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DE please. 

This is just a thought but Maybe it will help out the entire game and will make the enorm grind a Little bit more fun. 

The reason: onehitting enemies feels satsfying..but only if the hits you made are headshots. 


Ajust the armor scaling and Health scaling of enemies towards the Point where new Players as well as veterans have the same amount of a challange. 

reduce the enormous Damage numbers so that we don´t Need huge Health values of the enemies. less is sometimes better. 



Make the enemies taff enough to hit hard and hold up against Damage for a while. but not too much. Enemies that are able to kill a Warframe aren´t a god, there just normal. or at least should be. 

Take this as Kind of a Veteran comment who rants About the current game as it does decreases in its Level of appealing

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Well I don't mean to make the game easier. Not even in the slightest. It needs more challenge over all. Like FatsackTony says. More diverse game mechanic enemies, that will dodge bullets. That will trap you. Less is more. Quality above quantity. And more challenging enemies doesn't mean to give them immunity phases or weak spots where you need to hit them (even though this would be a better solution then the current playstyle). Some kind of solution where the Tenno actually feel the pressure of dead. The lost of loot. 

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