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Eidolon shards missing from inventory [FIX]


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So I've read some forums and I also experienced the following.

Logging in or after a completed eidolon hunt I found that all the shards I had before are gone. This is irritating because they do take time to farm. 

However for some reason I did the classic "turn it off and back on" trick and it worked. My missing shards returned to me.

My personal advice is just to keep track of your shards and if they come back or not.

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I had 19 eidelon shards last night when logging out of warframe, i want to level with the quills so i only needed 1 more, this morning after fighting the eidelon i should of had 20 shards, enough to level up with the quills. so then when i went there it says 5 shards needed???? like seriously? it isn't so easy to get them. i am actually put off farming for the eidelon shards as i am afraid same thing will happen again, and i have tried fixing it with turn it off/on again, didn't work. It is SUPER frustrating and unfair to us as players, also my boyfriend has had prime warframe parts disappear out of his inventory, so has his friend, so when they do get a part they build it quick in case it disappears again which is annoying, same for me i have to do the same as it has happened to me as well before.

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