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I'm missing only a couple of things on Garuda


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First off: I love Garuda. Her abilities feel impactful and useful, the conditional nature of her 1 as a nuke ability is giving me hope for future warframes, and I greatly enjoy playing her due to how she weaves her 1, 2 and 3 together. Kudos to the design team on this one, she's a great success, in my opinion!

There's only a few things I think need to be improved. In order of relevance...

  1. Her Blood Altar needs a release function. The enemies that you impale are effectively entirely invulnerable for the remainder of the duration. This is good against lowly mooks. This is less good against the last enemy in a defense wave, a power carrier, or an energy leech eximus. I suggest giving it an additional function in that holding 2 will cause her to release all blood altars currently active, no extra effect necessary.
  2. Dread Mirror's leap should do some kind of damage. It's a bit unsatisfying to leap onto a very weak enemy and deal effectively zero damage to them. Making this scale with your melee mods so that it basically amounts to a basic melee attack would make it feel a lot better.
  3. The charge up of the Blood Heart and Seeking Talons currently interrupts Aim Glide. Since the first is reliant on accurately striking the center of a group of enemies, and the second is dependent on having as many enemies in your FoV as possible, I would recommend changing this.
  4. Seeking Talons could use a slight increase to the rate at which its FoV expands.

I'm pretty sure that this is all, in my opinion! The design is already excellent, but with these changes, I think she'd be absolutely stellar! Thank you for this Warframe, she's a blast to play!


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