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Assault Mode doesn't reduce inventory clutter, because you can't sell the obsolete mods.


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I see that Assault Mode reduces clutter for future players, since it replaces at least three mods, and no doubt more in future.

But it doesn't actually reduce inventory clutter for me - or any other experienced player - because the three truly obsolete mods "Retarget", "Swift Deth" and "Warrior" are on the list of mods you can't sell entirely.  For very good reasons, all three have always been on the list of "mods the game won't let you sell the last one of".

So my modding UI is still going to be cluttered by these three mods, it's just that now there's really no point in them being there.

Please make these three sellable, and don't penalise the players who do so by improving any of them at a later date.  Just make them go.  That's the entire purpose of the exercise.

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are they tho? I had no issue breaking all of them down to endo and that's before the change has even hit the grid.

if such restriction is anywhere in place tho for those - four - mods then of course they should indeed remove that.

(edit: four because striker was also rolled in - and it was basically same but with weaker range)

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