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Moa Armor/Health/Shields different listed order Parts Vs Assembly


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Not so much a bug but just for the sake of consistency. 

I ran up to todays daily deal and saw a "top hat" Moa I really liked the look of. So with the Bursa legs just around the corner I started looking at the Build previews for some combinations and noticed that the Moa components list their stats in the order of Health/Shields/Armor but when you go to assemble them they are listed at the bottom of the screen in the order of Armor/Health/Shelds.

So there is a heightened possibility that someone might transpose the values onto the incorrect stats if they where looking at the assembly list and seeing the order as Armor/Health/Shields then looking just at the numbers on the Moa parts and not their full description. Which might lead to them picking something thinking it's giving them +5% armor when it's actually giving +5% health. 

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