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  1. -Himari-

    Twitch Prime HELP!

    Merged similar threads. Moved to a proper section.
  2. -Himari-

    Bloodshed Sigil

    Moved to a proper section.
  3. -Himari-

    Ban filter needs to be fixed

    We have to be aware of the rules set before us - plain and simple. Some words, in what ever context, may not seem insensitive to us but then again, we're not everyone else. The region chats are there and must be conducted in a certain way to prevent widespread chaos. When things start to get loose they can go south very quickly. If you want to speak a certain way to your friends or clanmates, that's between you guys. But for region chat, a place where everyone comes to talk, it has to be held to a specific set of rules. Everyone should feel comfortable there and sometimes people don't when others are speaking about off topics.
  4. -Himari-

    De please

    The only information that I can give to you is to catch their Devstream on Friday's. Usually, if there's something new coming, they'll mention it there and will say when they believe it will or won't be done. They can only give guesstimates.
  5. -Himari-

    Catch all griefing / trolling thread

    This is unfortunately due to how a player may play the game. This doesn't exactly have anything to due with the Warframe's themselves. This is just something that we have to deal with and, eventually, adapt to. Locked
  6. -Himari-

    Review. Looking for feedback

    Moved to a proper section.
  7. -Himari-

    Account chat suspended

    Let's not say things that would provoke things such as a suspension or ban. Be mindful of the rules set before you and move with caution. Locked
  8. -Himari-

    Chat banned

    I will very strongly suggest that you change your clan name immediately. A word such as that, that is in your clan name, is completely unacceptable. There is no wonder why you were banned from chat, it is self-explanatory. Locked
  9. -Himari-

    Conspiracy theory

    Cleaned the thread of the off-topic chatter. Let's keep our talks about Warframe.
  10. -Himari-

    Conclave dailies counting towards daily limit.

    Merged similar threads.
  11. -Himari-

    Switch high input lag

    Moved to a proper section.
  12. -Himari-

    Rivens and Switch

    It would appear as though your question has already been answered - https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1035003-pc-to-switch-migration-further-restricted-items/ That's most likely the reason why your threads keep disappearing. Please refer to [DE]Rebecca's thread if you have any further concerns. Locked
  13. -Himari-

    PS4 to PC migration

    Interesting issue. If sir_jez's suggestion does not help then you may have to contact Warframe Support. Perhaps something spooked the system into thinking you're a PC account. Moved to a proper section.