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Weapon is actually broken (Tonkor unusable)


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Grenades don't explode

That the Tonkor has fallen deep, like you really must like the weapon and have great traking ability to not die by random grenade bouncing.

Thats was not that bad, because the Tonkor would explode when touching a enemy.

It doesn't anymore. The grenades just bounce of with literary no effect(no dmg, no status nothing) because the effect should be there detonation.

I tested Fortuna, Starchart and Simulacrum, with and without Riven, the result did not change. (Selfdamage does, so yay)

All thats left is shooting it at their feet or into small spaces to hope it just stays there till it detonates automaticly. Headshots just send it useless into the air.

This is now a crit weapon punishing you for headshots.


I love the design of the weapon, the fact its a weapon that stays close to real weapons, that it is a gun with few but powerful shoots. Its up there with the Grinlok, the Tigris and the Karak but it feels more and more like a abusive relationship i should just leave behind.



PS(Some oldies like the Acrid and Stug need some love. A acid-needle and a goo gun need those cool mechanics some of the new guns have, because as is, there trades are more drawbacks than anything else.)

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