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Conclave dailies counting towards daily limit.


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How it worked before:

The daily limit will only count the standing earned from the matches themselves. Standing earned from completing daily missions do not show on the daily limit.

How it works now:

Completing daily missions will count towards the daily limit. When the daily limit has been reached, standing can no longer be earned from the matches themselves. However, completing a daily mission after the limit has already been reached will still award the standing from the daily mission. This is very surprising as it forces players to manage their play style to avoid completing the daily missions until the daily limit is reached and then go on to complete the daily missions for more standing.

Pretty sure its an unintentional bug and the game logic got screwed over somehow. Noticed only yesterday. Please fix quickly.

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Like 2-3 days ago, I started to earn conclave standings (I know it kinda dead, but I want the sigils), and as far I know it stated in wikia/fandom Conclave
"Standing from Challenges is Bonus Standing and does not count against your Daily Standing Capacity. "

Last 2 days challenges I did, yes it does not count toward the daily standing capacity, but after Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9 and Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.10

The challenges start consume daily standing capacity. It doesn't mentioned in the update that this was intended, so I'll just report it here, in case not intended, please revert it back.


This is the standing of the 2 guy I did together with after finishing a 1000 and 6000 standing Lunaro challenges.

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