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[Bug?] Gear Disappearing...


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So... what happens is here; i decided to stock up on a bunch of items, i already had a few. So i got every credit item to 100 stacks, i know; that half an hour was pretty damn boring. So i get back on after quitting 10 minutes later and what do you know, everything that was in my inventory had completely disappeared.

If anyone else had this happened to them or know how to fix it, please message



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I had this problem very often.

It happened three times already.

I wrote a support ticket and they restored the lost gear.

But only the gear I lost the last time.

And it took quite a while for the response.

So you have to wait a week, if they are experiencing a very high volume of tickets.

Hope this helps you out...

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its an old problem with consumables disappearing, no idea why it happens, I gave up reporting it after the 5th or 6th time it happened and nothing happened to restore them, I rarely use them now and wont be buying any extras beyond the few I have in my inventory atm


looks like this kind of thing will be craftable, but I just hope the new system doesn't eat them like the current one at random intervals

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It used to only affect equipped gear now its affecting any in your inventory as well, 6 of each ammo packs and large health all gone and because of the cost on fusing mods I cannot replace them.


Weekend patching, for fucks sake DE stop it.

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