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  1. Id rather they not be put into lua spy. They could just as easily be spread to other spy missions, such as kuva spy. Even have a derelict spy made for them. Having all the mods in one spot just dilutes those drop tables more and forces you to only do that one tileset over and over to get the things
  2. My major issue with the cap is that the riven cap is shared by all types. If say... You had 30 primaries, 30 secondaries and 30 melee (which lets face it, theres like 400+ weapons in game at this point), you still now have no room for archgun rivens or sentinal rivens. The cap really isnt enough to even get a moderate collection of weapons their rivens. I could fill the entire riven slot list at the moment with the melee weapons i own and still not have enough slots to riven them all and then none of my other weapon types would have any. And thats just melee
  3. Sure, stick them in both places, but id never get any rivens anymore if they were arbitration only. I find that game mode boring and the revive mechanic is almost unusable.
  4. Thing with this game you'll come to realise is they rarely if ever do across the board changes to things. Some frames have needed love since their release, some have needed it since they were first teased on dev streams even. But they have so many frames, and more on the way that with every new release it feels like it adds more to the timer of when things will get touched. Well that and the meta shifts a lot when they buff or nerf things, so what used to be effective may not be effective now. Vauban for example used to be a must play for many a game mode. Havent seen one at all recently
  5. Tbh there really should be more resources like argon crystals. At least with those it requires me to run a mission or two before i build anything new that isnt given a new resource to grind for. Hexanons going to go the same way as all the rest too, like someone said, theyve already started their stockpile. Once i get my guns built my pile of the stuff will start accumulating too. Ps: de please release a gear item that makes use of ferrite and alloy plate. Kthx
  6. I too have problems maintaining her energy, and i do have energises equipped. This mainly boils down to the fact i use her augment though and need to continuously cast her other skills to keep the buff up. I would like a slight decrease in pickup range for the orbs tho. 5m rather than 3, simply because i try to stay above enemies and 3m feels too close to the floor when youre zooming
  7. The issue with wukongs 1 is that when your whole melee - gun swap being a major selling point to the recent additions, forcing the clone to swap regardless of what its doing simply stops it from attacking even longer than it otherwise might have done. Why not something simple like recast swaps places with your clone, or recasting sends the clone to attack your target. Defy i dont really have an opinion on, will have to see how effective the taunt is. Cloudwalker needs to do something more than remove you from combat. It cant even float you through laser gates without alerting enemies in spys even though youre just a cloud. Maybe it can slow or blind enemies currently in the radius, maybe the clone can still run around while youre clouded.. Something to make it worth using more than an escape. Even heals over time would be nice inside it. And now for the 4. Im never going to touch this ability again if it gets the baruch charge up bar. Whats the point of being the monkey king if you cant use your staff. If anything it needs those stupid slams removed from the combos and get more sweeps so you have some aoe in your kit. Youll be getting your energy drained, you should be able to hit more targets than in a 2m radius like the slams seem to have, especially if you have a giant staff.
  8. For the little ive played her the ult feels really rather lacking, but my biggest issue is with her 3. Its really not flashy enough. I cant really tell too well with all the other frame abilities effecting enemies which ones ive actually hit, even if i have blinding white energy on and when i shoot them the particle shooting off to hit other enemies really doesnt look that fancy. Please flash her up some? Girls gotta have some flair
  9. Im a loki main. Been a loki main over 5 years. Will still be a loki main in the future. Reason? His playstyle suits mine. I have all the other frames and always default back to comfort. Theres nothing wrong with having a comfort pick whos your go to for all the things. Your arbitration buff sorta idea doesnt agree with me. We're already way too strong anyway and any negative modifiers you might think to add gor balance would just upset peoples builds. And probably just annoy people like me if say.. It was +300% str, -30% duration
  10. As someone who plays LoL, id just like to make the comparison to their event tokens. You spend all event in LoL actually doing the event, but the tokens themselves expire 2-3 weeks after the event actually ends meaning you can still buy stuff right up yo that point. I feel with all the effort it takes to get creds itd be nice seeing the actual shop disappear a few weeks after the event too rather than on the day the event ends. I was one of the people stockpiling creds too just incase the cred store had some unique things closer to the end. But luckily i saw when they expired and just bought random stuff before i lost em.
  11. Yeah, my issue with this is that it requires you to have completed the war within, which as a new player when you need the most help is before that time. After TWW you're kinda comfortable to go it alone for the most part since you know the basics having done them for the entire starchart. Energy siphon does have it's uses though. With enough efficiency you can have a perma invis loki (recasting when it runs out of course) without losing energy for example. Other examples are nova, i've run nova with just energy siphon for years without energy issues since the slow lasts so long and doesnt need many recasts, so energy siphon works with a little efficiency to keep you able to cast MP There's plenty energy siphon can do, it's main drawback is that it's now only obtained from nightwave >.< in which case you have to toss up between that and CP if theres other things you needa spend your creds on
  12. So what youre saying is.. You told new players not to use a bunch of mods because they have stats you dont agree with in favor of rarer and harder to aquire mods. Not to use any other aura than cp, when as a new player cp is completely unnecessary right away whereas energy siphon is a lot better which you also shot down because it doesnt give an energy per second. Lets point out that 0.5 or whatever it is is still better than zero energy per second which literally is their only other option since all the other choices are things that arent available early game. Then you went on to try and tell in depth mechanics to someone who at that point probably just wants to shoot things. I could point out a bunch of other things but you lost me at "loki is bottom teir". As a loki main i can safely say ive done literally all the content in game with him. Even my first eidolon hunt was with him since i didnt know what i was walking into. Just because his invis cant be refreshed is a silly reason to discount him. If you ever thought to play him youd realise if you simply add a natural talent mod to him you recast faster than enemies can get to alert status. But hey.. You do you. Just stop feeding new players bad info k?
  13. Before they started tieing progression to mastery rank it was simply a mark of how many things youd collected and leveled. In the 5+ years that ive played i spent probably 3+ years at around mr10, and i'd done every bit of content (mission and story wise) that the game had to offer, and my main guns all had 5+ forma. Now im mr26, still done all the content and story and nothing really has changes other than ive had to level 400+ weapons i barely touch. Mastery isnt a sign of skill, its just an arbatrary marker saying you spent way too long leveling things youre probably never going to touch again so having it listed publicly on the forums just invites those people to shame or shun you because you didnt waste your time like some of us have
  14. I really like the complete a spy as the operator one. Please make more of this sorta thing (like the riven opening challenge things). Stuff that can be completed in one mission.. But only if you take your time and prepare for it, or tune your loadouts for it
  15. Thanks friend ❤️ heres hoping de make some revisions before things are set in stone for another few years till a rework
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