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[Weapon Concept] Ignition Blade


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Ignition Blades are complex weapons from a mechanical viewpoint. In base form they are quite simple and can't do many combos, they are perfect for those that only use simple melee , as they don't do anything fancy that could make the wielder miss the strike (like striking too high to reach short enemies) but still do full damage.

When wielded as main hand weapon though, Ignition Blades are another story. Each Ignition Blade has some requirements to unleash its true nature, although some are simple (pick an energy orb), others could be more complex (kill 2 enemy units in the same circular slash) or even quite specific (reach red crits / Proc ice status on enemy unit), depending on how powerful the hidden buff and skill are. 

Once the requirement is done, the weapon opens up, filled with pure energy and reaching its true form. In ignition mode not only do they get wild comboes with many kinds of effects or buffs, but they also adquire one special skill similar to warframe or operator powers (Not sure wich button should activate these, we shall see after melee 3.0). These are weapons made to be used to those that actually want to take time to tame this ignited beast.

Each Ignited Blade will be different from the others, not only by pure stats like most other weapons are, but also by the benefits the ignited mode bring to the wielder by comboing, and the special skill that it can unleash.


It's worth noting that switching to another weapon won't reset the ignition, but dying makes the weapon lose the drive to follow your commands, so once revived, the user has to fulfill the requirement again to win back the power.



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