increased move speed etc and most of all.. The terrain actually needs more things to jump off of rather than slam into, make more ramps, halfpipes and bowls. The lack of this stuff is what makes archwings always a better choice, you get stuck or slowed down soo much by inaccessible areas and walls blocking you compared to being able to just fly over everything till you get to your destination. Just my opinion anyway, I use amesha or itzal for everything anyway (usually amesha because i like it better for archwing content and im too lazy to swap off) but odonata and elytron could defs use a few buffs
  12. I actually meant speed up archwings xD I feel the k-drives are plenty fast for how you're actually expected to do tricks on them, if they were faster the kdrives would be more uncontrollable, and you'd probably end up with even less time to actually perform tricks with them. But your idea of races with enemies having their own vehicles would be pretty awesome. Hopefully something like that comes about in the future
  13. Literally everything is wrong with the system. What you're asking for is a whole new blueprint with different requirements. Not just a simple "keep the blueprints there" To craft a glappid bait you need to have fished for norgs, and cuthols, which require you to have farmed for other fish, who's baits required you to farm for other fish. It was a whole teired system. And you'd still want to hand some of those fish in for standing meaning you'd need to fish EVEN MORE for bait. It's literally a massive time sink, and that's the whole issue. What's being discussed here is if you have the time to do all that extra fishing all the time to get the fish you need to make the baits for things and most people wont. Hense why I called it a trap, because the time vs reward just isn't there compared to the new system. regardless of daily cap. Because in that same vein of thinking a newbie can farm more daily cap simply by doing a bunch of weapon building and grinding to increase their MR in that same time few extra hours a day it'd take to do all the fishing for these higher level baits.
  14. Just my opinion but I think having the blueprints there still is just gonna be a trap for newbies. Just the same way mod packs and relic packs and credit packs from the market are. They'll be all "ooh i can just get a blueprint and craft all this stuff" then spend many hours longer getting the resources needed than necessary. There was nothing good about the previous system, and if you want proof just look how quickly we could rank up in fortuna this time compared to the grind the plains were. For every one day we lost in standing for the baits, we gained like 2-3 hours fishing time we could spend doing bounties or mining, or conservation or anything else so we had those resources stockpiled too. I mean.. sure for those of us maxxed out the blueprints would be okay i guess... i still am all for saving time so i like just buying the baits a whole lot more, but its just not worth using all my stored resources, or time getting the parts im missing just to fish to get fish that i need to make bait to get the better fish that i need to get bait to get the better fish
  15. Hey Y'all. After hearing about the idea that Itzal may get it's 1st ability changed I figured I'd make a lil thread outlining a few thoughts on the different transportation options available and my opinions on them. Do be aware these are purely my opinions so they may not reflect everyone. Expectations I think people had for K-drive on original concept: -Run and gun style, shooting/melee while on the board still. -Tony hawks pro skater style trick system, (multiple versions of the same tricks performed in different ways depending on button press, special tricks unlocked with standing. Fluid control system relying on button combo presses and holds to perform tricks) -Customisable base stats based on what parts you used akin to the kitgun system. (if you want more handling and less speed etc you could do that, or increase accelleration at the cost of handling or max speed etc.) -More ramps and bowls and grinds in the terrain, half pipes even, rather than trying to find that sort of stuff to play on in the "natural" sort of terrain that doesnt seem to have been built with that sort of fun in mind at all. -Vertical movement off terrain rather than purely horizontal for the most part Reasons to use archwing vs k-drive: -You can get a height advantage for easier long range sniping. -You can use the unique archwing skills vs k-drives lack of any skills. -Travelling over terrain isn't stopped by small rocks, fences, small ledges etc, and you can fly straight over anything you like pretty much letting you travel in a mostly straight line the whole way to your destination -Has barrel rolls (aileron rolls?) when you dodge sideways. -You can fire from the archwing and keep going Reasons to use k-drive over archwing. -Tricks -Look cool-ish while travelling. -Don't get weird camera movement when turning. -Dont seem to get immediately knocked off of kdrive by any damage like what happens with archwing Reality: Honestly couldn't think of any more reasons for the k-drive thing and thats an issue, They don't have skills, they dont let you attack on them, they get stuck on any fence, rock etc unless you jump but even then cannot travel straight over mountains etc like archwings do. This means they're always going to be slower regardless in pure traversing terrain. Given how much terrain is in your way and how easy it is to fall off too it doesnt feel like increasing their speed even more will do anything for me other than increase the frequency of times I'll smash into something. As for tricks you can't reliably perform them in most places because a) you dont get the vertical air that skating games award you via half pipes and bowls etc since we don't have that terrain or movement system (it feels like the majority of the movement directions are horizontal and most flight arch shapes performed are done with the character mostly horizontal unless specifically directed by the player.) This said, warframe isn't particularly a skating game, it's mostly a shooter that this skating has been added to so trying to compare a skateboard to a jetpack is a hard ask, given the thousands of meters you have to travel between shooty bits. Personally I dont like the current k-drive system at all given how easy it is to crash and ragdoll off them, among getting shot by random enemy spawns because you're closer to the ground which makes them spawn closer to you usually. If im travelling long distances I just want to get from place to place efficiently since I'd generally be there for a purpose if i have specific areas im aiming to get to. For pure messing around k-drive is fine i guess, but given there's not much to "mess around" doing in the maps where there's only hostile enemies and no hidden side quests, npcs or anything it doesn't particularly feel worth using the boards. At least for me. Solutions?: -Let players attack from k-drives -Make a lot more ramps, halfpipes, and bowls (particularly in the "natural" terrain areas since most things able to be tricked off are mostly just mountain tops or corpus buildings/objects) , and actually make the momentum similar to skating games in that if you go up a halfpipe you can come back down and land on that same pipe. -add some skills to k-drives, or maybe allow warframe abilities to be castable from them. -Make incentives to use and land tricks off some areas, be it achievements or otherwise. -reduce random enemy patrol spawns when travelling by board in secluded areas of the map so you can actually have fun doing tricks etc without having enemies teleport in and blast you all the time -Speed up archwing in the open worlds and improve their breaking. (they're always going to be the better way to get to places so make that less of a chore) Anyway, that's my take on it. I don't think itzal needs to be changed as much as k drives purpose needs to be re-defined. Thank you for reading ^^
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