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  1. No problem 😄 That's how a lot of this stuff starts, you're correct. They say something that would get you in trouble anywhere because you wouldn't say that in public - or at least I hope not. Then they end up complaining when they're caught. Mmhm, and it's very obvious when they start to do it too.
  2. What about us? We follow the same rules with the same discretion. There's a lot to look into before we make any action - same as Support.
  3. Support doesn't hand out bans just because they want, nor will you find some "seemingly mad support team" here on the forum. Anything directed toward Support is, hopefully, for good reason. They follow guidelines similar to what we follow here - https://forums.warframe.com/guidelines/ They're not reckless and take everything into account. I'm not sure what you've seen on the net, probably someone mad that they were actually caught, but Warframe Support is nothing short of hardworking.
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