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  1. Honestly though, the entirety of the riven system is flawed. The very fact that its based off of weapon popularity is incredibly flawed in that theres many powerful crazy weapons out there that actually are on par with the weapons receiving nerfs that just win out because they're less popular. Weapon gains and nerfs should entirely be based off of average statistical damage output, not simply "this weapon is popular and therefore needs a nerf bat," since half of the time the reason weapons are popular is because theyre either more fashionable, have some quirk that makes them fun, or are simpl
  2. Hey, Thanks y'all for the comments about the codex. I've never really used it for anything past the quest pages since I get a little lost with it. All the big shiny pictures and very unclear ability to find what i need in a simple way sort of stops me using it. Also I wasn't aware of the scanner thing after completing enemy scans, thank you! Though I do wish that it would work on scope or you could equip it as a scope so you could actually use the weakpoints with your weapons rather than having to awkwardly bring it out, take a look and then swap back. I mean most times I'm strong enough
  3. Hey all, now I know many of us have been playing for years, but even after 7-8 years now we still have to refer to the wiki for simple things. Not even niche things, but just simple things like enemy weaknesses and weakspots, damage type combinations and what they do, even things like where to get different items and mods. We really need ways in game to explain stuff like this readily. It's not handholding to have places to see this sort of thing, its simply common sense to keep players inside the game rather than having to run off to the internet to see that sort of info, Much in the same wa
  4. They're giveaways, so random chance like the dev stream giveaways
  5. Personally I think DR needs to be removed entirely. Including from frames. Replace it with something else like nezhas old shield or something, but damage reduction, especially upwards of 50% just makes it so enemies need to do EVEN MORE to kill your already almost unkillable frame but means frames without the DR are also so much less likely to be picked on areas that require some sort of damage mitigation purely because it's overtuned for the DR people can get. If anything just remove the DR, remove the hitscan for enemies and make bullets able to be dodged rather than homing. You feel like a
  6. I mean to be fair, guy does raise some good points. I wasn't done at all with avionics but I did have a really solid railjack before all this too and it did cost me a whole lotta saved endo just getting back to where I was with void hole etc. I think my main issue though is the rate at which plexus levels. Doing regular railjack missions feels like it doesnt level much at all, theres got to be some easier way to level than simply grind it out for hours
  7. They could very easily add challenge to the game. It just requires fixing only the entire game. seriously, we used to have challenge, t3 towers used to have level 60 enemies in there that before damage 2.0 actually meant you had to walk in with a proper loadout because weapon average damage was exponentially less than it currently is, and there was less multipliers for all stats. And less energy on top of that so you had to plan your casts sparingly. It was actually really fun to throw yourself or your team at that sort of thing and see how you'd go. What they'd have to do to creat
  8. I know formaing things isnt always entirely necessary, but imma be honest here, if i'm going to be walking into unknown content, or trying to challenge myself on content I'll be walking in with something thats up to the challenge. It was less necessary before to have forma'd gear but now with the release of steel path and other things that have higher level content and high defenses it almost gets to a point where you need it. Personally after 8 years, you'd expect builds to have been blown wide open with all manner of possibilities being possible, and builds being able to be swapped out
  9. The issue that we had with it when it was going to be implemented was that DE wanted it to drop from some grindy place and it'd only last 24 hours, so every day you wanted it you'd have to go and grind for it. Honestly I think every player would have been happy if it'd enable a switch you could turn on and off any time you wanted once you unlocked it for a frame, but it wasn't going to be like that. With just how many frames there are in game it would have been a pain in the tail having to farm for an item in disruption every day and have it only work on one frame. I'd like them looked i
  10. Its been a problem for years now. With how flashy and obnoxiously bright some skills are can we at least get the option to freeze effects when on a local client side? By that i mean things like vaubans vortex/bastille just hang in place. Still have the effect but it halts the animation. As bad as visual clutter is, for me personally my eyes are attracted to movement, and when every single thing cast or even environmental is glowy and moving its very hard for me to accutately track bullets and enemy positions. The effects can still do their things to effect enemies, id just ask the ones that ar
  11. More to the point where are tyl regor and nef anyo during all of this. They were established as major threats and war leaders in the other quests and now just have been tossed aside while these other unknown characters are given all the spotlight. And yeah alad v is another main one since he had dealings with lotus before she bailed. STILL waiting to get rid of purple hologram lotus too
  12. Just where is the operator during all of this tho? Kiddo was silent for this ENTIRE mission, and most of the rest of the railjack bs thats become the norm at the moment. Not even the warframes got cut scenes like they normally do in this one. Was simply pre-rendered scenes for most of this one. And why is cephalon cy suddenly like our bossman, hes just some jerk ai that happened to be the best choice to plug into my ship sometime.
  13. Am I the only one here who actively hates the gas city update? I'm all for fun level design but adding so many areas where you just can fall and get all your buffs reset or come across areas where even the enemies actively ON THE SHIP can't navigate those areas really feels like they were thrown in for the sake of "this looks cool" or "players like challenge so heres a challenge" rather than making the game actively fun for what it is at its core which is a hack and slash/looter shooter. More of that? Thats a no thank you from me. I already don't like the new navigation for the corpus ship upd
  14. Playing through it I just felt really like I had a major sense of dejavu. Basically it felt like every short quest in game that you find some long dead frame, do some sorta rescue mission, and end up with their blueprint. The story itself felt a little bit random to me honestly. You just show up, salvage some stuff, a corpus ship comes in and attacks you. You get "saved" by the tempestari and then the corpus ship is suddenly super crazy and tryin to kill you like you're their nemesis. Basically the octavia quest. or the mirage quest. or the harrow quest, nidus quest, revenant quest.. .just pic
  15. Didn't particularly feel like inspired writing either if im honest. Felt almost phoned in with the poor dead warframe in trouble > tenno investigate and save it> get reward. It's basically a less fun version of octavias quest. or titanias. or harrows... basically most of the recent ones. Wasn't really an update deserving of a "mainline" imo. Even the patchnotes took less time than the last railjack set of patchnotes and the quest announcement sorta advertised the update that was already in game. I was pretty heccin disappointed it barely introduced something new for being such a mileston
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