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Client-side graphical bugs


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Since Fortuna, I am experiencing a number of related client-side graphical bugs:

1) Fortuna mission. Save the hostages. The host can see the laser barrier but clients cannot and therefore are able to move into the prison easily. After the barrier is hacked (the mission is completed), the barrier doesn't come down and the host is still unable to access the area behind the prison.

2) Nidus' Larva ability appears bugged clientside. The mobs that get pulled by the larva disappears. When the larva expires, the mobs reappear. The invisible mobs are also immune to any damage. This issue does not appear when I'm the host.

3) Titania's Spellbind ability is also bugged, similar to Nidus' larva ability.

Other game-breaking bug, unrelated to the above,:

a) The Battacor sometimes refuses to reload. The hud shows 0/720 mag/ammo count. Hitting reload, going to operator, jumping off-screen (such as into a lake), and using /unstuck does not fix the bug.

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