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  1. Description? I'm in for a good joke aren't I?
  2. How could she?! How will we get our Nitain? 😧 If you click on the "Nightwave" button in your menu before Lotus begins to explain the boil situation on Earth she'll appear there instead of Nora.
  3. Going to move this into the bug section as, yes, there is a severe issue with the defectors' AI.
  4. Cleaned thread of off-topic discussions. Stay on topic, Tenno.
  5. There is a "Prime Details" toggle for her. Is the option not showing up for you?
  6. Moved to a proper (Feedback - Art, Animation, UI) section.
  7. Moved to a proper (Feedback - Mission) section.
  8. The new spy vaults on Jupiter are very cool. Found myself gawking at them each time I replayed the mission.
  9. You'd have to private message us if there is a problem. I'd be happy to help you if something is wrong.
  10. Mmhm, you're correct. I don't know why they were removed from the alert system. Bring the alert system back for Nitain specifically? Either that or toss them into the drop pool for these Ghouls in the Ghoul event for the Plains. Something needs to happen because after countless of 40-50 leveled bounties for the Ghouls and I've only gotten one. It's pretty disheartening. They should be in the alert system like they were before otherwise how are we supposed to reliably obtain them? The bounties feel like they're completely unforgiving and Nightwave isn't back yet. Something needs to give.
  11. Shame that you're gone. Good luck to you.
  12. I'd have to agree with you. I do not know what the reason is behind removing the alerts that provided Nitain. That resource was exclusive to alerts if I'm not mistaken. Putting it behind Nightwave, which is gone for now, and now the Ghoul Purge which takes the grind, is a bit much. The alerts were rare but at least it was a way for everyone to get it. The long hours of grind, and I've only received one, hits hard to say the least.
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