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  1. Locking thread. While some posts are on the topic of whether Mirage is "too powerful" or not, others have gone on the offensive.
  2. That is just my, my, my. Beautiful.
  3. I've gotten this before too, actually, everytime I would come out of "Hysteria", the Venka would look as if they were unequipped.
  4. I would also recommend going with Valkyr. If you take the time to get used to her style and all that she can do, with the proper modding, she can work magic on the battlefield.
  5. Not exactly sure why this is happening. I ran these missions with a friend of mine and only one of the three showed up as "Incomplete" even though we had just ran it. It may simply be some sort of UI issue. Try running the missions on SOLO if you haven't and see if it changes.
  6. Title: Anybody Else Love Mirage? *Raises hand* She is a very fun Warframe to play and most of your points I can agree with.
  7. I feel the same way. Going with the weapons with the higher base damage does seem to give you the upper hand than going with weapons that you normally would in, say, Conclave or just basic missions.
  8. It may not be that the target didn't spawn but the target is stuck in some part of the map. Try shooting in different parts of the map, that should make that infested enemy make a sound like scream or something. Another thing, try looking around doors or underneath some stairs, it may be a Mutalist Osprey that's gotten himself stuck.
  9. Same with me; just try to find different ways to keep things interesting.
  10. I'm on board with you there. And of course I'll take Valkyr for everything as well.
  11. If this is true, that is amazing and I can't wait for it.
  12. 1.) You gain skills as you unlock them in your mod list, the more you play, the more you rank up, the more mods you have "unlocked". 2.) The mods that are displayed are the mods that you have in your loadouts (Warframe, Primary, Secondary & Melee etc.) 3.) If you die you will simply be respawned. 4.) Specters are AI.
  13. I may just have to guess Banshee or Nyx for this one.
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