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Rotation change for Sanctuary Onslaught


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Minor suggestion/feedback. The AABC rotation rewards for Sanctuary Onslaught sucks. It tends to lead to "Let's go to 8 and bounce". All the time. I'm sure if DE posted a graph of how long people stay in Onslaught and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, you'd see a majority of them bounce after getting their Wave 8 "C" reward.

My suggestion, simple. Do the same thing with Rotation Rewards that Arbitrations do and go with an AABCC... rotation reward system. You'd actually make folks WANT to stay in after wave 8, and you reward folks for killing everything in the later waves by giving them equal chance at the GOOD rewards and not starting over with the A-level rotation again.

Fix/change that, and Sanctuary Onslaught will be good as Arbitrations.

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